How to Do Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

There are various forms of makeup that you can do to create blue eyes. You can do fashionable blue or you can do a party Smokey effect look. These are good for times that you want to go to a party to you want to wear a similar coloured outfit.  You can also team these with some glitters. For the easiest of technique, you can buy some glittery blue liners and you can also buy some violet or purple shadow kits with which you can get some other shades of those colours. Usually you will get 3 different shades of the colour and these can be properly blended to get a colorful look. You can also use silvery glitters which are quite expensive and you can also use some sticker rhinestones which can make this into a costume party look. These can be teamed up with chandelier earrings or with heavy jewellery and lehengas. You can also wear these to any form of family functions.

eye makeup for blue eyes

To create a look for blue eye makeup, you can follow the steps mentioned below and get a look like in the image shown above.

Amazing Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes:

  •  You should cleanse your face properly to get it rid of any dirt and sebum. If the surface is not cleansed properly then the makeup will not hold for long hours. Follow this with a wet wipe and wipe the surface clean of any other residue of makeup. You can again wash the face with another face wash to get rid of any traces of dirt. Do not use any lotion to cleanse the surface or it can make it oilier
  •  You can then use a primer. This is important if you want your look to last for longer hours then you need to blend the primer before applying concealer. This is a very important ingredient in the base.

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  •  You can then apply a concealer and for a professional technique you should use a cream concealer. You can also use powder concealer which is good for the aging skin.
  •  You should use a foundation and blend properly on the lids and the face. You can then use a compact for the base. You can use blusher and wear a lipstick according to the colour of the outfit that you are wearing.
  •  Use a glittery or shimmery silver shadow for the whole area from the brow bone to the whole of eye lid. You can also apply this at the inner sides.
  •  Now use a black shadow and draw a line along the crease. Use this at the lower rim below the water line.
  •  Now use a dark blue coloured eye shadow on the whole of the lid from the exterior and dab this less at the inner sides. Take another darker shade of this blue shadow colour and apply along the black shadow and on the exterior side of the upper lid.

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  •  Finally take a glittery silver shadow and apply this on the inner sides of the lid. You can additionally apply more glitters.
  •  Now you can take a gel liner and draw a heavy lining for the upper rim. Do the same with kohl for the lower rim.
  •  If you want you can apply false lashes for this type of look. You can use the glue that comes with these and apply accordingly.
  •  Use a curler to curl the lashes and then apply the mascara.
  •  To create something like a costume party look, you can use water sticker decals in the same colour.

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