Top 9 Awful Coffin Tattoos for Men

Such type of coffin tattoo pattern has been restored a few times in the past, pleasantly agnostic structures or designs are at last being deified in culture. Tattoos are now given a new advent when it is decorated with something dangerous or bizarre when seen inked for the first time.

Among the uncanny list, the coffin tattoo and the casket tattoos have grabbed their own private place. Nevertheless, both have their own significance; people generally get confused between them.

Stunning and Terrible Coffin Tattoos for Men:

Let’s clear out your confusion with the help of coffin tattoo designs that are widely adopted by the youth these days.

1. Eye, Tear and Rose Coffin Tattoos:

coffin tattos

A popular design of traditional coffin tattoo is here given an emotional touch with eyes and tears inked along on the coffin. The tattoo is the best dedication to a female that has been near to your heart.

2. Sleep Well Coffin Tattoos:

Sleep well coffin tattoo

Coffin tattoo flash patterns when asleep well design, with a skull in it gives a stunning look for some who want to appear dangerous for others. The coffin is filled with a skull in it, with a wrapping of sleep well ribbon on it.

3. Comic Coffin Tattoos:

Comic coffin tattoo

Looking for something serious yet comic! A laughing coffin tattoo truly justifies your selection. The tattoo is given a 3D touch which shows a skull coming out of the coffin with a big smile, head lock and a spider on top.

4. Devil Coffin Tattoos:

Devil coffin tattoo

Want to show the evil side of your life! A grey and black coffin tattoo with a lady holding a skeleton in the coffin is what you are looking for. The grey shading of the skeleton and the dark coffin give a well combination capable to express your negative side.

5. Coffin City Tattoos:

Coffin city tattoo

Popularly known as coffin city tattoo, the tattoo represents the design of the death all around which is a picture of Moses Lake. The center face also represents the rule of death. The color shades and minor designs add to the perilous look of the tattoo.

6. Angle Coffin Tattoos:

Angle coffin tattoo

Want to dedicate a tattoo to someone who gave your life a new outlook! The angle tattoo coffin design with wings and a lock on it would properly show your emotions related to the person.

7. Dragon Coffin Tattoos:

Dragon coffin tattoo

Gothic coffin tattoo design with grey, white and black colors give a unique touch to the wearers. The tattoo is given a Dracula design with his face and wings to make it more threatening.

8. Wooden Coffin Tattoos:

Wooden coffins were priory used to bury the dead bodies. This kind of wooden coffin tattoos is loved by those who are attached to the traditional values still. The coffin is left half open with a cross on the top.

9. The Mummy Coffin Tattoos:

Your coffin tattoo design can be given a new touch with the Egyptian antiques like the mummy. The grey and black tattoo is made with a mummy lying in the coffin. To make the tattoo more understandable, a note is left on it stating the awakening of the mummy again.

The coffin tattoo can be supplemented with various other elements like the flowers, skull, jokers, mummies, gestures, and much more. As you add an element, the symbolism of the tattoo also changes, to make your selection more valid. You can actually explore different avenues regarding a wide collection of inquisitive coffins. On your coffin tattoo, you can personalize your own touch too.