20 Amazing Benefits Of Cherries For Skin, Hair & Health

The very sight of bright red bunches of shiny Cherry fruits can make anyone salivate! They leave an explosion of juicy, sweet flavour in your mouth. Apart from their deliciousness, Cherries are loaded with benefits to your body, making them one of the healthiest foods known to mankind! They also top the charts in the list of protective foods, with their anti-oxidant and nutrition-rich profile. Being low in calories, Cherries also make for a guilt-free, healthy snacking option. In this article, we shall learn the importance of Cherry fruit to our body.

health benefits of cherries

What Is Cherry Fruit?

Cherry belongs to the family of drupe fruits or stone fruits. They are grown in colder climates, typically in the countries of America, Europe and a part of Asia. Cherries are can be sour to sweet, depending on the state of ripening. They are widely used in making juices, desserts, cakes and pies.

Types Of Cherries:

Cherries are distinguishes based on how they taste – sweet or sour. While the sweet ones are used for eating them whole, sour cherries are exclusively used in baking or in candied versions. Some of the common types of cherries are as follows:

  • Sour Red Cherry: Mainly used in making pies and are known for their tarty flavour
  • Sweet Black Cherry: The most celebrated variety of cherries, known for their incredibly delicious sweet taste
  • Sweet Pink and Yellow Cherry: Also called Rainier cherries, these shiny fruits are perfect for snacking or in deserts

Is Cherry Good For Health?

Cherries are a rich source of Vitamin C, which is a natural antioxidant. Regular consumption of Cherries is known to strengthen the immune system. They also reduce the risk of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. These low-calorie, fibre rich foods can aid in weight loss and prevent Obesity. Cherries are also low in glycemic index, making them friendly for diabetics.

How To Eat Cherries?

Cherries usually come with a long stem and a seed in the centre. Unless they are organic fruits, Cherries come with a generous layer of pesticides on the outer layer. It is important to wash them thoroughly before consumption.

  • Remove the stem and bite the flesh from the sides of the fruit.
  • Throw away the stone or the seeds.
  • You can even cut the fruit, discard the seed and use them for cooking or juicing purposes

How Many Cherries Should I Eat A Day?

Cherries do not give you excess calories. However, the fibre in them can speed up the digestion and may give you loose stools and diarrhoea. This is why it is recommended not to exceed the safe daily allowance of two serving of approx. 100gms of Cherries per day.

Nutritional Value Of Cherries:

Here is the breakup of 1 cup (approx. 138gm) of raw, Sweet Cherry nutrition facts:

  • Total Calories: 86.9
  • Total Carbohydrates: 22.1 gm
  • Dietary Fiber: 2.9 gm
  • Sugars: 17.7 gm
  • Vitamin C: 16 %
  • Vitamin K: 4 %
  • Potassium: 9 %
  • Manganese: 5 %
  • Iron: 3 %
  • Calcium: 2 %
  • Magnesium: 4 %

Benefits of Cherries for Health, Skin & Hair:

The list below has the top cherry benefits and side effects that you should definitely know about:

cherry fruit benefits

1. Detoxes and Cleanses Internal System:

There are nutrients in cherries that help in the complete cleansing of the system. This is especially valid for the liver and kidneys and regular consumption of cherries or cherry juice helps in flushing out the toxins well. By eliminating the unwanted waste material from the body, Cherries help in better performance of the organs

2. Natural Pain Killer:

The anthocyanins in red cherry fruit are one of the enzymes that help the body as a natural pain killer and treat all the discomfort that you might go through. Gout, muscle pain, arthritis and many such other problems can be treated with a handful of cherries or a glass of fresh cherry juice. This helps in bringing up the stamina levels as well.

3. Aids in Digestion:

The stimulation of digestive juices with the consumption of red cherries is what helps in aiding the digestive system and helping it function in an ideal manner. Cherries are also loaded with dietary fibre, which adds bulk to your stools. They can promote digestion and at the same time, ward off constipation.

4. Relief From Osteoarthritis:

Cherries are rich in polyphenols and Vitamin C, which are natural anti-inflammatory agents. Their properties of cherries help in controlling the levels of uric acid in the blood and thus prevents as well as treats the inflammation in the body parts especially the joints. This is why Cherries are recommended for arthritis patients for pain relief.  This is one of the best Cherry fruit benefits to our body.

5. Benefits for Hair Health:

One of the health benefits of Cherries is their role in improving the health of your hair. Cherries contain many nutrients like Vitamin C, B and K, which are essential for the strength of your hair. There are high levels of antioxidants in cherries that help in improving the hair growth as well as controlling the hair fall. Both these benefits are quite required by people nowadays solely because of the prevalence of the crisis among the population.

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6. Treats Skin Problems:

Acne vulgaris, rosacea and all other skin problems can be treated with the consumption of red cherries in the daily meals. The levels of vitamin A and the antibacterial properties help in removal of skin problems and leaving it clear and flawless. Cherries are also known for protecting skin against sun damage, dark spots and blemishes.

