Honeymoon in India in January? – Consider These 9 Great Destinations

Be it a big or small budgeted honeymoon; insightful suggestions are a great help to spend those precious times after you get hitched. All those lovebirds on honeymoon during January shouldn’t miss the ingenious options India provide. There are a plethora of beautiful destinations perfect for romantic getaways in India; perfect for all months and seasons. Here we take you through the nine best honeymoon places in India in January.

Honeymoon Destinations in India in January:

Here are the best honeymoon places in January in all over India. Are you searching for the best honeymoon places in India, this article helps you.

1. Agra:

Honeymoon Places In India In January

One of the Seven Wonders of the World the Taj Mahal continues to be an indomitable symbol of love. What could be better than taking your spouse inside the walls of this age-old building and feel the love that inundates this monument? Agra, situated north of India houses this grand building and also has other historical monuments such as the Agra Fort, Chini ka Rauza, Ram Bagh, Mariam’s Tomb and so on. January is one of the cosiest and comfortable months to visit this place as it winters and the climate is pleasant and on the cooler side. There is no doubt Agra is one of the best honeymoon spots in India in January.

  • Couples can visit the Sadar Bazar and enjoy the street food, or take a ride to the Keoladeo Ghana National Park and spend time driving around.
  • Agra is located in Uttar Pradesh making travelling quite easy for the national and international couple. There is a well connected and vast network of railways and can also opt to travel via Road. There are also several bus services available from other parts of the country.
  • Agra is a hot spot for tourists throughout the year, and hence has many places to stay. Couples can choose to stay in hotels, home-stays, or government guest houses all of which are equally good and reasonable.
  • Mughalai food, Kachori, Bedhai, and Chaat are all great food to try at the local shops for their authentic tastes.
  • Agra’s Kheria Airport is connected to New Delhi by frequent flights by Air India. The place has two inter-state bus terminal and It well connected by other bus stations. There are five railway stations too in Agra, and the closest to Taj Mahal is Agra Cantt Railway Station.
  • A three-day visit would be adequate for couples to enjoy this place and the area around it. Planning the travel and avoiding local guides would be light on the wallet.

2. Daman and Diu:

Daman and Diu

These two small enclaves in western India is a place with some of the most beautiful beaches to be found in the world. Here you will see golden and white sand blending into the clear blue ocean, scintillating with the sun’s rays. The Portuguese occupation for more than 450 years has left indelible marks on the place. The beaches here are the major tourist attraction, and the calm and breezy weather makes it as best honeymoon places in India in January. Though Daman has a beautiful beach named Devka, it’s not entirely safe for swimming here. However, there is an amusement park close to the beach and other monuments such as the 17th century St. Jerome Fort and Church of Bom Jesus to drench us in the place’s glory. In comparison, Diu is more of a beach resort town, and the Nagoa beach is famous for its pristine beauty.

  • Visiting the Jain Temple, Samudra Narayan Mandir, Mirasol water park, and enjoying an array of adventure sports on the beaches of Daman and Diu are a few of the options couples can opt for. Ghoghla beach is the largest beach in Diu and offers excellent opportunities for swimming, surfing, and parasailing.
  • The nearest airport to Daman and Diu is in Mumbai. You can also instead choose to travel via train in which case Vapi railway station would be the closest to your destination. Traverse via road is also an option you can go for it.
  • Resorts and hotels are available in all price ranges for couples to retreat after the day’s travel and sightseeing.
  • A 4-day planned tour would be adequate for couples to travel and to enjoy different activities at these places.

3. Jaisalmer:


Situated in the culture-rich state of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer features beautiful fortresses, remarkable villas, and ancient Havelis all well suited for a trip of fun an adventure. ‘The Golden City’ as it is often referred to, has a sense of mystery and romance in its air and with the perfect weather in the winter months, it is one of the best honeymoon destinations in India in January. Tazia Tower, Desert safari shows, Patwon ki Haveli, temples, and the Golden Fortress are only a few of the spots for newlywed couples to enjoy.

