How to Increase Height After 25 Years

Any person grows maximum in his teenage years. However, it would be incorrect to say that he cannot grow after that, and yes, it is possible to increase height after 25. Though there are factors like genes and hormones that outsha dow what height you will be, they are not the only deciding factors. A person who has shorter parents can still grow taller than them. On the contrary, a person with both parents tall can also remain short if he has some hormonal imbalance. So, by merely taking corrective measures, one can increase height. It is true that teenage is considered to be the formative years and a person can grow more easily at this age and for increasing height after that will not only be time-consuming but also very little change will be possible. Here are the various methods to the question is it possible to increase height after 25.

How to Increase Height After 25:

Wondering on how to increase height after 25 years, here we say.

1. Yoga for Height Increase After 25:

People who want to achieve height after crossing the age of 25, but are skeptical about unnatural methods can attempt certain yoga postures that have shown positive results in increasing the height provided one practises diligently. Surya Namaskar, Chakra asana, bhujanga asana or the cobra poses are a few postures that can help in gaining height even after crossing the age of 25 years.

A) Suryanamaskar:

There are ways to increase height after 25. One of the most effective asanas is Surya Namaskar which comprises of 12 different postures that are required to be performed chronologically. It helps in stretching every part of the body, thus facilitating gain in height. Here are best way to increase height after 25.

Steps to do Surya Namaskara:

  •  Pranamasana or Prayer Pose
  •  Hastauttasana or raised arms pose
  • Hastapadasana or Hand to foot pose
  •  AshwaSanchalanasana or Equestrian Pose
  • Dandasana or stick pose
  • AshtangaNamaskara or salute with eight parts of the body
  •  Bhjangasana or cobra pose
  • Dandasana or stick pose
  • AshwaSanchalanasana or Equestrian Pose
  • Hastapadasana or Hand to foot pose
  • Hastauttasana or raised arms pose
  • Pranamasana or Prayer Pose

B) Chakrasana:

This asana works on the elasticity of the spine and is most effective for increasing the height even after 25 years of age as it helps in stretching the spine. This is apt for straightening the posture and making it more erect.


  • Lie down in Shavasana
  • Bend your knees and bring them closer to your hips
  • Bend your hands from the elbows and place them near your shoulder.
  • Now putting pressure on your hands and legs lift your body from your back, raising the hips as much as you can.
  • Hold as much as you can and then come back to your starting pose.

C) Bhujangasana:

This asana gives the same result as the chakra asana and is relatively easier to perform. When practiced daily, this asana strengthens the spine and makes it possible to increase height after 25.


  • Lie down flat on your stomach on the ground/mat, with your forehead touching the floor.
  • Keep your feet together at a hip apart distance.
  • With the top of the toes pressing against the ground, bring your hands close to your body and lift your torso.

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2. Pilates Exercise to Increase Height After 25:

how can increase height after 25 years, read more for exercises here.

A. Breast Stroke Exercise:

This is one of the best Pilates exercises to increase height after 25. Here are the steps to do it:


  • Lie down on your mat on your abdomen.
  • Now lift your hand and legs in a manner that your spine is elongated
  • Curl your upper body
  • Stretch as much as you can
  • Relax when it starts hurting
  • Repeat 5 times

B. Scapular Isolation Exercise:

how to increase my height after 25.This can be possible quite easily, scapular isolation exercise can help you increase your height faster than you would have imagined. This is how you can do it:


  • Sit straight on your mat with your hands extended in front of you.
  • Flex your shoulder blades apart and together
  • Do this exercise slowly
  • Repeat 10 times.

C. Hundred Abdominal Exercise:

This exercise not only strengthens your abdominal muscles but also helps you increase your height.


  • Lie down straight on your mat
  • Now lift your legs to an angle of 100°
  • Now slowly lift your body to balance your body on your hips
  • Repeat 10 cycles of breathing
  • Repeat this process 5 times

3. Height Increase Products:

The following are supplements and medicine to increase height after 25.

A. Growth-Flex V Pro System:

How to increase height after 25 by medicine? You will not believe if we tell you that this is quite possible. This product includes supplements that are highly effective in increasing the height without any side effects. It enhances the human growth hormones that are responsible for increasing the height of the body. It is an adult growth supplement that corrects the posture and helps you grow taller naturally.

B. Calcium Pills for Height Increase:

These are supplements of minerals like calcium that accelerate the growth of the bones which are directly responsible for the increase of the height. As a matter of fact,one should know that it is possible to add a couple of inches to your height even at the age of 25.

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C. Heighto Max:

The Heightomax is another reliable product that boosts the height by manipulating the thickness of the vertebral thickness in the spine so as to gain height by stretching it. This product works effectively for those who want to increase their height after the age of 25.

4. Ayurvedic medicine for height increase after 25

Ever thought if can we increase height after 25? Here are few ayurvedic medicines making it possible.

A. Shilajit:

This is a natural height growth supplement available in Ayurveda. Besides height gain, Shilajit gives multifold benefits to the body such as increasing the stamina, boosting the immunity, strengthening of the bones and muscles, improvement in memory, and emotional well-being as well. For best results take it with lukewarm milk or water.

