Beard Styles for Face Shapes – 15 Different Styles

Every man is aware of the importance of his beard and its grooming for his personality and appearance. However, beard is not that easy to grow, groom and also to maintain. Knowing how to get beard on face takes a lot of time, after that grooming takes a lot of care and then maintenance takes a lot of effort. But having said that, only grooming and maintenance is not enough. You need to also give importance to the choice of facial beard styles that will suit you. This style is basically a combination of beard shape and beard hair size.

For that, you must most importantly first note what is your face shape. After you are certain about your face shape, you can then look out for various Beard styles for face shapes and then select the one that’s most suitable for your face shape. But how do you ascertain what is the shape of your face? For that you have to closely observe 4 major factors which define the dimensions of your face, namely your jawline, your cheek bones, your forehead and the length of your face. All these four factors broadly form 7 face shapes namely, square, oval, rectangular, triangular, heart, diamond and round.

Best Beard Types for Face Shapes with Images:

The following are Top 15 Styles of Beard based on the suitability with your face shape.

1. Circular Beard for Square Face:

When it comes to beard styles for square face, there are a wide range of options to choose from. Out of those, circular beard around your mouth is the most common and widely popular beard style. You need to regularly trim your beard in a fine or medium length in a circular shape around your mouth. You have to obviously accompany it with a mustache.

2. Imperial Beard for Square Face:

This square face beard style is a bit old school and dates back to the time when there were emperors and prince rules. In those times, the rulers used to maintain this authoritarian look. In this style of beard, you have to trim the area below your lips entirely, while maintaining a strip form of continuous beard as an extension to both your mustache ends around the ends of your cheeks meeting your hair near your ears. The image above will help you understand better.

3. Chin Beard for Square Face:

Chin beard is suitable for a square faced man because the basic idea behind a chin beard is to spread in a medium strip horizontally along the base of your chin, where you can also extend it along the border of your cheeks if you desire. This beard style is usually not accompanied with any mustache.

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4. Horseshoe Beard for Oval Face:

Since olden times, Horseshoe has been the best beard style for oval face. The main intention behind styling your beard in the shape of a horseshoe is to cover the length of your face extending from your mustache up to your chin while not messing up your chin area too much.

5. Ducktail Beard for Oval Face:

This is a legendary style of beard for oval face, the reason being it has been used by almost half the total holly wood stars including current stars. The name suggests its grooming pattern, wherein you have to let your beard grow for some time while trimming it over the growth period in such a way that it grows to look like a duck tail.

6. Goatee Beard for Square Face:

As you know, goatee derives its name from the facial hair of a goat. A goatee suits your square face perfectly. You can choose any style of goatee of you have a square face. For instance a petite goatee involves fine trimming of your chin hair, while a rugged goatee involves letting your beard grow long and messy for a manly look.

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7. Gunslinger Beard for Rectangular Face:

You can definitely count this style in one of the best beard styles for long face. It is basically a side ward extension of your horseshoe style of beard, wherein the ends of the horseshoe shape are extended as a thin strip along the borders of both your cheeks.

8. Mutton Chop Beard for Rectangular Face:

This is yet another option for you out of the beard styles for long face. This beard style is usually not followed as it is because it is old fashioned in its look, but then too, it is still being followed in different remix styles. For instance the famous actor Hugh Jackman has invented his own “Wolverine” style beard which is a finer and more decent version of the mutton chop beard.

9. Chin Strip Beard for Rectangular Face:

This beard style is in trend with most of the men having a long or rectangular face. This is simply because it suits the dimensions of your face best that way. The grooming is the easiest with you having to maintain only a small little strip below your lower lip extending up to your chin.

10. Van Dyke Beard for Round Face:

This is currently one of the newest beard styles for round face. This style has been used by many popular celebrities like actors, sportsmen, etc. The beard is basically an inverted triangle with its bottom tip facing your lower lip and the triangle forming down towards your chin and after that, the ends of the triangle are then further extended along your cheeks.

11. Full Beard for Round or Square Face:

Although full beard is widely followed, it is still a big question for many men of how to get full beard on face. The answer is that you need to ensure proper nourishment and maintenance of your facial hair. If not growing in a desired time frame, you can also use beard vitamins and beard oils. A full beard covers your square face in the perfect manner.

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12. Short Boxed Beard for Round Face:

This beard style is more of a twin style of circular beard around your mouth. The only difference is that this beard assumes the shape of a small box around your mouth. While another difference is that, because a small space is left below your lips, you can also accompany this beard with a soul patch. It is one of the best beard styles for men with round face.

13. Balbo Beard for Round Face:

Another renowned beard shape for round face is the Balbo beard shape. Although many men use this style of beard, a very few know the name of this style. This style is an extension to the goatee style beard, wherein you just have to extend the lower corners of your goatee into horizontal strips around your cheeks.

14. Anchor Beard for Round or Diamond Face:

This style of beard is almost identical to the Van Dyke style beard. The only difference is that area between the chin and your lower lip is covered with different shapes. In Van Dyke the shape is like an inverted triangle, while here in Anchor, as per the name, the shape is like a ship’s “Anchor”. It was popularized by actor Robert Downey Jr. as the “Tony Stark aka Iron Man ” Beard.

15. Chin Puff Beard for Round Face:

This beard style is an extension of the chin strip beard. While the chin strip beard extends from your lower lip to your chin, this beard extends further below your chin as well. Its shape is also unique, like an elongated rain drop.

You have thus seen how important your shape face is in determining what beard style might match your face. While there are so many different faces shapes like square, round, oval, rectangular, etc., you must make sure you observe what your face shape is before styling your beard. Accordingly, after knowing your face shape you will be clear on which style you want to choose for your beard.