  • One can reach this destination by rail or by air. There also exists interstate bus tours available. Travelling via road can also opt who loves long drives. Otherwise, the long drives in the busses may even be exhausting.
  • The sightseeing in this golden city includes parasailing above from the Thar Desert, boat sailing at the famous GadisarLake. These can be great and thrilling activities to indulge in.
  • There are several hotels in Jaisalmer due to tourism. They are well maintained and gives a cosy feeling.
  • Bhang, local lassi and ghotua are must-try food choices for every couple who visits this place. These are specialities of Jaisalmer.
  • You can easily keep around five days for a honeymoon here as two days may go for travelling and other includes sightseeing and other activities

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4. Lonavala:


In the winter months of January, hill stations at a medium altitude have the most romantic aura, with a pleasant temperature and frequent breezes. Lonavala, being one such place, is one of the most picturesque tourist locations in Maharashtra. Its proximity to big cities like Pune and Mumbai makes it ideal for a small break from the hustle of urban life as its environment is abundant in lush green hills and cool sweeping breezes. This beautiful hill station near to Pune is the best place to go for honeymoon in January in India.

  • Couples that enjoy adventure are in for a treat as there are ample places for trekking such as Rajmachi and Kondane Caves, Nagphani. Activities such as hot air balloon safari are also accessible.
  • Travellers can reach the site by air by travelling to the nearest airport in Pune and continuing the trip via the road. Couples can also arrive at Pune International airport which is at 64 kilometres. They can also choose to travel by railways or by road via public and private buses. Lonavala is on the Mumbai – Pune expressway and is a significant station itself.
  • Most varieties of Indian and continental dishes are available at different hotels around the area. There are also local eateries that serve local meals.
  • There are ample choices of hotels and lodges from which couples could select from.
  • A four-day tour would suffice to reach the place and to enjoy its nature’s bounty and return with great memories.

5. Kasauli:


Kasauli is a small town in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a hill station located at an altitude of 1,927 m and rendered beautiful by its extensive forests and woods full of Oak and Pine trees. It’s entirely set, with a scenic landscape, cobbled pathways and Victorian mansions, giving this station a romantic air and reminding tourists of the bygone British era. It is the best place to visit in January in India for a honeymoon. For a romantic escapade going to this serene place during the off-season would be a good idea to have some time to yourself and walk along accompanied by the soothing voice of the birds.

  • Other than the beautiful landscape of this place, walking amidst this would be the best thing to do in Kasauli. A walk around the Gilbert trail and trekking on walker’s paradise would be rejuvenating. A ride on the Toy Train would also rekindle the child in you.
  • There are no direct means of transport to Kasauli other than by road. The nearest airport is Shimla which is 35 km away. You can reach near off places via air and by railway, and then reach Kasauli by road.
  • Treating you and your loved one some Tibetan food, which is widely available will awaken your taste buds. Moreover, while you are here try out the green ginger tea, and the band samosa too.
  • Rent out a villa or a cottage situated at edges of the hill, to sleep in the midst of the night and wake up to the chattering of birds and cold, breezy morning air.
  • A Five-day journey would suffice newlyweds to explore the beauty of this place. A shopping spree within the Tibetan market would be the best way to end your honeymoon at this place in January.

6. Bhimtal:


Another beautiful hill station situated in the lap of the Kumaon hills, in Uttarakhand is Bhimtal. However, what attracts tourists to this place is not the cool breeze or the mountain but the Bhimtal Lake and the island in its centre. Charming landscape and beautiful buildings and structures make it one of the best honeymoon places to visit in India in January.

  • Situated in the district of Uttarakhand and close to Nainital, Bhimtal is accessible by air and rail to its closest cities and travelling by road for the remaining distance.
  • Stargazing and outdoor camping, boat riding and fishing in the lakes of Sat Ral, hiking to the nearby hill are a few of the recreation that couples can indulge in.
  • Like other hill stations in our list, Bhimtal is also accessible by rail and air by travelling to the closest railway station and airport. Also, the remaining distance towards your destination should be done by road.
  • Resorts and hotels are readily available at Bhimtal which makes staying there hassle-free.
  • The place boasts many locale sightseeing places such as the Victoria Dam, Folk Culture Museum, Naina Park and so on. A 3-5 day stay is ideal.

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7. Alleppey:


Situated in Kerala, Alleppey is often called the ‘Venice of the East.’ This place is romantic, fraught with several tourist attractions and activities to engage any visitor. It is a haven, especially for wildlife lovers. The food here is unique and mind-blowing, especially rice wine. A mixture of all these factors and the mild and the pleasant weather during winter renders this place the best place to go for a honeymoon in January in India. Unwind and relax while cruising across the backwaters.

