15 Different Types of Stone Bangles in Gold and Diamond

Bangles are the ring like jewelry worn around the hand by women which are a traditional Culture followed by all India Women. During the past decades, ladies used to wear regularly all Gold ornaments regularly nowadays in this modernized world, Women prefer wearing precious gold or any colored ornaments only during Special Occasion. Now such designed bangle is are The stone bangles which comes in various designs nowadays.

The Gold manufactures used high-end machines and laser technology to form new designs with the Gold and alloy metals along with different colors of stone available naturally. To get a brief idea about the various designs and patterns with Stones.

Latest Designs of Bangles with Stones:

The top 15 latest stone bangle designs are brought into ladies Knowledge which are not yet discovered!!

1. Wavy Pattern Diamond Bangle Design:

Wavy Pattern-Diamond Bangle Design

Gold can be shaped into the various form using the end technologies which give out a well finished Gold form. The latest famous design is the wave pattern, are in which the gold bangle is made into a wave pattern white studded with small solitaire or emerald diamonds on top the bangle.

2. Sapphire-White Gold Bangle Design:

Sapphire-White Gold Bangle Design

Beautiful combination of white and brilliant glowing Sapphire stone gives a heavenly feeling to our eyes. Sapphire from Ceylon is the most popular kind of Sapphire stone.The royal blue hue compliments well with the glowing diamonds.

3. Floral Design-Ruby Studded Bangle Design:

stone bangles

Grooved gold bangle with a floral pattern around the bangle which are studded with rubies on the floral pattern is one of the latest patterns of ruby bangle known for wedding collection jewelry in the southern part of India.

4. Amethyst-Rhodolite Garnet-Pink Tourmaline Stone Bangle:

Amethyst-Rhodolite Garnet-Pink Tourmaline Stone Bangle

This three different color combination of Pink(Pink Tourmaline), Purple(Amethyst) and light red(Rhodolite) gives a sparkling look to the bangle. These stones are relatively lesser in price than other famous stones.These stones are combined with silver or white gold Bangle.

5. Indian Traditional Emerald-Diamond Bangle Design:

Indian Traditional Emerald-Diamond Bangle Design

Indian wedding is always known for the jewelry which women’s wear during the occasion. The most popular bangle design nowadays is the Emerald stone with emerald diamond combination and also with solitaire diamond combination. The width of the bangle can vary according to personal choice.

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6. Handmade Emerald and Ruby Studded Bangle Design:

Handmade Emerald and Ruby Studded Bangle Design

This mind blowing handmade bangle from Gold studded with the gorgeous color combination of red to pink color ruby with emerald with a floral arrangement pattern bringing out the perfect craft work by hand.

7. Kundan -Diamond Bangle Design:

Kundan -Diamond Bangle Design

One of the latest and most famous stone bangles is the Kundan studded bangle. This traditional kundan bangle comes from Rajasthan. The Kundan stones come in different from White to red, pink, green studded on to the Gold bangles. The bangles can be made thick or thin. These colored stones give a dull finish with an antique look.

8. Twisted Rope with Diamond Studded Bangle Design:

Twisted Rope with Diamond Studded Bangle Design

The gold and rhodium twisted into a rope fashion with diamonds studded on the edges of each twist. The gold line is seen on open space between the rope which give an adorable look with a shiny finish due to rhodium at the rims of the bangle.

9. Labradorite Stone  Bangle Design:

Labradorite Stone Bangle Design

Labradorite stone which is cut and polished which radiates out color which depends on the light incidence of blue, green. The stones can be fixed at the center of plain gold bangle or in a silver bangle. The selection of gold or silver bangle is a personal choice.

10. Diamond-Ruby Flat Thick Bangle Design:

Diamond-Ruby Flat Thick Bangle Design

Flat thick designed bangles can be worn as kids which give rich look when worn. To bring out the rich look combination of Cut diamonds with ruby would be the best choice. This designed bangle will match well with saree worn for the wedding.

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11. Diamond-Ruby-Emerald Studded Gold Bangle Design:

Diamond-Ruby-Emerald Studded Gold Bangle Design

It is trio combination of color which adds eminent beauty to the bangle. The bright red ruby with hue of green and sparkling diamonds with color tint of D to F which give the diamond colorless effect.

12. Gold-Pearls Studded Bangle Design:

Gold-Pearls Studded Bangle Design

Pearls are the oldest but yet in trend stone.Pearl studded gold bangle can be brought within a limited budget, unlike other precious stone.Pearls go well with dull antique finished gold.

13. Navaratna Stone Studded Yellow Gold Bangle Design:

Navaratna Stone Studded Yellow Gold Bangle Design

Navaratna means nine according to Sanskrit. There are nine precious stones studded onto the bangle giving a very colorful design to the bangle. The nine stone are Ruby, Pearl, Red coral, emerald, Yellow sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite, and cat´s eye.when worn it gives all the benefits related to the stones.

14. Pavalam Studded Gold Bangle Design:

Pavalam Studded Gold Bangle Design

Pavalam also called as red coral. It is an organic stone with various benefits like boosting up energy, good blood circulation. Pavalam stone can be like a chain with a transparent wire then it is tied around the center hollowed gold or silver bangle.

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15. Zirconia Studded Floral Designed Bangle:

Zirconia Studded Floral Designed Bangle

Zirconia also called as Cubic Zircona is an another variety of sparkling stone next to diamond. This stone is less costly than diamonds. The colors of the zirconia can be from Purple to Multi color and even colorless, the addition of different chemical gives the color to this zirconia stones. The stones are arranged in a row pattern around the bangles. The number of row counts for the cost of the bangle.

Stone designed bangles are available in the market at the various price range. To select stone bangle according to once star symbol and nakshatra also play a role if ladies are very selective about selecting the stone for the bangles. Consulting a gemologist can be one of the best advice. For ladies who love to have collection stone bangle then zirconia stone would be an apt choice and also Kundan stone bangle which will give an antique look. When it comes to diamond bangles, twisted rope bangle or a wave designed bangle with diamond is the latest design which women are big fan off.Before heading for shopping get to know about the stone which is situated for oneself and then head the store ladies!!