7. Enhances Immunity:

Melatonin is one enzyme that is present in good quantities in red cherries. This is required for improving the immune system and making it strong against various infections and diseases. Besides, a 100gms of Cherry contains about 15% of Vitamin C, which is essential for warding off common problems like cold, flu etc.

8. Heart-Healthy Food:

Cherry fruit uses to the body are numerous. One of the main advantages that this fruit will give your body is a healthy heart in a healthy body. Melatonin again works in keeping away the heart diseases and all kinds of cardiovascular problems. It ensures that the heart is working in the right manner and that you are free from the risks of attacks and strokes.

9. Fights Cancer:

Cancer, as we all know, is one of the deadliest diseases that can occur in the body. However, with regular consumption of certain nutrients and antioxidants can keep away the growth of cancerous cells in the body. The same is available through red cherries. The beta carotene is one of the most important ones here.

10. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels:

Balanced sugar is one of the key benefits of eating Cherries. As per the study, Cherries contain phytochemicals which can increase your glucose metabolism. This, in turn, helps in improving the blood sugar levels in the body. They also boost insulin production, making them one of the highly recommended foods for diabetics.

11. Induces Good Sleep:

Cherries contain an agent called Melatonin, which can regulate your body’s sleep cycle. Research indicates that people who consumed Cherries every day could sleep longer than before and with improved quality. If you have trouble sleeping, just rely on one cup of Cherries before you go to bed. This is one of the many uses of Cherry fruit.

12. Anti-Ageing Properties:

The advantages of Cherry to the skin are numerous. Cherries are rich in antioxidants, which can fight free radicals that cause damage at the cellular level. This helps in preventing many signs of ageing like wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots, caused due to free radical damage. Also, they help in boosting the Collagen to give you a younger, firmer look. This is one of the major benefits of Cherries for the skin.

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13. Lightens Skin:

Another key benefit of Cherries is their role in lightening your complexion. Cherries are Vitamin C rich fruits, which is a natural skin lightening agent. They can hydrate your skin and also help in regeneration of skin cells to reveal flawless, blemish-free skin. The essential vitamins and minerals in them can add a natural glow!

14. Natural Sex Booster:

Cherries are one of the best foods that can increase your sexual drive. They are a natural aphrodisiac, which works by boosting the health of your penis and improving your libido. They contain anthocyanins, which prevent the build-up of plaque from the organs and thereby increasing your blood circulation to your sexual organs.

15. Relieves Migraines:

Cherries are known to help with severe headaches and migraines. The dark pigment contains flavonoids, which can block pain signals to the brain. Also, their anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the inflammation in the tissues that lead to the pain. This is why a bowl of cherries or a glass of dark red cherry juice is highly recommended for those who suffer from chronic headache.

16. Improves Optical Health:

Cherries contain good amounts of Vitamin C, antioxidants and even Beta carotene which improves your eye health. These agents help in strengthening your optical nerves and boost your vision. Cherries can also lower the risk of Ocular degenerative disorders caused due to ageing factors.

17. Improves Brain Functions:

Cherries are rich in Anthocyanin, which can positively impact your brain functions. Along with improving the cognitive abilities, it also prevents degeneration of brain cells. The high amounts of antioxidants fight free radicals in the body, which cause cell damage. Besides, it also lowers the chances of inflammation in the brain.

18. Lowers Blood Pressure:

Studies show that those who consumed Cherry juice regularly had lesser chances of falling prey to heart diseases due to control in the systolic blood pressure. Cherry juice can be shown a reduction of 2mm/Hg in the BP readings, which can significantly improve a person’s condition. Along with regular exercise and diet plan, consuming Tart cherry juice can do plenty of good to your heart.

19. Aids In Weight Loss:

Cherries are fibre-rich fruits which can improve digestion and thereby aid in weight loss. These fruits can also cleanse the internal system and eliminate unwanted toxins in the body. This is why Cherry juice is recommended as a post-workout drink to supply the body with nutrition and add to your workout benefits.

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20. Benefits Of Cherries During Pregnancy:

Cherries offer numerous benefits during pregnancy. Along with strengthening the immune system, Cherries can also boost the brain health of the little one. Being rich in Calcium, Manganese and Magnesium, Cherries improve the bone health of the mother and also prevent joint paints. They are also good for reducing the risk of gestational diabetes along with improving the quality of your sleep.

Cherries Side Effects:

Although Cherries are packed with health benefits, they are not completely free from risks to our body. Listed below are some Cherry fruit extract side effects and side effects of eating Cherries in excess:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Stomach Upset
  • Dehydration
  • Cramps
  • Allergies in people with food sensitivity

Now that you have learnt about the wonderful benefits of Cherries, it’s time to search your local markets for these amazing fruits. Good quality Cherries are available in many online stores. Although priced higher than the local fruits, having at least one serving of seasonal cherries can promise you with good health and better well-being. Cheers to Cherries!