6 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms and Tips to Help You

Finding out that you are pregnant is a beautiful experience. At 6 weeks, you are still new to the idea of pregnancy and motherhood. While most say it is a joyful experience, the physical toll your darling baby brings onto you can be overwhelming. Here, we will help you overcome this overpowering feeling and realize that conquering it one week at a time is very doable after all. Here is all the information you need for your sixth week of pregnancy that will help you beat your fears to be ready for the time when that bundle of joy is put into your hands!

6 weeks pregnant

What Month and Trimester Are You at in Week 6th of Pregnancy?

This is your first trimester, you will show no bumps or even have a pregnant belly. Six weeks pregnant generally indicates that you have been pregnant for a month and a week. Pregnancy is usually calculated from the time you missed your first period.

6 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size, Weight and Shape:

Your baby, at this time of your pregnancy, is the size of a pomegranate seed or the size of a sweet pea. This means, your baby will be about 0.2 inches. Yes! That tiny! The heart is now beating at a rate of 110 beats per minute. A transvaginal ultrasound will let you hear this. The arms, nostrils and their eyes are now taking their shape.

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6 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms:

There are a lot of ups and downs your body is going through at this delicate time. Most changes you feel will be hormonal and can cause a lot of discomfort. Here are some of the symptoms of having been pregnant for six weeks

1. Fatigue:

This is one of the most common symptoms where fatigue will take over quickly. This is mostly because of the changing hormones and your body is not used to any of it! Get extra rest if you feel the need to.

2. Sore Breasts:

This is the time when your breasts will start to grow heavier and feel a little sore. This is mostly because of the increase in blood flow. There will also be visible changes in the area of your nipples where the areolas will become darker and larger.

3. Bloated with Gases:

Hormonal changes in your body will result in bloating with gases as well. This is the right time to make changes in your diet and eat a fibre-rich diet in order to avoid constipation. With everything else that you are going through, constipation is something you would want to avoid!

4. Emotional / Mood Swings:

along with fatigue and sore breasts with a possibility of constipation, you will also find yourself constantly at extremes, emotions wise. Having mood swings is perfectly normal given the hormonal changes in your body. You could try taking extra rest, make sure you have an emotional support system strongly present to assist you in any way and snack on things that are both healthy and also help you stay stable and happy.

5. Nausea:

While it is most often called morning sickness, it can most often happen all-day. This will be the time to recall all the foods you have found soothing before and give in to the cravings. It is absolutely necessary to keep eating regularly as an empty stomach just means more nausea.

6. Frequent Urination:

You will feel the need to urinate more than usual and this is absolutely fine. This generally happens because of the hormone HCG that directs more blood to your pelvic area.

7. Cramping and Spotting:

It is absolutely normal for a little crlike feeling and a few spots of blood. However, if this increases and you are feeling a lot of abdominal pain along with heavier bleeding, this could be a sign of a miscarriage or even an ectopic pregnancy. In this case, seeing a doctor is the first order of business!

Pay attention to what your body is telling you and this is the time to take everything it says seriously. Pay extra attention to any signs your body is giving out to you. For example, if you feel that you have to urinate but are unable to, this could simply be a sign of a UTI, a risk that grows higher with pregnancy, especially during six weeks pregnancy.

6 Weeks Pregnant Belly: What Does It Look Like?

It really isn’t the time that the body will actually showing out the little bump. The pea-sized embryo is only growing and is far from taking any space in your uterus.

Changes in Pregnant Body at 6 Weeks:

Apart from the physical changes, your body will experience other host of changes. Here are some.

1. Constipation:

this is going to be there throughout your pregnancy journey. Remember to eat a lot of fibre rich food that will enable easy digestion.

2. Dehydration:

you will see yourself feeling dehydrated. Flush your body with a lot of water and other essential juices to keep yourself active throughout the day.

3. Mood Changes:

you will experience significant mood changes because of the hormonal imbalance in the body. The best we could offer is to ask you to do things that you like, watching your favorite series or reading a book. This way, you will feel slightly better. Music also can create wonders!

4. Lethargy:

Lethargy and fatigue are other common things your body will start experiencing. To keep yourself active, munch on to nuts and other energy rich foods.

Fetal and Physical Development of The Baby:

Along with you, your baby also grows day by day. Here are the 6 weeks pregnant baby developments that you can expect.

  • The baby now has its own sophisticated circulatory system.
  • You will notice that that baby has started to wiggle her/his paddle-like hands and feet.
  • Eyes, nose, chin and ears are not just sprouting, making the baby look cuter all the more.

The development is now less. You can’t really see them. However, you can be convinced that some of the crucial parts of the human body are now starting to develop.

