Dollar Store Pregnancy Test Work: Does it Really Work?

If you feel you are pregnant or have been trying to make a baby, you know the importance of a pregnancy test and how serious a matter it is. Now in this whole scenario of test and results we do not really bother as to how much we spend on the test kits. It is for a baby after all. While that may be your point of you, you might end up spending a lot depending on your situation. Hence, if you have been anticipating for one then make sure you stock up a few of these testing kits. And you know what would be best option for a pregnancy test kit? The Dollar store pregnancy test kit.

Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

What is Dollar Store in the First Place?

It is an American chain of discount variety stores which sell item for 1 USD or less. This Fortune 500 company is headed at Virginia but spread throughout the United States & Canada as well. With the support of nationwide logistics, Dollar Tree operates Dollar stores. Items that you may be able to pick up from these stores range from health & beauty to house hold cleaning supplies. With a presence of over 13,000 locations, the company has a net revenue of about 8.6 Billion USD.

Why the Dollar Store?

Well, most women have started to realize the fact that they are actually spending a lot towards pregnancy and ovulation kits. That is one of the main reason that many are slowly drifting towards the dollar store pregnancy test kits. Now how easy would it be to pick up one of the dollar store ovulation tests or pregnancy test kits just for a dollar? These test kits cost up to 10 to 20 USD outside the store. That is what one would call, economical.

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Before getting to know how it works, you need to know how soon can you take the dollar pregnancy test. Women tend to ignore the early symptoms of pregnancy, which is also the same when you near your menstrual cycle. However, remember to take the test, when you notice some symptoms as below.

  • Cramps: A common symptom during your periods is the abdominal cramp. We understand if you confuse it with it. It so happens that when there is an implantation, you may experience the same kind of periods cramp. Watch out for this.
  • Missing period: In case your period doesn’t occur on time, you may want to take the dollar pregnancy test. However, we do not know that missing period is an obvious sign of pregnancy.
  • Mood swings and fatigue: You tend to have serious mood fluctuations. Normally, this is called the PMS, which is typical when you approach your period. It is possible for the confusion. Watch out for fatigue. You may tend to feel tired for no reason, often.

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How Does this Test Works Exactly?

The pregnancy kits you purchase are basically sensitive to hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin), which is basically a hormone related to pregnancy that gets released when the implantation of embryo on the uterus wall gets completed. If you are pregnant, your urine is bound to contain 5 to 50 mlU/ml of hCG close to a week when your menstrual periods are due. The amount of hCG doubles after that almost every two to three days. Since the uterine wall produces hCG after implantation only, it will take one to two weeks to know if you are pregnant or no precisely.

However, the test shows a negative if there is no sign of hCG in your urine which may mean that you may take a few more days to be pregnant. If you do get your menstrual periods however, you may have to give it another attempt at getting pregnant. Now, with so much that needs to be accurate to give you the best news of your life, you must be anxious to know the accuracy of the dollar pregnancy test. Let’s have a closer look at it so that we assure ourselves.

How to Use It?

You can pick up a number of these Dollar pregnancy test kits while you are at the dollar store and you won’t be shelling out a lot on it as such. Now, these dollar store ovulation tests are just as good as any other at-home pregnancy tests.

The kit comes with an

  • absorbent test strip which will test your urine and give you the feedback of the test within 3 minutes tops. Now, it is proven to be 99% accurate.

In fact, some of the researchers compared it with the other branded test kits and the dollar store pregnancy kit turned out to be a 100% efficient kit. Quite a deal now for just 1 USD right?

Although, it is not very sensitive to detecting hCG. It can detect only from about 20mlU/ml and onwards of hCG. Hence, it is advisable to wait it out a while and then use the kit. It is highly recommended by many that you make the test one week from the time your menstrual periods were supposed to occur since it is noted as the time you get the most accurate results.

  • All you need to do to test it out is collect your urine in a disposable cup and then use the pipette to take a small amount of it and drop it into the slot and wait for the results. Simple, isn’t it?
  • After three minutes, your results may be one of the following categories:

1. Two lines: It means you are pregnant.

2. One line: You are not pregnant, yet.

3. No lines: You might have to pick another one up and try again referring to the instructions given with the dollar pregnancy test kit.

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What More?

Exercise the following precautions when dollar store brand pregnancy kit.

  • Remember to collect the first sample of urine. Ensure to place the cup in position before starting to urinate. Remove it once it is filled.
  • Do not drink water or any other fluids that may interfere with the results.
  • Do not shake the kit and hold it facing up.
  • Be careful not to touch the strip. This will break the capillary action. It will prevent the hCG from reaching the strip.
  • Before you actually get started taking the test, read the instructions carefully and follow whatever is written.

While the entire thing is extremely useful and good, there are nevertheless, some pros and cons of the dollar general pregnancy test kit. Take a look.


  • It is a fairly affordable and easily available pregnancy kit.
  • It is pretty accurate and detects the pregnancy even before 5 days of your missed period.
  • It has given very less false results and inaccurate predictions and hence is a popular choice by people.
  • Positive results are depicted quickly, probably in than a minute.


  • The biggest drawback is that it comes as a single test in a kit.

Additionally, here are some things to know while using Dollar store pregnancy test

  1. Cost does not mean accuracy. Dollar store pregnancy test kit is fairly cheap and is accurate.
  2. Remember to seek help when you are in doubt. In case you get a positive, and you are sure it cannot be one, seek the doctor’s help.
  3. Be on time to take the test. Make sure to keep check at least 48 hours of after you have missed your period, because timing is everything.

Well, the family dollar pregnancy test kit comes with an easy to read instruction manual which most of the women can read and understand. The kit provides you with sharp and accurate results which are pretty quick. Although, it is not helpful in early detection.

Now this is a small sized test kit which may make it a little difficult for you. However, if you are comfortable it then it becomes the perfect deal which you can use again and again till your desired results are out as such.

Now, do not rush to get the family dollar pregnancy test kit and be looking out for the results. You need to check for it if you have missed your periods or if you are having abdominal cramps or if you are having severe mood swings, etc.

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Although the test doesn’t seem too sensitive, it has been giving the results. You will find loads of women who have detected their pregnancies through the dollar store pregnancy test. This pregnancy test kit acts as the ideal one for the women who are trying to conceive which will now allow them to keep checking whenever they intend to without actually spending a large amount of money just on the pregnancy test.