Boost Your Mood With Food

Boost Your Mood With Food

It is a well-known fact that some treats and certain foods can make you feel happy and fresh. Eating can be very soothing both when anxious and extremely happy.

Indeed it was demonstrated that we are able to manipulate our spiritual state with certain nutrients. The secret in fact is in leveling out our sugar level.

Here’s a list of the foods that help you boost your mood.


– It is proved that bananas can improve your mood, due to their tryptophan content. This nutrient is able to generate serotonin. A hormone that is often associated with happiness. People who live a stressful life should include bananas into their daily menu.

– Your mood will be gradually boosted since these fruits can balance blood sugar. Magnesium found in bananas can also relieve you from tension. You’ll sleep, eat and work more efficiently.

Boost Your Mood With Food


– Lentils are great sources of vitamin B – it is an acknowledged fact that this nutrient is paramount for the improvement of brain functions and nervous system.

– The lack of folates, another advantage of lentils, can lead to depression. Why would you expose yourself to severe problems when you can avoid lows with eating lentils.

– Stabilizing the blood sugar level is very important to be in good mood. That’s why fibers and proteins from these veggies can do miracles for your spiritual state.

Chicken and Turkey

– Stress-busters are essential in our daily meals. These two ingredients will provide your brain with enough dopamine to survive the busy days. In fact poultry contains amino acids which can increase our brain function and reaction time.

– People prone to depression should consume these foods with confidence. Professionals advise you to eat chicken and turkey stuff regularly. Especially if you feel tensed and constantly anxious. Soups, sandwiches and any other meal would be perfect for solving your problem.


– Folic acids and vitamin B found in spinach make it a real serotonin wizard. If you deprive your organism from these nutrients you might become the victim of depression. You have to give your brain what he deserves! Voila!

– That’s the key to a good mood. It not only makes you feel good but also improves the condition of your skin. What could be more soothing than feeling and even looking beautiful. Popeye also knew the magic of this veggie.