Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

Usually, women are never satisfied when looking in the mirror. Either they find themselves too tall or too short, too fat or too skinny and the list can go on till forever. Some genetically inherited things cannot be changed, but the right clothes can do wonders. If you belong to the skinnier category, don’t worry, we’ve prepared some fashion tips for skinny girls to achieve a confident, gorgeous result when looking in the mirror.

Modeling agencies and the fashion industry in general also prefers your body type. You are endowed by nature with a figure that is easy to dress if you know some small, but very practical tricks. However ideal your figure can be if you choose inadequate clothes, those will only emphasize your less perfect points instead of accentuating your truly advantageous ones. Look at our tips below and find out more about the best fashion tricks for skinny girls! Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

Opt for layered clothing Layered clothes will optically add fullness to your body and at the same time will smartly emphasize your womanly contours. You can also layer your single garments. Put on a trendy shrug, a denim vest or jacket over tight t-shirts to create your original style.

No vertical stripes If you like striped clothes, you better opt for horizontal lines than for the vertical ones. These patterns are one of the trickiest designs that you can play with. Horizontal lines and patterns can add curves to your body.

Wear lower heels Avoid high heels, they create the illusion that you are even taller and your legs are thinner than they really are. Opt for lighter shoes with low heels and of course boots. Boots can hide skinnier legs very smartly. Wear them with skirts as an extra style point.

Get rid of your skinny jeans or super-tight pants Extra-fitted jeans are not meant for your body type. Instead wear straight cut denim, parallel fit jeans or trousers with a tight flare at the bottom.

Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

Wear chunky clothes Besides the fact that they are so comfy and keep you warm, these fabrics add more shape to your look and in the meantime create the illusion of fullness.

Avoid belts at mid-waist Wearing a belt at mid-waist makes you look even thinner, so it is better to let go of these pieces from your wardrobe.

Go for baby-doll style clothes These trendy items add more curves and soft lines to your silhouette. Baby-doll style clothes make you appear fuller and optically make you look shorter. Don’t be afraid to use lively colors and printed fabrics. They draw away the attention from the body shape itself. However, don’t exaggerate, it is better to avoid prominent, striking patterns and designs.

Wear scarfs and high cowl-neck tops and sweaters Scarves are the must-have accessories for this season. Play with your imagination. You can choose from plenty of colors, materials and designs. A smartly chosen scarf or a high cowl-neck blouse can hide a longer neck very smartly and will add some personal touch to your style.

With the above useful tips, you will have less problems in choosing the best outfits to match your body type. Keep in mind, nobody is perfect, not even the supermodels and by applying some small tricks, you can feel more comfortable in your own skin and also gain some admiring glances. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with textures, colors and designs to find those pieces of clothes that suit you best and give you confidence.

Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

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