Best Home Teeth Whiteners

Best Home Teeth Whiteners

Professional teeth whitening, besides being pretty expensive can be also painful. These chemical-based methods might also ruin the resistance and immunity of your tooth which on a long term leads to more severe problems. Those who trust the power of natural remedies when it comes of beauty and health treatments should also experiment with the most efficient and time-tested best home teeth whiteners as the ones below. These green ingredients would help you fight the yellowish stains and discoloration as well as other dental problems. Remember a stained dentistry might not also be dangerous for your health but can also ruin your look leaving the impression of an inappropriate dental care routine. Best Home Teeth Whiteners

Apple Cider Vinegar

The various ingredients we find in our home can be used also for various purposes. Apple cider vinegar is indeed one of the universal remedies to cleanse the surfaces from stubborn stains and other build-up.

However vinegar can be also used to spare your teeth from the dark spots caused by the different tooth-staining foods. The secret behind this miraculous ingredient lies in its acidity.

Using it on a weekly basis would leave your dentistry spotless and perfectly cleansed. In order to achieve the best results make sure you apply a few drops of it on your toothbrush. Due to the acid content however it is must to rinse your teeth after the application as it might do harm to your gums when left in your mouth for a longer period.


One of the most surprising at home teeth whiteners are strawberries that would leave your dentistry spotless and perfectly polished. The red color this time won’t tint your teeth therefore you should not consider this ingredient a taboo. In fact dentists from all over the world experimented with the bleaching effect of these fruits. The result was indeed beneficial and obvious and they managed to include strawberries on the list of the natural teeth whiteners.

Therefore in order to achieve the desired result make sure that you mash the strawberries in a smaller bowl and prepare a fine paste of it. The next step would be to dip your toothbrush into this paste and wash your teeth with it as you would normally do it. Similarly to vinegar strawberries also contain a high content of acidity which allows them to fight the stubborn stains from your dentistry. Finally rinse off the paste with tepid water to keep the gum from long term damages.

Best Home Teeth Whiteners

Lemon Juice

Our grandmothers considered lemon juice as the best ingredients to keep their home clean and germ-free. This tradition still has its effects as more and more of us appeal to this natural cleansing product that would remove the dirt and the stains from any surface including our teeth.

It must be however mentioned that the extremely large consumption of lemon juice and lemon in general can lead to damages on the level of the enamel. Therefore it is highly recommended to stick to this ritual and skip the overuse of this teeth bleacher.

Once a week would be perfect to include this trick into your weekly dental care routine. Apply a few drops of it on your toothbrush and wash your teeth gently. This is indeed one of the ultimate solutions to keep chemicals at a moderate distance.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, no wonder nutritionists as well as doctors consider this fruit a miraculous remedy for various illnesses. In this case apples can also help you to keep your teeth in a spotless condition.

Besides adopting a healthy eating plan you’ll be also able to furnish your dentistry with the must have vitamins. There’s no need to look for the juice or any other ingredients instead make sure you consume at least one apple per day which would polish the surface of your teeth and can also do miracles with their color providing them with a protective layer to fight the acids and other free agents.