  • The backwaters of Alleppey offers couples a spellbinding stay for a few days uninterrupted by the world. Renting a private boathouse and spending special moments gazing at the deeming sunrise and sunset and the flocking birds over the sparkling waters. Take in the glimpses of the villages on the shore and cruise along.
  • Other major attractions of the place are Krishnapuram Palace, Kayamkulam, Alappuzha Lighthouse, Chettikulangara Devi Temple, Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple, Alappuzha Beach, and Marari Beach.
  • It is better to hire the boathouse personal at the destination or online as packages mostly include only the boat ride across the backwaters and it could get quite daunting after a day or two. If done personally you could choose to visit other places of interest too.
  • Kerala Sadhay and Kerala Breakfast are a must try.
  • The Cochin International Airport is the nearest and well-connected airport to Alleppey. Luxury air-conditioned buses operate to and fro cities outside Kerala. Kerala State Run Transport Corporation buses connect Allepey to other towns inside the state. Railway system is also helpful for the travel and so is taxi and autorickshaw services. If you opt to self-drive Allepey is accessible by NH47.

8. Coorg:


A small hill station in Karnataka, Coorg is known for its tranquil and serene environment. It has the Kaveri River flowing through its valley. This place makes its landscape even more enthralling. Amidst this quiet and solitude are present resorts, Iruppu and Abbey Falls, Nagarhole National Park, Dubare Elephant Camp, and other such attractions. It is one of the best January honeymoon destinations in India. The hill station has tropical weather, and it is always pleasant; however, the best time to visit the place is around the month of January.

  • It is a perfect place for sightseeing and outdoor activities, and couples often come here to escape the heat and the noise of the plains.
  • During the winter Coorg, it is, and the temperature drops. However, the backdrop is spectacularly lush and the colourful making it a perfect spot for couples.
  • Be sure to visit the Tibetian Monastery at Kushalnagar, Thalakavery, Abbe falls, Iruppu falls, and Nagarhola Sanctuary. Much wildlife could be spotted inside the sanctuary during the morning hours.
  • The nearest domestic airport is at about 160 kilometres away which is the Mangalore International Airport, and the International Airport is farther away at Bangalore. KSRTC deluxe buses are available from major cities such as Bangalore and Mysore. The nearest railway station is in Mysore. For self-drivers- driving to Coorg is an exceptionally memorable experience.
  • The staple food is rice, and the natives love spicy aromatic curries with chicken, pork, etc. They also have delightful vegetable cuisines on the menu.

9. Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands honeymoon january

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are an archipelago consisting of 572 small islands, which feature a fantastic range of geographical terrains, ranging from plains and beaches to rocky hills and mountains. The key and prime attraction of this place is the scenic landscape that will have you spellbound. The romantic scenery of this spot makes it perfect for a honeymoon in India in January.

  • The Annual tourist festival will be an experience and moments of fun together.
  • Snorkelling is a must try an activity to enjoy the beauty of underwater lives and the coral reefs. Bioluminescence will amaze you and so will the underwater marine life.
  • Air transport is the primary option of travel as the destination is an island. Indian cities such as Kolkata, Bengaluru or Chennai are the only places through which the island is accessible. Ferries function once or twice every week to connect to the area.
  • Seafood delicacies from local joints are to be tried. The food here is quite expensive; however, the mouthwatering cuisine of this place is sure to keep us going.
  • Andaman and Nicobar is a gathering of 572 brilliant and lush islands. Couples can choose from exotic, luxurious hotels and resorts for an uninterrupted and calm stay. Sea Princess Beach Resort in Wandoor and Silver Sand Beach Resort or the local rest are some of the options.
  • Medical shops and hospitals are available in bigger cities like Port Blair.

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Whether you want to cuddle in the winter cold or enjoy the tropical blooms together, the romantic month of January has many honeymoon destinations in India to offer. These are some of the best and diverse options to choose from, and there are more; it is no surprise as it is India with unique terrains and diverse regional climate. Share your experience with us in the comment section below and reach out to us if you have any queries we could help with.

Frequently Asked Question and Answer:

Q1. Is the journey to Kasauli safe for a honeymoon?

Ans: Himachal Pradesh is one of the safest places in India, which makes Kasauli a safe travel destination too. The people are cooperative. Overall, it is a very peaceful place to spend your time on. Don’t forget to carry your ID with you.

Q2. How much would a small budget honeymoon package to a hill station cost?

Ans: Inexpensive budget-friendly honeymoon packages could start at Rs. 30,000 from travel agents. Kasauli and Coorg are good options to consider.

Q3. Is the houseboat honeymoon at Alleppey worth the cost?

Ans: The experience will depend on personal likings primarily. Overall, if it is a first-time experience and if you have come from a hectic lifestyle, your honeymoon would be just ideal on the houseboat cruising across the backwaters. The cuisine served is exquisite too. However, make sure the stay is not longer than a day or two.

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