Prom Makeup Ideas and Tips

Prom Makeup Ideas and Tips

Matching your makeup with your prom dress is as important as picking up the right dress for you. Choosing the wrong makeup can be a washout because it will draw the attention away from your fabulous prom dress.

This is an important event so you must look and feel good the entire night.

It is better to go for a more natural look than to risk looking like a clown. Sometimes it’s true that “less is more”.

Before you apply any makeup on, make sure to exfoliate your face using a gentle facial scrub. Exfoliating your skin will remove any dead skin cells.

Hydrate your skin using a moisturizer cream and then apply the foundation.

Prom Makeup Ideas and TipsProm Makeup Ideas and Tips

Foundation should match your complexion perfectly to make sure it blends with your skin color. Apply it evenly using a foundation sponge or brush and blend it so you leave no visible lines.

When you are done applying foundation set it with some loose powder.

Now it is time to move on to your eyes. Don’t match your eyeshadow to your dress because you will look dull, go for contrasting colors that enhance eyes and complement the dress.

If your dress is black than any color will work for you. You can go for smokey eyes using grays, purples or gold and copper. If your dress is blue you can go for silver tones, gold tones and natural colors.

Prom Makeup Ideas and TipsProm Makeup Ideas and Tips

If your dress is pink you can go for a lavender and purple mix, silver or brown tones. If you have a red dress there is no way you will go wrong with smokey eyes especially if you have tanned skin.

Use a black or brown eyeliner, curl your lashes and wear plenty of mascara. For blush use pink or soft brown colored blush for a natural look. Use a lip gloss to add shine to your lips.