When people view new styles, they often want to emulate their favourite stars. They seek out the latest fashions (clothes, jewellery, shoes, etc.) to make themselves look like the celebrities they want to imitate. This is one of the causes why fashion tends to evolve and constantly change. Bollywood celebrities always manage to keep us enamoured with the fashion statements they make. They have everybody’s attention by the fashion they flaunt, be it on TV shows, movies or public appearances. They are careful about what they wear even when they are on holiday. Thanks to the unending efforts made by the stylists, the stars stay in the limelight with their impeccable dressing. At big events, we find celebrities who wear clothes to showcase a particular designer as it guarantees publicity for the designer. Saree is one such traditional attire that never goes out of fashion.

Nowadays celebrities wear trendy sarees and women would like to wear such sarees for parties, weddings, and festive occasions. No one can deny the timeless elegance and grace of a saree worn by Bollywood’s best-dressed women. Hollywood fashion designers played a vital role in dictating fashion trends, and retailers quickly copied outfits worn in movies. Women who found a gown or a dress appealing would immediately buy it at a lower price in departmental stores or use the patterns found in the magazines. Several women actresses look pretty and cute. They can carry off their looks. Contrary to popular belief that makeup is required to make one look beautiful, these women from Kollywood have established themselves with their simplicity.

Top 9 Charmi Without Makeup

Charmi is a Telugu film actress who made her first debut in the year of 2002 when she was just a mere age of 15.