Prince Harry Plans to “Embarrass” Prince William

Prince Harry Plans to “Embarrass” Prince William

Prince Harry Plans to “Embarrass” Prince William

The much awaited Royal wedding date is closing-in fast and everyone is getting excited, including Prince Harry, who is going to be Prince William’s best man at the Royal bash. The wedding of the century is supposed to be a high-class, formal event but Prince Harry will manage to loosen the atmosphere a bit as he plans to “embarrass” his brother at the big event.

As best man and only brother, Prince Harry will give a speech at the wedding, and it seems that he’s going to make the best of it and even add a few things to his speech which will embarrass the groom to be.Prince Harry Plans to “Embarrass” Prince William

Prince Harry told BBC that the speech will be “pretty standard, hopefully. Just the same as any other best-man speech.” And at any speech there is a little bit of “teasing”to have a laugh and therefore, William is not going to have it easy. Harry said that:

“It’s me and a couple of his friends, so between the three of us, we’ll make sure that we dig him in the ribs a few times and embarrass him. Make him lose some hair.”

Harry is known for his bubbly personality and unconventional style, so we bet it’s gonna be all fun and laughter. However, as far as his “accomplices” go no word yet, but we can’t wait to get an inside scoop of the speech after the wedding.

Harry is currently at the Arctic Circle, on an expedition “Walking with the Wounded” but he’ll be back in time for the Royal event.

Prince Harry Plans to “Embarrass” Prince WilliamPrince Harry and Prince William visiting Botswana

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