9 Effective Home Remedies For Scabies!

Did your child come home from school scratching his skin badly? Have you noticed red, pimple like blisters on his body? If you take a closer look and observe any tiny borrows in the skin, it could be Scabies! Scabies is often mistaken for insect bites or common allergic rashes. They are actually caused by a mite, which drills holes into the skin and starts infesting the area. It is one of the most irritating skin conditions, which can affect even adults, particularly the elderly. Get to know more about the main causes, symptoms of this disease, along with 9 proven home remedies for Scabies(Sarcoptic Mange)!

Remedies for Scabies

What Causes Scabies?

Scabies is caused by a mite called “Sarcoptes Scabiei, which makes burrows into the skin and starts living there. Due to the presence of a foreign organism, the skin starts it defense mechanism in the form of itching. The irregular blisters on the skin are a result of the movement of these mites, which lays eggs and sheds debris in there. The following factors can give you Scabies:

  • Poor Hygiene
  • Physical Contact with infected person
  • Sharing of personal items

Symptoms of Scabies:

Scabies resembles common skin rashes or mosquito bites. These symptoms, however can help you identify Scabies:

  • Severe itching
  • Red pimple like blisters on skin

Places where Scabies occurs:

  • Underarms
  • In between fingers
  • Wrists
  • Penis
  • Feet
  • Buttocks
  • Knees
  • Elbows
  • Folds Of Skin
  • Secondary infections resulted from excessive scratching

Prevention Of Scabies:

Scabies is a highly contagious disease that spreads easily among people. Taking these precautions can help in preventing the mites from entering your skin and eradicating them from your surroundings:

  • Stay away from infected people
  • Maintaining good hygiene
  • Cleaning of all clothes and linen using hot detergent water
  • Sealing all the items in a plastic bag to suffocate and kill any possible mites

If your child is infected with Scabies, don’t send him to school until it is completely cured to prevent re-infestation.

Best Home Remedies for Scabies:

Let’s find the top 9 home remedies for scabies.

1. Neem Oil:

neem oil

Neem Oil is a best home remedy for Scabies on skin, using natural sources. It is available at all general stores and market. Neem Oil contains natural chemicals that do not harm the skin but successfully kill the mites. It is irritable because of the smell, but surely benefits in 3-4 applications. Use neem oil thoroughly on the body after baths to cure scabies.


  • Take some neem oil and apply it on the affected areas
  • Massage well and repeat few times in a day

Tips and Precautions:

You can also use Neem soaps and creams instead of your regular toiletries to get rid of Scabies faster.

2. Onion Bath:

Onion Bath

Onion Bath is also effective home remedy and can be started at the very onset of the irritation. The sulfur present in onions can prove effective in eradicating the mites on the skin. Crush 3-4 onions or as much as required and boil with water. When the water is lukewarm, wash the affected area thoroughly with this water. You can also apply onion juice directly to the area where the infection is caused.

Tips and Precautions:

Along with the treatment mentioned above, you can also use raw onion juice directly on skin.

3. Tea Tree Oil:

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has a very thin consistency that penetrates the skin easily and causes harm to scabies causing insect form under the skin. It is an anti-microbial oil that works by killing the mites. The anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil helps in bringing down the rashes and bumps on skin. This is one of the best home remedies to kill scabies.

How To Do?

Apply tea tree oil directly to the skin with cotton pads or swabs.

Tips and Precautions:

Use gloves while application and avoid spreading the oil unnecessarily to prevent the infection from growing.

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4. Permetherin:

Home Remedies for Scabies

Permethrin is a common insect repellent of synthetic nature and is a highly recommended over-the-counter remedies for Scabies. It is one of the safest creams advised by the doctors for children, adults and even pregnant women. 5% Permethrin cream is recommended for infants and young children, while 10% is advised for adults. By killing the eggs and mites, Permethrin is an effective home remedy for Scabies that work.

How to Use?

To use, mix general petroleum jelly and Permethrin in equal quantities and apply on the infected skin. Use only on the infected area and wash within 10 hours.

Tips and Precautions:

As this is one of the home remedies for Scabies on babies and children, care must be take to ensure the child doesn’t lick or swallow this cream.

5. Cayenne:

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper is a less-known, yet best home remedy for Scabies. It is a Mexican herb used to cure various skin problems. A compound called Capsaicin numbs the areas and offers instant relief from itching. The potency of this agent can effectively kill the mites and eradicate Scabies.

How To Use?

To use, prepare a bath tub filled with warm water and mix cayenne in it. Keep the body immersed in this water till it cools down.

Tips and Precautions:

Make sure you prevent the contact of this water with eyes and mouth.

6. Zinc:


One of the best home remedies to cure Scabies is Zinc! Zinc prevents rashes and itching that is caused on onset of scabies and also helps prevent it from growing. To use, crush common zinc tablets, mix with equal amount of turmeric powder and add water to form a thick paste. Use this on infected areas.

Tips and Precautions:

Using a Zinc based ointment also helps in reducing secondary infections caused due to Scabies.

7. Copper Lotion:

Copper Lotion

Copper Hydroxide or Colloidal Copper can be obtained from any general chemist. Mix it with water, chalk and apple cider vinegar to make a lotion. Apply on infected area used cotton pad. The lotion should be applied from upper body and with downward strokes move to the lower body. This is one of the home remedies to get rid of Scabies fast.

Tips and Precautions:

This is a topical application and must never be used for internal treatments

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8. Antiseptic Lotions:

Antiseptic Lotions

There are various antiseptic lotions in the market that are used on common scratches and infections. Use these in your bathing water and the water used for cleaning the clothes. It prevents scabies from growing and re-infestation one healing process starts. Also dip bath towels and sheets after washing them to keep them clear of infection.

Tips and Precautions:

Be sure to dry your sheet under direct sunlight to kill any mites.

9. Borax Powder:

Borax Powder

Borax Powder is available at any chemist store and can be used to cure scabies. Mix borax powder in any unscented regular talcum and apply on infected areas once or twice in a day. This will prevent the scabies eggs from growing and hatching within the surface and makes it easy to get rid of.

Tips and Precautions:

This must be applied only on the infected areas, as it can be quite strong on your skin

These 9 home remedies for Scabies have been tried and tested to control Scabies. However, many of the natural solutions prescribed in the article may not completely kill the Scabies mites and its eggs. They can however give you relief from terrible itching and burning sensation. Prevention is definitely better than Cure in the case of Scabies!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Scabies life threatening?

Scabies is a common infestation of mites on skin, which can occur on almost anyone. There are no potential dangers to life with this problem. However, scabies in advanced stages can be quite a problematic phase, where millions of eggs and mites might make your skin their home. In this condition it becomes difficult to treat the problem and the itching that follows is indescribable.

2. What is the size of a Scabies mite?

Scabies mites are microscopic creatures, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. They are not even half a millimeter in size and hence can be seen only by a microscope. By using the list of symptoms and through examination of the affected area can be determine Scabies.

3. A lot of people use bleaching powder on skin to kill scabies? Is it safe?

Bleaching powder is an extremely powerful material that has corrosive properties. It works by eating away the upper layer of the skin, in which the mite burrows also get destroyed. However, it can damage healthy skin as well and leave permanent damage. Using bleach is therefore not recommended.