Top 15 Best Baby Toys

Given the enormous variety of toys available for kids, parents can certainly get overwhelmed while buying toys for their kids. Moreover, every baby has her own likes and dislikes, which makes it even more difficult. So what can you do to narrow the choices? Let’s help you decide.

While buying toys for babies, you must keep certain things in mind. Firstly, the toy must be relevant for at least 3 months of the baby’s life. Secondly, it must add to the developmental skills of the baby. Also remember that though toys are great these days, “YOU” are the best teacher for your baby. Make sure that you spent adequate time with your baby, and don’t trade your time with the baby for that perfect toy; it’s one of the best ways to bond with your kid.

Here is A List of The Best Baby Toys Available In The Market.

1. Baby Gym:

Baby Toys

You can use baby gym right from the first day. All you require is a gym that has loops from which the baby can hang plastic links and toys. Babies prefer high contrast objects and therefore the baby gym should be bright, colorful and high contrast. Keep changing the positions of the baby from the back, side and tummy while in the gym. Place the toys in various positions, like placing them over the middle of the body encourages hands to join at the middle which is a very good exercise.

Skills developed by the baby on the gym are tummy play, rolling, mid line play on back reaching, improvement in hand eye coordination and improved perception of depth.

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2. Plastic Links:

Baby Toys-Plastic Links

Plastic links are one of the most inexpensive and versatile toys for a baby.The baby will certainly enjoy his ride on his baby car when you hang these plastic links from the overhead handle. Babies also like to chew the bumpy and wavy links, keeping them occupied for a long time. This is a must buy for all babies!
Skills developed by plastic links are reaching, grasping, improvement in hand eye coordination and oral exploration.

3. Mirror:

Baby Toys-Mirror

One can simply use plastic links to hang a mirror from the baby gym. When the baby looks at the mirror, it loves to play with his own reflection. They are mainly used for distraction or entertainment, when you have to feed your baby or teach him how to sit.
Make sure that the mirror that is being used is safe and is secured from the baby.

4. Oball with Rattle:

Baby Toys-Oball with Rattle

With its amazing diversity, it appeals to babies of all ages. The design makes it easier for babies to hold it. To make it more playful, hang it from the baby gym using plastic links. Moreover, it’s one of the best baby toys as it’s easy to roll and play once your baby is old enough to sit and play with it.This game can actually teach babies a lot about the back and forth dynamics of communication. Additionally, this toy is made of a flexible material which makes it easy for the baby to chew on without causing any damage.

5. Sophie The Giraffe:  

Baby Toys-Sophie The Giraffe

Sophie is one of those toys which satisfies all the senses. This rubber giraffe is extremely famous right now, and rightly so. It’s a delight to chew, with its soft rubbery build and it also squeaks when you squeeze it. This helps babies in popping out their one-year molars. Moreover, it can be put under a blanket and used as an interactive toy; the baby can follow the sound of the squeaky hinds and search for the toy. Though a bit pricey, it’s worth every penny.

6. Bath Squeeze Toys Set:

Baby Toys-Bath Squeeze Toys Set

A set of bath toys are instrumental in giving rise to a drama with the toys as characters that you can stage for your baby. They would also keep your kid engaged while she is taking a bath in the bathtub. Moreover, they work as great teething toys too and help in the development of hand muscles as well.

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7. Set of Small Rattle Balls:

Baby Toys-Set of Small Rattle Balls

These toys for babies are very diverse and are attractive as they make various sounds, making the babies learn differences between various sounds. They motivate the baby to roll and crawl, and are extremely fun to play with once the baby learns to play with containers. You surely can’t go wrong with these toys.

8. Busy Ball Drop:

Baby Toys-Busy Ball Drop

This toy involves a more number of rattle balls, and it keeps the baby occupied for a long time as she sees the balls going down and down the ramp. The tower can be made short or tall, depending on the challenge that you want to pose for the baby. This improves the squatting, cruising, walking and kneeling skills of the baby substantially.

9. Board Books:

Baby Toys-Board Books

Books are one of the most important things that a baby should be introduced to early on. A book with highly contrasting and bright colors is surely going to attract the attention of the baby. Recite poems and sing songs from the book to your baby, and let her flip through the pages of the book to develop her motor skills. Books containing various shapes are most preferred by babies. Read the books together with your baby to increase the bonding between you and your kid. A few fun ones include I Went Walking; Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?; Goodnight Moon; and Where is Baby’s Belly Button.

10. High Chair Suction Toy:

Baby Toys-High Chair Suction Toy

Babies love putting stuff into their mouths. To distract her from that habit, there are some toys available in the market that play music when they are spun; and this is kept together by suctioning it to the high chair tray.

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11. Soft, Crinkly Blocks:

Baby Toys-Soft, Crinkly Blocks

The colors and various sounds are extremely appealing to the kids; and the soft texture makes these toys a delight to chew for the babies. These are extremely helpful to teach your baby about block building, by stacking these one over another. Some of them even have bells to make them more enticing.

12. Ring Stacker:

Baby Toys-Ring Stacker

A classictoy for babies, this teaches babies new skills due to the repetition involved in putting the rings in and out. Moreover the red ring also acts as a rattle. These rings are also used by babies for chewing. This toy helps babies to improve their motor skills in a hug way.

13. Play Table with Removable Legs:

Baby Toys-Play Table with Removable Legs

A fairly recent toy, this can be used in numerous ways. All the legs can be removed so that the baby can play on his tummy; or one can remove just two legs for a sitting, crawling and kneeling baby. This is one of the best toys to encourage motor development, and also in developing a variety of hand skills.

14. Baby Tool Bench:

Baby Toys-Baby Tool Bench

When the baby is trying to learn to sit, if something in front of them holds their concentration and attention, they develop their balance faster. This toy has various settings which do that quite easily. The levers, sliders and spinners reward the baby for activating them. This provides a great experience with tool use for babies, providing stability in their wrists early on.

15. Push Toy For Sitting, Standing, and Walking:

Baby Toys-Push Toy For Sitting, Standing, and Walking

This is by far the best baby toy for a pre-walking baby. Supposing the surface is reliable, this toy helps a great deal in helping a baby in sitting or experiment with kneeling and standing. It is advisable to play with this toy only after the baby can walk on his own. Take care of the surface; make sure the toy doesn’t roll away.

Every baby has unique interests and will respond differently to different toys. Your baby may not like all of these, but at least one of these will please your baby, of that we are certain!