9 Famous Museums in Delhi with Pictures

Delhi is the capital city of India, the heart of all the Indians. The city has a lot of history and that is why tourists are fascinated to know about the past and the heritage which the city beholds. The knowledge of these is offered to the people through the museums. Some museums even have activities rooms to teach children and let them play. Here is a list of Famous Museums in Delhi, India.

Popular and Beautiful Museums in Delhi:

Let we have to look at the top museums in delhi.

Archeological Museum:

museums in delhi

The Archeological Museum in Delhi is situated in the Red Fort. The museum has kept objects from 1000 BC and then come down from the Mauryan to Mughal dynasty. Objects such as paintings, potteries, calligraphy, antiques, textiles, weapons and costumes have been excavated and stored. There is a section of the museum which portrays the First War of Independence.

National Museum:

Famous Museums in Delhi-National Museum

National Museum of Delhi is located in Janpath. It was established in 1949 which records over 2,00,000 arts from the history to the modern times, covering 5,000 years from the past and still ongoing. The objects are from India and as well as foreign, which cover armaments, arts, jewelry, paintings, etc. The relics of Indus Valley and treasures of the Silk Road in Central Asia are its most precious possessions.

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National Museum of Natural History:

Famous Museums in Delhi-National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History is situated on the Barakhamba Road. It offers the tourists to see three separate galleries of botanic, geology and zoology with a lot of examples of conversation of wildlife, forests, land, air, water, etc. This museum has stuffed animals and birds as replicas.

Rail Museum:

rail museum

The Rail Museum is Delhi is located in Chanakya. The museums depict the transformation and development of Indian Railways from the past 130 years. There are some unique trains created such as the fairy Queen, The Viceregal dining car, the Patiala Monorail Tramway which is unique to the world, and so on. There are toy trains made for the visitors, so that they can take a quick tour through the museum.

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Crafts Museum:

Famous Museums in Delhi-Crafts Museum

Crafts Museum is on Bhairon road in Delhi. The museum is like an oasis which has terracotta houses, mud huts with paintings on the wall, thatched roof, all of which take us back to the village life and the ways how people used to live earlier. The museum is full of handicrafts from all over the country, wooden carvings, usual traditional arts, etc.

Air Force Museum:

Famous Museums in Delhi-Air Force Museum

Air Force Museum is located in Palam which is in the outer suburbs of the city. It has a collection of airplanes and armory objects which shows the history of Indian Air Force. The galleries are also filled with pictures which show the history of the Indian Air Force, uniforms, weapons, etc. of different periods.

Shankar International Dolls Museum:

Famous Museums in Delhi-Shankar International Dolls Museum

Shankar International Dolls Museum is located in Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. K. Shankar Pillai was a political cartoonist who had the largest collection of dolls, from all over the world. He had been inspired by a doll which he had received as a gift from the Hungarian Ambassador as a prize in his International Children’s Competition. Since then Indian dolls are exchanged for gifts received from abroad or sold to them.

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Sanskriti Kendra Terracotta and Metal Museum:

Famous Museums in Delhi-Sanskriti Kendra Terracotta and Metal Museum

Sanskriti Kendra museum situated in Gurgaon Road depicts the regular life that people face as a daily basis. There are thus called the ‘Everyday Arts’. There is a studio were artists work and make terracotta and metallic arty-crafts to depict life.

National Police Museum:

Famous Museums in Delhi-National Police Museum

The National Police Museum is in Lodi Road. The museum makes people think about police, criminal, crimes from the old days to the modern times and the evolution. The items exhibited have been taken from all over the country and also some from parts of the world.

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Here you look at some best museums in Delhi. Are you like? Please share your opinion.