Pregnancy Diet: What to Eat and What Not to Eat:

It is very important to eat healthy foods during this period. Here are some tips that might help you –

  1. Try to eat several small meals during the day.
  2. Always keep food at hand; there is no saying when sever hunger pangs strike and it is always better to feel well-nourished during the six week pregnant period.
  3. It is not a good idea to eat spicy food of any kind. Given the nausea that will plague you, plain food will make it easier to keep inside for long.
  4.  Avoid odors and smells that could start the feeling of nausea. It is a slippery slope from there!
  5. Drink plenty of fluids especially water as it keeps you hydrated. If you have been throwing up a lot, this will come in handy.
  6.  Never indulge in alcohol, tobacco or any drugs. They have very harmful long term implication on the baby.
  7.  Go out for small brisk walks. Pace yourself such a way that you don’t find the task heavy on you.

Exercises to Do at 6 Weeks Pregnant:

As a part of 6 week pregnancy care, here are exercises you can do.

1. Squats:

Squats during pregnancy can help strengthen the thigh muscles. This will particularly be helpful during the labour.

2. Planks:

Planks are considered to be the safest during pregnancy. They help to strengthen the bones and abs and puts less pressure on the spine, unlike other dynamic exercises.

3. Walking:

a good brisk walk can also help. Remember to stop if you start experiencing breathlessness.

Exercises like yoga are also very helpful throughout pregnancy. The key is to identify the right one, one that will help in your pregnancy journey.

Pains and Health Issues to Face in 6 Weeks of Pregnancy:

You won’t really experience any pains during this period. However, there are some things you can watch out for.

1. Spotting:

Vaginal spotting is common in this period. There is nothing to be alarmed about. However, if you think it is getting too much, you need to visit a doctor.

2. Cramps:

Mild cramps occur every now and then. This happens because your uterus is expanding to accommodate the increasing size of the embryo.

6 Weeks Pregnant Scan:

In your 6 week pregnant scan, the doctor will notice fetal pole or what is known as fetal heartbeat. This is a sure factor that your baby is indeed growing. 6 weeks pregnant fetus of twins will show you two gestational sacs in your body.

What to do and What Not to do When 6 Weeks Pregnant:

What to Do:

  1. Stay physically active. You can achieve this by doing small exercises or simply going for a walk every day.
  2. Drinks lots of water. It is important that you stay hydrated during this time.
  3. Follow your pregnancy diet strictly. You need to remember that you are the sole supplier of nutrition for your baby.

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What Not to Do:

  • Alcohol and tobacco. Do not indulge in them as it can severely damage the nervous system of the baby.
  • Stay low. Try to create a sense of positivity around you by doing things you like. If you feel too depressed or stressed, it can negatively affect your mental health and this is not good for the baby.
  • Caffeine. Limit your intake of caffeine.

Additional Tips During 6 Weeks Pregnant:

  • Use a supportive bra to help with the tender and slightly painful breast.
  • Drink a lot of water and include fiber-rich foods to help with constipation.
  • It helps to carry snacks like salter crackers, sweet biscuits. This cam help to give you relief from nausea.
  • Increase your intake of juices and other essential fluids.
  • Take smaller meals several times a day. Avoid greasy and oily foods. They have the potential to trigger heartburn.

Checklist in The Sixth Week of Pregnancy:

  1. Schedule your first prenatal appointment with your doctor.
  2. Be mentally and physically prepared to experience a host of new changes in your body and lifestyle.
  3. Always carry a bottle of water with you.

Pregnancy is an important time for women and they should make sure they take care of themselves. At the time when you are six weeks pregnant, it is all new to you. Give yourself the time and self-care you will obviously need at this time. Six weeks pregnancy is a wonderful time and it is important to relax and read up on the new journey you are beginning in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

1. Is Travelling Safe During Six Weeks of Pregnancy?

Ans: Of course. It is safe to travel and fly during the six week pregnancy.

2. Can 6 weeks of Pregnancy Be Aborted?

Ans: Abortion is possible within six weeks of pregnancy. However, it is highly recommended that proper self-care is taken. It is essential to be careful about physical health and mental well-being. Abortion can be done through three methods – the abortion pill, vacuum aspiration, dilation and evacuation (D&E). After abortion care is essential and makes sure to have proper emotional support systems in place.

3. Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy of Six Weeks?

Ans: Yes, it is safe to have sex anytime during the pregnancy until your water breaks. It is also necessary to be sure that you are comfortable with the idea of sex. If you have unusual complications like cramps, it is better to wait until you are feeling better. In the meantime, do not forget to consult a doctor.

4. When Should You Consult a Doctor in Six Weeks Pregnancy?

Ans: It is important to schedule your first meeting with the doctor at six weeks pregnancy. Get all the health information you need and prepare yourself for what is coming next. It is also necessary to get your first ultrasound done between six to eight weeks of pregnancy.