Parks and Sanctuaries in Nagaland

Nagaland is a state that has only 1/6th of its area in park lands. The remaining is entirely covered in mountains. This area covers mostly the lands bordering Assam and the neighboring international borders. Without much a do let us get down to the parks that the state is famous for.

Wonderful and Popular Parks in Nagaland with Pictures:

Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary:

Nagaland like the other states of north east India holds the most pristine environments and greenery. This wildlife sanctuary of Nagaland can rightfully boast of rich flora & fauna.

Parks in Nagaland

Located close to the Myanmar border this sanctuary has a wholly different charm to itself. Spreading over a good 642 hectares, it is the recipient of high rainfall which is the main source of its luscious green stretches and diverse species of flora. Some of these are so rare that they are not found elsewhere.

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The physical geography of this area has everything starting from hills to high ridges to deep gorges and even narrow valleys. This is the primary reason for its diversified vegetation that is both tropical and sub tropical in nature. The trees that are locally found and which dominate this stretch are:

  • Bonsum,
  • Khasi
  • Bogipoma,
  • Pine,
  • Amari
  • Oaks,
  • Gamari,
  • Nahor,
  • Alder, etc.

Owing to heavy rainfall the area is perfect for growing herbs and ferns of various kinds. Blooming Rhododendrons and the flavorful fragrance of cinnamon and bay leaves fills the ambience with a sweet and unique smell.

Apart from the usual fauna that is typically found in the north east such as snow leopards and gibbons this sanctuary is also home to a very wide variety of avifauna which includes:

  • Indian Horn Bill,
  • Tragopan Pheasant,
  • Grey Pheasant,
  • Jungle Fowl,
  • Green Pigeon,
  • Doves etc

The state doesn’t have access to railways and hence it has to be travelled by road from the capital of Kohima. The Jungle safaris are a high point in the tourism.

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Intanki National Park and Sanctuary:


Located 111 kilometers from the capital at Kohima is this beautiful sanctuary which is famous for the many varied species of birds that flock to this area during spring. Rich with flora and fauna this is a nature lover’s paradise. Connected by road via the National Highway route 39, this is a beautiful reserve with adjoining jungle forest resorts to hire for accommodation.

While this area is mostly mountainous it is filled with lush greenery like a dazzling emerald carpet over the tough lofty landscapes. This exotic locale is the home for the rare Hoolock Gibbon along with Elephants and the reverend state animal the Mithun.

The beauty is best experienced in the months of February to April which is the phase of spring and early summer.

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Dzukou Flower Valley:


At a staggering 2438 meters above sea level in the Japfu Range of Nagaland lies the beautiful flower valley which is a pride of the state of Nagaland. Only 30 kilometers from the state capital at Kohima it is best travelled during summers.

The peace and tranquility is heightened by the colorful carpet of the most beautiful forest blooms that take your breath away. This is Nagaland’s description of true natural paradise. The place is beautiful in summers and it nearly freezes up in the winters. Well fed by natural streams this is the perfect place to release all your woes and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

The name of the valley in local dialect means the flower valley of celestial charm. The colorful lilies and euphorbias adorn the valley and make trekking these terrains a treat despite non availability of a lot of resources.

The beauty of this state has no parallels so take time out to visit this part of India, it really is worth it.

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