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15 Latest Spiky Hairstyles for Men: A Guide on What to Wear

Who does not love spiky hairstyles? The spiky hairstyles for men are well known to be hot, sexy and dashing. Anyone who wears this spiky hairstyle is cute and fashionable at the same time. This spiky hairstyle for boy and spiky haircuts for guys is ruling the fashion world right now given that everyone has an eye on this. Spiked hairstyles can vary from person to person. They are entirely customizable and can be done based on the occasion. To suit your every occasion and need, here is a list of the top 15 spiky hairstyles for men.

15 Different Spiky Haircuts for Men with Images:

Spiked hairstyles can vary from person to person. They are entirely customizable and can be done based on the occasion. To suit your every occasion and need, here is a list of the top 15 spiky hairstyles for men.

1. Medium Spikes:

Spikes like this look great on medium length hair. All you need to do in this cool spiky hairstyle for guys is part your hair on both sides, leaving a significant volume of hair in the middle. Now, blow_dry the hair in the middle and apply some hair cream to it. After you have done that, brush them upwards and style them into spikes and to set the styled spikes in place, apply a medium hold styling gel. To finish off with styling, you can apply some hairspray in the end.

Men can best try this style in winter. Try out this hairstyle if you are in your 20s. This style is suitable for parties at nights or date nights. Try out this style with a casual T_shirt and jeans for the best look. This style best suits men with oval and diamond_shaped face with all hair types.

2. Side Trimmed Spikes:

The hair in the middle is spiked up just as it is done in the hairstyle mentioned above. The only difference is that the hair on either side, instead of just being brushed down is trimmed. The trimmed hair does a great job of accentuating the spikes even more, thus giving an illusion of a greater elevation and volume.

This can be tried during all seasons. Try this style out for a regular college look. Boys and guys below 23 years of age can try this look. This style with spiky hair is good for casual shirts and T_shirts. If you have an oval face and round with any hair type, you are good to go.

3. Tousled Spikes:

Apply a minimum amount of hair gel to your hair and style your hair with your fingers in this fashion for that messy feel. This hairstyle not only is cool but also reflects funkiness and is highly charismatic. With these men’s short spiky hairstyles, you are sure to turn a few heads in the crowd.

You can try this style in summer. Try out this style with formals with a tie and coat. This is best suited for formal events and meetings. If you are in your late 20s to 30s, you can work on this look. If you have an oval and round face with sleek, thin hair try this out.

4. CR7 Spikes:

We have seen CR7 donning on many different hairstyles on and off the field. This particular hairstyle is famous from the time when he used to play for Manchester United. This spiky up_do is entirely constructed from short hair. The hair on the sides is further trimmed while the hair on the posterior side is kept long until the neck. This is an ideal example of sporty, cool, funky and sexy styles all combined and served in one plate!

This style is suited best for summer. Try this style out on outings with friends. If you are in the mid_20s to late 20s, you are good to go with this. : This long spiky hairstyle is for guys and can match with casual T_shirts. Try this out for an oval and round or diamond_shaped face with any straight hair texture.

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5. Side Swept Spikes:

The spikes in this hairstyle portray volume and hair thickness. The spikes are different though; unlike other spike hairstyles, the hair in this hairstyle is spiked with brushstrokes that are angular rather than straight up. This short spiky hair for men also gives a kind of wavy feel to the hair and adds classiness to the look.

This is good to go in winter. Try this style during the late 20s and 30s best. Try this with formals and a coat for an impressionable look. If you have any corporate parties coming up on your way, try this out. If you have an oval face and wavy hair, try this style as it suits you best.

6. Extreme Funk Spikes:

This hairstyle is in total agreement with you for men who relate funk with nothing other than spikes. Though spiky hair can prove to be utterly professional, this spiky up_do is the one that is pure funk and shouts PARTY! In this case, the extreme spikes can be pretty challenging to manage since they are longer than usual and hence need a significant amount of styling gel to remain set up in their place.

Work on this style in any season as you wish. If you are in your 20s, you can carry off this style easily. Do this with a straight hair texture and a round face. Try this out for dance nights or if you are in the field of music and dance. This kind of long or short spiky hairstyle for guys is crazy with casual and funky outfits.

7. The David Beckham Spikes:

In contradiction to the hairstyle above, this hairstyle portrays professionalism that spiky hairstyles can achieve. Style entirely short hair with a bit of hair cream and standard hold gel; this hairstyle is perfect for an upcoming professional meeting. This is trending male short spiky hairstyles.

Men of 30s are best suited to this look. Try this style with excellent formal wear. This is nice to go with the office look regularly. If you are good to go to this style suits summer. If you have short hair and an oval or diamond_shaped face, you can try this out.

8. One_Side Trimmed Parted Medium Spikes:

Hair is trimmed on one side only rather than on both sides in this Uber cool hairstyle. The parting of the hair is made very prominent, and the spikes are made wavy using angular brush strokes and a barrel curler. It is recommended that you approach your stylist for this short spiky hairstyle.

