Top Shoe Trends Men Hate

Top Shoe Trends Men Hate

Some might be impressed and influenced only by what pro fashion gurus claim. However others consider the opinion of others which would determine how they build up their signature look. If you belong to the second group you might be interested in what guys hold as a real faux pas and which are the classy solutions to spare yourself from embarrassing situations as well as failure. The following footwear designs are the top shoe trends men hate either due to their visual effect or impact on your silhouette. Make sure you sport the event- as well as age-appropriate shoe designs in order to make a spotless first impression with your appearance. Pay special attention to similar apparently tiny details and make sure you stuff your wardrobe only with the most flattering shoe trends for the next season.

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Thigh-High Boots

It worked in the blockbuster movies as well as 80s style music videos still in spite of the boosting popularity of this trend men seem to limit themselves of this option. Indeed it might appear to eccentric as well as an alternative option to sport your jeans or dresses with. Indeed some girls might be impressed by the effect of these boots to lengthen and slim the legs, however at first sight it might make a less fortunate impression. The ultimate solution is to sport these either with a less catwalk glam-inspired way or skip it when you prepare for a date. Keep an eye on the shoe trends that suit your age as well as silhouette also it should not flash too much of your secret assets. Wear it if you would like to play with cards on board and refuse to melt into the mass with your look. However then you must take the risk of being passed.

Top Shoe Trends Men Hatenet-a-porter.comTop Shoe Trends Men

Pointy-Toe Ballerina Flats

Comfort is not always the best principles to consider when eager to impress men. Indeed some of them might underestimate your walking skills if you pop up wearing these pointy-toe ballerina flats in repeated occasions. Instead if you would like to stick to your principles of sporting both comfortable and chic shoes choose rounded designs as these would enhance your look with a tint of girly allure. Pointy shoes also add a few inches to your feet, therefore those who have a larger foot size should skip the look and instead look for the less angled and roundish designs that are also available on the market. Look for flats that are decorated with additional details if you wish that make them more special and unique depending on the personality of your partner.

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Tall Gladiators

Often men ask us why it is comfortable and wise to cover out legs with these caged footwear. Indeed tall gladiators might not be that comfortable in fact their popularity is so prominent due to the visual effect theses offer to our silhouette. In order to make the best impression it would be wise to limit ourselves to the ankle high sandals that are both aesthetic and comfy for the warm season. Moreover these shoe trends might hide the beautiful and spotless skin. Regardless of being a fan of edgy and more architectural sandal designs or going for the classy types the point is to skip it if you wish to go their way and make a smashing impression on your date. In spite of the fact that Gladiators are on trend especially when paired with socks, these trends might be completely irrational and incomprehensible for guys, therefore keep it for yourself and your refined style sense.

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Clogs might seem cute in their endless variations still it seems that guys won’t go crazy about you when wearing these footwear designs. In fact clogs are still some of the most controversial shoes on the market and might take some elbow grease to accessorize and wear them with mastery. Indeed these shoes are comfortable and enhance our figure with length and definition therefore more and more ladies flirt with the idea of enriching their wardrobe with a similar style essential. There are no limitations when it comes of prints, colors and fabrics, you’ll find all you need in the local fashion stores. However if you are interested of the opinion of men you should definitely swap the clogs for a pair of classy pumps, sandals and even wedges that offer you the same comfort and pleasant feeling and more, you’ll have an A+ for sure on your date.

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Ugg Boots

Watch out for the oh-so-popular Ugg boots that lead the ‘no-no’ shoe trend list in the case of men. Indeed due to the bulky texture as well as less defined look of these footwear men have the impression that it is not really a shoe instead an accessory that would do no good to your appearance especially when wearing with your jeans tucked into the boots. In spite of the approach of the cold season it might be advisable to sport your dainty and stylish boots when you head for a romantic date. Leave these for the plain weekdays or school days when comfort is a decisive factor. Keep an eye on these shoe trends and make sure you skip them if you would like to guarantee the success of your date.