How to do Zombie Eye Makeup?

Dripping mascara, black eyes and eye lids and a black lipstick, sounds like a nice Halloween party makeup? Yes, it is a good idea to sport something like a zombie makeup for your costume party or Halloween party. A zombie girl makeup is worth the try. You could look totally different with a few brush strokes of black, brown and red eye shadow and some false eyelashes and a touch of black lipstick

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Let us see how you can do an eye makeup similar to the one above.

1. Start on a cleansed face. Make sure there is no dirt or oil on your face. This will not let the makeup sit for longer. Use a good amount of face primer after you have pat your face dry. Let this sit on the face for at least 10 minutes before proceeding to applying foundation. After the required time has elapsed, put a good amount of foundation on the skin. It is best if you put a foundation which is not exactly your skin color. Rather choose a foundation much lighter to your skin color or something near to white. This is not a regular makeup but a zombie makeup. So you cannot follow normal techniques of makeup application for this.

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2. Next apply your compact all over your face. Invest in a very light shade of compact just like the foundation for this zombie makeup. You can also use face painting colors. If you are using face painting colors then use a white paint to paint your face up.

3. Now we will proceed to the eye makeup. Take an applicator brush and apply black eye shadow all over the eye lid and up till the crease. Do not extend much outside. For the lower lid, use the black eye shadow just running below the waterline. Smudge both the upper and lower lid eye shadow.

4. Now take kohl and draw up the lower waterline in a bold way. Also draw up a cat eye formation or just a broad line for the upper eye lid with the help of gel eye liner/ water eye liner and an angled brush or a normal lining brush.

5. Take a black eye pencil and draw up the eye brows to make them look more black and prominent. Give the eye brows a curved prominent shape much like that of a porcelain doll.

6. Now take the brown eye shadow and use it in a smudged way all around the eyes. Now take an angled brush, wet it a little and draw up some running lines as if your mascara dripped all the way across your cheeks. You have to be a bit creative about this. You can use brown face painting colors to draw the running mascara but you can draw this with a smooth brush and brown eye shadow.

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7. Now take a red eye shadow and an applicator brush. Use this all around the brown eye shadow and all over the brow bone. Refer to the picture above. The area surrounding the whole of the eye and also all over the eye brows should look covered in a mesh of red.

8. You can additionally wear false fluttery eye lashes and white lenses for more ghostly appearance.

9. Finish the makeup with a black lipstick which you can buy from a drugstore. These are quite popular after Emo makeup came into being. A dark brown lipstick will also be proper with this makeup.

10. Flaunt your zombie makeup with some vintage hair accessories or a white hair wig.