Monsoon Bridal Makeup Tips

Wedding is one of the most special days in the life of a woman. This is the day when she wants to look more than perfect because she is the centre of attention. However, there are many challenges that she needs to face before she can get a flawless look that make heads turn. Makeup is one of the most critical factors here and needs to be in par with not only the features of the bride and matching with the wedding outfit but also according to the season. Yes, there are different makeup tip that needs to be followed for different weathers.

monsoon bridal makeup

For the monsoon brides, when the weather is wet, here is the guide that gives the best suggestions to be followed. Check it out and follow with due diligence.

Here are The Best Monsoon Bridal Makeup Tips.

For the Base:

Before you actually start with the makeup process, it is important to wash and cleanse the face well. Along with this, an ice cube should be rubbed on the face for 7-10 minutes that will control the sweating caused by humidity ad help the makeup stay for longer periods of time. This is the first basic suggestion and one of the most important ones to create a perfect makeup base.

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Astringent/Toner Use:

Followed by ice use on the skin, astringent should be used on oily skin and toner on the dry skin. This will help in refreshing the skin further and is perfect for an ideal makeup during monsoons. It is best to use these products from good brands and of top quality to ensure there is no skin problem.

Oil Free Primer:

One should use only an oil free primer for creating an even base in this weather that is sultry and humid and causes us to sweat a lot. Using oil free products will ensure that the skin stays fresh and the sweat does not cleanse away the makeup.

Water Based Foundation:

Instead of cream based foundations, it is preferable that a bride uses water based foundations that can again help the skin from getting sticky and greasy in the humid weather of monsoon. One should use foundation with a clean brush and not the fingers which might add on to the problem of oiliness and dirt that usually sticks faster on the skin in monsoons and summers. Have a good quality water based foundation in hand for desired outcomes.

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Use Oil Absorbing Powder:

Top the foundation with an oil absorbing powder that will help in setting the makeup as well as control sweat and oil on face. It will also help the makeup stay fresh and last long. It will also prevent the makeup from caking. Blotting papers can be kept in hand for the purpose as well. This is one effective tip that a monsoon bride should definitely stick by.

Avoid all Cream Based Makeup:

Whether we talk about blush or whether it is the eye shadow, any makeup product that is cream based is not recommended for monsoon bride makeup. Makeup setting spray should be used on powdered products to set them perfectly and get the look you want.

Avoid Shimmer/Glitter:

Adding shimmer and glitter to the face will make it shine and look oily. This only means that one should avoid using these makeup products on the skin during monsoons. The best substitute to these products is a good quality matte bronzer. It is one of the most intelligent picks that can be made.

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Water Proof Makeup Products:

Another effective and essential tip for bridal makeup during monsoons is to use eyeliner and mascara that are waterproof in nature. This will avoid the fading of the colour in the humid season. Use black eye shadow on the makeup products to set them further.