Hair Color Trends for 2020

Hair Color Trends for 2020

Who doesn’t love a luscious hair color, as hair color can help attract attention towards the beauty of the hair, enhancing the skin tone and facial features all at once. The hair dye manufacturers have developed a vast range of hair dye shades just so they can suit every skin tone and personal preference. Each year new hair trends come and enchant our eyes and the hair color trends for 2020 emphasize the importance of hair color more than ever.

It seems that nature and naturalness are the dominant influences when it comes to the new trends in fashion as well as hair color, so this is the path you must follow if you want to look trendy and fabulous in 2020.

The perfect hair color suits the skin tone and eyes perfectly enhancing their beauty, so before you select the new hair color for your new look make sure you it suits you perfectly. Choosing right is not easy, but with a little bit of interest you can most definitely find the perfect hair color for you. Turn to a professional for best results and select one of the following hair colors:

Blonde hair color

Blonde is one of the most popular hair color shades for 2020 as it seems that blonde hair has a certain “je ne sais quoi” which enhances sex appeal. There are a variety of blonde shades to choose from and this year anything goes. This means you will look amazing regardless of the blonde hue selected.

The choices you can make when it comes to this hair color are: platinum blonde, golden blonde, vanilla blonde, honey blonde, caramel blonde and strawberry blonde. All these blonde shades suit women with a fair or medium fair skin tone, so make sure you choose the perfect blonde hair color for you. The only way blonde will look great is if the hair is maintained in a healthy condition and if the hair color is maintained with proper hair color protective products. It’s been said than “blondes have more fun”, so give this hair color a try and see if this affirmation is true or false.

Hair Color Trends for 2020 Hair Color Trends for 2020 Hair Color Trends for 2020 Hair Color Trends for 2020

Brown hair color

Brown is definitely a hair color which suits most skin tones, so they are highly popular. There are a variety of brown hair color tones to choose from, depending on what suits your skin complexion and personality best, from dark chocolate brown to caramel. Select a nice coffee, toffee or caramel brown hair color depending on what works for you best and maintain your hair in a great condition so the hair can radiate beauty.

A color protective shampoo or a shampoo designed specifically for brown colored hair can help maintain your tresses radiant, so do not neglect the needs of your hair if you want your tresses to look luscious.

Hair Color Trends for 2020 Hair Color Trends for 2020 Hair Color Trends for 2020 Hair Color Trends for 2020

Black hair color

Black has always been timeless when it comes to fashion and it seems that this applies when it comes to hair color as well. In 2020 black is a great option for women who love this hair shade and which feature a pale as well as subtle tanned skin complexion. However, this is not an easy hair color to wear as it doesn’t suit everyone, so choose carefully. A simple glossy black hair color can most definitely do wonders for you especially if you have a fair skin tone and blue eyes.

The contrast between the hair and skin tone will bring out your eyes and make them look absolutely amazing. Keeping the hair in a healthy condition is a must if you want your hair to have the glossy radiant look that is a definite must.

Hair Color Trends for 2020 Hair Color Trends for 2020

Red hair color

If you are looking for a more innocent look, you can go for a red hair color as this hair color looks absolutely adorable. Perfect for women with freckles and not only, there are a variety of red hair shades to select from.

You can choose to go for a more natural look or go dramatic with a powerful red-orange hair coloration. This last hue looks absolutely amazing and can most definitely make you stand out and give you a more fun, free-spirited, joyful look.

Hair Color Trends for 2020 Hair Color Trends for 2020 Hair Color Trends for 2020 Hair Color Trends for 2020

If you want to give your hair color a little bit of a twist you can opt for very subtle hair highlights or hair paneling using other hair color hues such as purple, lavender, pink, soft red or navy blue.