Periods During Pregnancy

Though many people think it is possible in fact periods during pregnancy does not occur. You cannot have a period when you are a pregnant as your body informs the blood thick wall to stay intact to support the baby. During your pregnancy you can bleed but this is not your period it is something that may harm the baby so if you are bleeding get a checkup immediately.

Some women may suffer with severe bleeding and some with extremely light bleeding. Till date there is no conclusion as to why there is light bleeding early on during the pregnancy it is common acceptance that it might occur due to the egg burrowing itself in the lining of the blood wall that may cause a little blood leakage.

Pregnant Women conspitation

Other causes of this are the more severe ones which include infection, placental problems and other severe problems that may cause dreadful damage to your baby so if by any chance you are suffering with excessive bleeding during your pregnancy then you need medical help immediately. Excessive blood in and around the baby may cause the baby to drown, it is important that you get help immediately if you are having excessive bleeding.

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There are several symptoms of bleeding during pregnancy some of them are given below:-

Excessive Pain:

If you are suffering with excessive pain during pregnancy, pain that is more compared to normal pain which everybody suffers with during pregnancy then it is possible you will start bleeding immediately or sometime in the following days. Be careful and keep your baby safe.


If you suddenly start having stomach cramps during the course of your day then it is highly likely that you will be bleeding in sometime. Cramps are the first sign of bleeding during pregnancy.

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Impending loss of blood may cause you to feel tired and lazy. And as soon as you start bleeding if it is excessive you will feel sick and nauseous therefore stay safe and get an immediate check up from your doctor.

The Home Remedies for Bleeding are Given Below:

Plenty of Fluids:

To control bleeding you must drink plenty of fluids, fluids will wash out your system considerably causing all the excess blood to be washed out leaving your body clean. Fluids will also give you the necessary strength to handle yourself during the time when you are bleeding as pregnancy causing you anyway to lose a lot of strength.

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Vitamin Enriching Food:

Foods rich in vitamin A and C must be eaten so that the blood stays strong. Bleeding may cause you to lose a lot of blood which is vital to your body. Vitamin enriching foods must be eaten so that the heart stays strong and keeps pumping the necessary blood throughout your body.

Natural Proteins:

Proteins in foods help to strengthen the body and help you stay strong to fight of any unnecessary infections that may be the cause of your bleeding. It is of great importance that you do everything in your power to control the bleeding in order to keep your child safe.

Lastly a doctor’s check up is highly necessary so as to deem what is actually causing the bleeding. A doctor will tell you exactly what the problem is and how to deal with it in the best possible way.