B. Ashwagandha:

This powerful Ayurvedic herb is also known as Indian Ginseng. Regular consumption of Ashwagandha strengthens the bones and improves their density. For best results take it with lukewarm cow milk, and within 45 days you can see positive results on your body. Alternatively, you can take Ashwagandha powder with Khajoor.

C. Shatavari:

Shatavari is another powerful Ayurvedic medicine which is derived from the roots and the leaves of this herb. It is rich in various vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals which are known to be vital for the height growth. Besides, it also treats hypertension and nervous disorder.

D. Yashtimadhu:

This powerful height increasing medicine from Ayurveda also contains anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Regular intake of this medicine improves stamina alongwith increasing the height.

E. Dr. Ayurveda height Increaser:

This is a very popular product for height increase after 25 years available from the Ayurveda with no side-effects. It has a combination of various ayurvedic herbs and roots that are vital for height increase such as Yashtimadhu, til, kaaliMulshi, Amla, Shatavari, harad, and many more.

5. Tricky Shoes:

This is an intelligent way to increase the height as and when required as this involves the use of heels and raised soles to make a person appear taller. Though it is not real growth in height, one can appear to be taller in functions and gatherings and stay away from the comments on height.

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6. Step-up Height Increaser:

cani increase my height after 25? Yes! This product comes with a money back guarantee and is an excellent formula for accentuating the height. It is a revolutionary product that comes without any side-effects. You can increase upto 3-5 inches of height within a few months’ time.

7. Height Top Cap:

Here we tell you how to increase height after 25 naturally for boys.This product is known to be an external device without any side effects. It is extremely beneficial and very safe to use. This capsule stimulates the pituitary glands, which is responsible for the secretion of growth hormone and thereby aids in increasing the height.

8. Surgeries for Height Increase:

The surgery required for increasing the height is also called limb lengthening surgery wherein expert orthopedic surgeons operate upon the bones and affix internal orthopedic apparatus. The surgery takes a few hours; it takes about six months for the entire surgical procedure to achieve the target of increasing the height. The maximum height that can be increased is 10 cms. This procedure is performed on both legs at the same time, and patients are often mobile very soon after the surgery. Of course, this can have complications and is very expensive too, but its efficacy supersedes the minor setbacks.

Other Height Increase Tips after 25:

Is it possible and can height increase after 25? To increase height after 25 is really difficult and needs serious dedication and efforts to be able to turn the stone around. Hence, apart from the aforesaid mentioned ways, the following are some of the additional tips that one must practice to be able to see the positive results sooner than later:

Avoid tea and coffee. Caffeine, alongwith ayurvedic medicines, will hamper the results of the medicines. Instead, add a glass of milk to your daily diet, which will provide the body with necessary calcium requirements.

Include yoga and exercises as a part of your daily routine. To increase height after 25 is really difficult and will not be possible unless you work hard after it.

Consult your doctor if there is some hormonal imbalance due to which you have stopped growing vertically.

Though increasing the height after the age of 25 years is a difficult task, it is not impossible and can be achieved. One should, however, be willing to try out the various devices and products available in the market. Hope you now got the answer onhow to increase height after 25 naturally.

To increase height after 25 is extremely difficult, but is not impossible, and the aforesaid methods are surely going to help. Share with us in the comments below which of the other methods worked for you. Also, share this article with your shorter friends and relatives who are already 25 and are looking for ways to gain a couple of inches. The aforesaid methods are validated methods and come with negligible or no side-effects.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Question 1: How to Increase Height After 25 in 2 Weeks?

Answer 1: This is a very frequently asked question, but I feel one needs to be very practical in asking a question. When one could not increase the height in 25 years, then how is it possible to increase height in 2 weeks. One can use accessories and tools like high heels and thick insoles just to give the impression of looking taller, but else it is not possible to increase height in 2 weeks after 25 years. Not that one cannot grow after 25, but in 2 weeks, I doubt if anyone can vouch for the same.

Question 2: How to Increase Height After 25 for Female?

Answer 2: The following are the simple tips to increase the height in females after 25 or atleast make them appear taller:

  • Taking proper diet and nutrition
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Doing proper stretching and exercise
  • Practicing yoga
  • Proper sleep
  • Going for swimming or biking
  • Taking height increasing Ayurvedic products

Question 3: What is the age limit for growth in height?

Answer 3: Practically speaking, there is no age limit for growth in height. However, one grows very fast and maximum in his formative teen years. Once the growth plate in the bones closes the growth of height is stopped, and this happens generally at the age of 16-17. However, we have seen people growing even in their early 20s.

Question 4: Is it possible to increase height after 30?

Answer 4: Once you reach your late 20s or early 30s many times you feel “I wish I would be a few inches taller” assuming that it is not possible to grow after a certain age. However, contrary to this popular belief, one can grow even after 30 by regularly practicing yoga and exercises and including Ayurvedicsupplements to daily diet. Thus it is possible to increase height after 30.

Question 5: How Can I Grow 6 inches Taller?

Answer 5: The following are some of the tips that will make you grow taller:

  • Eat healthy nutritious food
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Improve your posture by practicing the right exercise and yoga
  • Eat a proper diet
  • Take smaller and frequent meals.