How to Apply and Remove Eyelash Extensions

If you are someone who wants bold and big eye lashes, then false extensions are perfect for you. They are inexpensive and not very difficult to apply; although you might find a little difficulty if you are trying for the first time. You can buy natural eye lashes which are great for wearing every day or volume lashes which are generally used for night outs and parties. They come in different styles and colours and are very chic and appealing in appearance.

eyelash extensions

If you are one of those who are hoping to experiment with lash extensions then we suggest this article to you as it contains the necessary guidelines that will help you throughout the application and removal process. So read up and follow carefully.

Different Types of Eyelash Extensions:

Use Your Mascara:

To apply eye lash extensions you will need to apply some mascara on your eyes that will act as a base. Some of you might be wondering why you would need this product when you are going to apply fake eye lashes anyway. But it’s best to patient and follow the tips carefully. You can also curl your lashes a bit.

Apply Black Pencil Liner:

Apply some black pencil liner on your upper eye lid and make a black thick line on the top of it so that others won’t know where the real lashes begin. Don’t apply the extensions too close to the lash line as too much of glue on the lines lead to loss of lashes. Be careful when you do this.

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Stick the Extensions:

Now take your extensions and stick them on your lash line very gently. Apply glue with a small brush before you do this. Do this with great precaution and care because they are your eyes at the end of the day and you don’t want to mess things up.

Use Mascara Again:

After the extensions have been applied, take another coat of mascara and blend it with your lashes. This will result in a very fine and attractive appearance. Your eyes will look big, beautiful and very pleasant after this.

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Never Pull:

Now comes the tough part; the removal. When you do this, always remember one thing. You don’t have to pull your lashes out. This will cause immense pain and damage. Stay patient, stand in front of the mirror and follow the steps.

Cleansing Oil:

Use a nice cleansing oil and dab a little on cotton swabs to remove lash extensions. Don’t try to rub the eye lids. Now gently massage the lash lines. This will loosen the glue and make the removal and easier process.


When your extensions have been removed, rinse them in water for some time. This will remove excess oil and glue and thus allow you to use them next time. Remember that rinsing is a very important part of extension removal, so take it seriously.

Put Tissues:

Now place your false eye lashes so that they can reshape over the night. This will let you re-use the extensions again when you are going out.

Cleanse Eyes:

The final thing you need to do is cleanse your eyes. Wash them thoroughly with cold water for a few minutes. After you have dried them with a towel, use a good eye cleanser so that the glue and oil has been completely removed. With this, you will finish the application and removal of false eye lashes.