Beauty Tips for Teenage Skin

Beauty Tips for Teenage Skin

While a good skincare routine for teens isn’t fundamentally different from those of older women, teenagers need to form good beauty habits and also protect their skin against their raging hormones. From dealing with acne to keeping your skin fresh, these simple tips can point you in the right direction.

Discover some of the best beauty tips for teenage skin that can help young girls avoid common mistakes and do the right thing for their skin in the long run.


Keeping your pores clean is important in order to prevent breakouts. Most teenagers go for harsh soaps to get the “squeaky clean” feel and end up with dry skin. Cleaning up to three times a day is important, but the right products and oil-free and soap-free foaming cleansers. They’re remove dirt and dead skin cells without adding to any skin issues.


One of the beauty tips for teenage skin is to moisturize daily, even if you have oily skin. Makeup and acne treatments can have a drying effect on the skin, so an oil-free moisturizer with a lightweight formula is recommended for all skin types. Go for the shine-free look with a gentle moisturizer that contains silicone or talc.

Beauty Tips for Teenage Skin

Protecting Your Skin from UV Radiation

Most of the lasting sun damage that your skin suffers can occur before you’re even out of high school, so using the right SPF now is a great investment in your future beauty. Sunscreen should be worn year-round, regardless of weather conditions, but if you want to worry about it less, choose a moisturizer or lotion that includes broad-spectrum protection.

Dealing With Acne

No teenager wants acne, but bringing out the harsh treatments at the first sign of a breakout is a bad idea. Acne treatments with retinol or benzoyl peroxide can have a drying effect, so one of the best beauty tips for teenage skin is to stick to products that use either salicylic acid or glycolic acids for the same benefits with less side-effects.

Avoid Irritants

Sticking to fragrance-free products is a good idea, but there are plenty of irritants besides perfume in the cosmetics you might use. Choose alcohol-free and oil-free products and always read the label carefully to avoid other potential irritants. The list includes menthol, eucalyptus and camphor, along with other plant extracts with a strong scent.

Beauty Tips for Teenage Skin


Going for chemical exfoliation is definitely one of the beauty tips for teenage skin. A scrub can irritate your skin, while exfoliants with AHAs or BHAs are more gentle and don’t need any rubbing to clean your skin of dead cells. If you have sensitive skin, look for an exfoliant with salicylic acid or other BHAs, because AHAs are stronger and can sometimes cause irritation.

Controlling Oil

Since you can’t control oil production, you have to deal with it in a smart way. Rich and greasy creams and lotions should be avoided since they only add to the problem of shine. Oil-blotting tissues help throughout the day, but the best long term solution is trying a clay mask regularly. It absorbs oil and helps restore balance to your skin naturally.

Testing Makeup Before You Buy

Non-comedogenic makeup is a great option when you’re dealing with acne and clogged pores, but you should try products before you buy. You don’t need to try mascara, eye liner or eye shadows, but testing foundation, blush, powder and even lipstick is recommended before making a purchase. One of the best beauty tips for teenage skin is to try mineral makeup if you’re dealing with sensitive skin.

Beauty Tips for Teenage Skin

Avoiding Heavy Foundations and Concealers

You probably don’t need heavy duty foundation at all, but if you do use it, don’t cover your entire face with it. Instead focus on the problem areas and use concealer correctly. You shouldn’t use too much and never rub it on your skin. Gently apply it on a cotton pad and tap it in place for a more natural effect.

Sticking to Your Routine

Even when you’re using the best beauty tips for teenage skin, consistency is key to beautiful skin. Make sure you don’t skip taking care of your skin and never go to sleep before removing your makeup.

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