Try this lookout with casual outfits. This best suits a nice college wear regularly. This style best suits winters and monsoons. Try this style out for guys below 23 years of age. If you have wavy hair and an oval face, you are perfectly well for this look.

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9. Mohawk Spikes:

Though this haircut is not a Mohawk, the pattern of spikes resembles a Mohawk. The hair on either side is kept short (not trimmed very short), while the hair in the middle is kept medium in height and is spiked all along to give that Mohawk_y feels to this unique piece of hairstyle.

Try this out for winter only. If you are in your 20s, then you can try this out. This style is good with nice parties and DJ nights. This style is suitable for casual simple black shirt and jeans. Guys with oval and diamond_shaped face with medium wavy or curly hair should try this out.

10. Classic Spikes:

This style is among the best spiky hairstyles for men who will never go out of fashion because of its versatility. The traditional spikes are a stunning testament of the popularity of this great hairstyle type. The classic spikes have been around for years ever since he golden 80s, which was the benchmark for creating a multitude of great hairstyles, of which this one was the greatest.

Try this style for the summer season. This spiky hairstyle for guys is good in casual shirts and pants. Men and guys in their late 20 or early 30s can go well with this. Try this simple style out for casual outings with friends and family. If you have an oval_shaped face and any hair type, then you are good to go.

11. The Traditional Spike:

Unlike the customized modern_day Mohawk, the classic Mohawk has hair on the two sides of the head. The Mohawk is normal covering the middle of your head with a rooster_like hairstyle and can be used for a variety of different events while matching it with several social and formal attires. The classic Mohawk is a great spiky hairstyle for guys and provides excellent means of accessorizing for many events.

This style best suits men in their 30s. You can try this one out in summer. Try this out for office meetings and events. Pair it up with formal wear for a great look for this style. Try out these spiky haircuts for guys if you have an oval and diamond_shaped face with silky textured hair.

12. The Front Spikes:

Again a very masculine hairstyle, the front spikes are very retro in style. The front is the only part of your hair, which is a little longer and can be easily spiked with a little product. These front spikes are perfect formal and cool spiky hairstyles for guys but can be easily used when going out to party on the town. The front spikes are perfect for daily use. Due to its retro nature, you can see that this hairstyle has been around for quite a long time.

This style best suits men in their late 20s. Try this style out with either formals or casual wear. This hairstyle for men with spiky hair is great in summer. You can either go for formal events or casual gatherings too as you wish. If you have any an oval and diamond_shaped face with any hair type, you can try this style out.

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13. Messy Spikes:

The messy short spiky hairstyles are a very versatile hairstyle, and the best part about this hairstyle is that both men and women can use it. The messy spikes look great when matched with a casual shirt and jeans and will most definitely bring out a great amount of masculinity in you if you are a man and femininity if you are a lady.

This is best for young guys in their 20s. This is best with only a casual T_shirt and shorts. Try this men’s short spiky hairstyles out for summer. If you have a round face and short hair, try this one out. Go for casual gatherings with friends with this short spiky haircut for thick hair.

14. Elegant Spikes:

As seen above the elegant spikes look great even for middle_aged women and the best part is that with this hairstyle you will be able to pull off a look of elegance that no other spiky hairstyle can achieve effectively. The elegant short spiky haircuts for curly hair are a stunning testament to the fact that spiky hairstyles do not only include punkish hairstyles for children and teenagers. Even older men and women can use these hairstyles to achieve a higher means of fashion, which not even long and natural hairstyles can achieve with ease.

Try this style during summer. Try out this style if you are in your late 20s. Wear casual comfy T_shirts and shorts with this style. Go for casual outings and movie dates with this style. Men with an oval face and curly hair can rock this style.

15. The Afro Mohawk:

The afro Mohawk is a better representation of the dreadlocks spiky hairstyle because of its ability to look more formal. The Mohawk is easy to make and requires a little product to add directly to your hair to help keep it up to achieve the best effects. The afro Mohawk can be easily modified, and because of that, this hairstyle is highly versatile to fit all your social and formal needs. This spiky fringe hairstyle looks great with both a tux and a casual shirt which not many dreadlock spikes can achieve easily.

Try this lookout in summer. Men in their late 20s can try this lookout. This style is great with casual tops and pants. If you are on a casual outing, you can try this out for a change. Opt for this look if you have an oval and diamond_shaped face with curly or wavy hair.

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Additional Tips:

    Make sure to have hair trimmed every once in 4_6 weeks to maintain the style. Take professional advice before going in for a spiky haircut and recommended to style as per your preference. Use only good branded hair pomade or wax for the spiky nature of style. Work on your hair texture by applying a good mask every week for nourishment.

Hope you liked this guide on spiky hairstyles for men. These are among the top trending and list of fashionable spiky hairstyles one would come across. These are quite simple, easy to maintain and are well within a budget as well. Try them out today!

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