How To Maintain Fair Skin?

Do you want fair skin? How to maintain fair skin? All of you know that achieving fair skin is not so hard but to keep this beauty is very tough. But don’t worry!  I am here to help you; first of all you have to know about the fair skin in deep. Normally there are a lot of reasons for fairness of skin. Even though it could be genetically, individual can also turn into fairer by taking easy home remedies. Due to busy and unhealthy lifestyle one feels hard to maintain fair skin but if you want to keep this complexion longer then read this article carefully.

Maintain fair skin

How To Maintain Fair Skin:

There are many ingredients present in our kitchen which benefits you to maintain fair skin. They are as follows.

1. Drink Enough Water:

Asian woman drinking water

This is very common as well as very essential to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water to remove all toxins of your body. It helps to maintain fair skin.

2. Healthy Diet:

Natural Healthy Diet

In order to maintain fair skin your diet should be healthy including vitamins and minerals rich fruits as well as green vegetables. Avoid eating excess amount of junk food.

3. Turmeric And Tomato Pack:


Turmeric is a wonderful element which assists you to throw away acne marks as well as pigmentation, de-tans your skin, and moreover leaves it with an outstanding glow. As to decreases oiliness of skin you have to combine turmeric with tomato juice also applies on your face. Let it to dry, and then clean it off by tepid water. Tomato juice is also wealthy in antioxidant whereas turmeric lightens skin tone.

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4. Tan Exclusion Pack:

spa face packs

You have to know that tans are predictable! Despite how much sunscreen we lather on, the evil sun for all time find a way to damage us! There are numerous ways to get rid of tan right at your home. Mix lemon juice with milk and smear with the help of cotton and after 10 minutes wash with cold water.

5. Lemon And Yoghurt:


Yogurt makes your skin soft plus supplies in addition to help to throw out acne marks as well as further skin blemishes. Combine a tablespoon of new unflavored yogurt by a few drop of lemon juice. Put on a fresh face and allow it to relax for 15 minutes and wash off.

6. Papaya:

Papaya - homemade tips

Get a small slice of full-grown papaya and crush it well by a fork. Put in a spoonful of fresh cream otherwise yogurt to this, press a few drops of lemon juice along with combine well. Smear on the face plus neck for 20 –to 30 minutes.

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7. Cucumber & Lime And Turmeric:

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Get a tablespoon of cucumber juice plus put in little drops of lime juice, teaspoon turmeric plus a teaspoon glycerin (in case, of dry skin). Blend together and relate all over the face, counting under along with about the eyes. Put down it for 15 minutes then wash. For best results use this face pack daily.

8. Banana:

banana fruit

Banana offers instant glow plus stimulant to your tired plus dull face. Get a banana, mash it into a smooth paste, and smear on fresh face. Clean this off following 15 minutes, and you will observe an instant dissimilarity in your skin. You can as well add milk otherwise honey to this set if you have sun tanned or else sun burn skin.

9. Rose Water:

Rose water 2

Rose water promises you a fair skin in extremely less time. Smear this water on face on a regular basis. If likely, when you clean your face, you can clean with rose water. Keep in mind not to use soap when you wash your face by rose water.

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