6 Simple Diet Recipes

Any diet starts at the kitchen and end with motivated weight loss or de-motivated weight gain. To keep us motivated we must have food that is not just nutritive but also appeals to our taste buds. So here are some simple recipes that will make the best of the nutrients that nature can offer to us.

Fruits and Greek Yoghurt:

Desserts are something that makes us instantly happy. Just the mere sound of it is music to our ears. But then they bear a big danger sign when it comes to dieting. But this is something that won’t do that. The goodness of fruits with high citrus content and which are naturally sweet can not only pack in a good nutritive value but can also put in the taste that appeals to our taste buds. Avoid sweet curd because that is external artificial flavoring. To add a little more sweetness drizzle some honey into it.

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Leafy Chicken Salad:

Grilled chicken is the best form of lean meat that can be had in a diet. It should just be tender enough to be thoroughly cooked and not charred. The proper source of animal protein with lesser fats will help keeping you fuller for longer. The Lettuce leaves and spinach leaves add to the fibre and folic acid content of the salad. It also provides iron, magnesium and selenium which are wonderful nutrients for diet food. A dash of balsamic dressing and basil will make it a yummy delight.

Glazed Salmon With Avocado Salsa:

Ideally a low carbohydrate and low glycaemic index, south beach diet inspired recipe which includes a shallow fried or poached salmon fish glazed with lemon juice and served with a hearty toss of avocado, red onions, garlic and vinegar dressing. It has the perfect balance of taste, of anti inflammatory ingredients and high quantities of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in the form of Salmon and avocado. This is a heart improver as garlic, onion and salmon with avocado helps create good cholesterol and eliminate bad cholesterol.

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Tuna Stuffed Bell Pepper:

Mix a cooked can of tuna into a mix of different colored bell peppers and onions. Toss them up in some olive oil based mayo and vinegar and season them. This is filling and provides the necessary nutrients stuffed along with a full kick of taste. Add some more flavor and texture by adding peeled mandarin oranges. This will give a tangy twist to the entire dish. It is an anti oxidant rich variant of the Paleo Diet. Highly sumptuous as it is not a bland and tasteless output. It also has the necessary omega acids that help metabolism and blood pressure.

Fresh Mozzarella Salad with Pesto Vinaigrette:

This particular recipe is applicable to those following the Atkins protein rich diet. This applies at every stage in the diet and is simple enough to be followed for other diets also. Take a serving of arugula leaves and slice up some tomatoes according to the size of the serving. Make a dressing with equal proportions of pesto, lime juice and seasoning to taste. Now toss up the ingredients and top it up with mozzarella cheese for flavor.

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Gluten-free Pina-Colada Oatmeal Dessert:

Mix together one cup cooked oatmeal with spoonful of coconut milk, half cup of pineapple chunks and one spoon of roasted flax seeds. This is a highly filling dessert that one could even opt for in their morning breakfast. The pineapple and oatmeal mix will help add the necessary nutrients to your diet as well as cover for any sort of sweet cravings that you might have during the diet.

These are some amazing and effective diets that can make dieting fun and enjoyable. Explore more options and create your own recipes, it helps to know your food better.

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