9 Popular Bangle Bracelets Designs from India

Bangle Bracelets is a mixed combination of a bracelet and a bangle. It has the features of both bangle and bracelet. It appears very pretty on the hands and lends you a charming look. It’s very stylish and can be worn anytime as well anywhere also and lends you an appealing and charming look. It has recently gained popularity and is becoming very common in girls and women’s as well at every age group.

Unique Designs of Bangles Bracelets:

Here is a list of 9 Traditional Bangle Bracelets Designs in gold, silver and diamonds.

1. Gold Bangle Bracelet for Girls:

bangle bracelets

Gold is well known as an auspicious metal. One of the classic jewellery can be gold bangle bracelet and can give you a personalized touch also. Gold bangle bracelets can be braided into a broad shaped bangle and make you look absolutely gorgeous and cannot stop you from getting comments. The gold bangle bracelet is available in various designs and pattern and you can choose according to your style.

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2. Designer Silver Bangle Bracelets:


Silver as element look great when designed into bangle bracelet. Silver can be turned into white form as well as oxidized form and enhances the look of the jewel. The silver bangle bracelet can be worn at any occasion as well it can be used on daily basis. You can even wear them roughly as nothing can go wrong with silver bangle bracelets.

3. Sparkling Diamond Bangle Bracelet:


Diamonds can be defined as true friends of women’s. The sparkle of diamond brings sparkle in their eyes as well a big smile of the faces of women. Diamonds can be cut into various shapes and sizes and unique bangle bracelets can be created to enhance your beauty. You can wear the sparkling diamond bracelets on any outfit and flaunt that ethereal look!

4. Wooden Bangle Bracelet Designs:


You get various bangle bracelet designs and pattern in wooden also. They look very different and unique. These bangle bracelets are very colourful and also have a lovely texture. They are simple and elegant and can be worn by both girls and women’s and look pretty and elegant.

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5. Kundan Bangle Bracelet:


Kundan is very popular in wedding as it gives you a sparkling and brighten the look of bride groom. Kundan bangle bracelets give you a rich and classy look and make you appear different from others. It’s available in different colours stones also and you match it with the outfit and look grand and elegant.

6. Handmade Wooden Beads Bangle Bracelets for Toddlers:


Wooden beads bangle bracelets look very simple but with an elegant look in it. You can create enormous different bangle bracelets matching with your outfits and look the chic of the day and fill yourself with compliments.

7. Pearl Bangle Bracelet for Large Hands:


Pearl bangle bracelets look great on your wrist. Pearl is stone that suits all the occasion and can be worn on any occasion also. Pearl bangle bracelet enhances your look make you look unique. You can use different colourful pearls to create a stylish bangle bracelet.

8. Traditional Ruby and Diamond Bangle Bracelet for Women:


These types of bangle bracelets are the traditional ones and give you absolutely a traditional look. In between the diamond bangle bracelets precious ruby stones are embossed thus enhancing the appearance of the bangle bracelet.

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9. Funky Bangle Bracelet:


As the name specifies the funky bangle bracelets is one the best accessory for girls, collage girls as well as teenage girls. They always want to look unique from others and match their accessories with their outfit. As these don’t prick your pocket very high you can own many numbers of bangle bracelets to look lovely and get compliments from your friends and colleagues.

As girls and women’s are both fashion conscious and want to wear those things only which are in fashion only. So bangles bracelets are the correct choice for them as they are absolutely in fashion and you can look gorgeous by wearing them. The bracelets are very cool and are absolutely perfect for every age group. So now grab a bangle bracelet and flaunt your own style and get a sparkling look.