Rabies Symptoms And Causes

A viral condition at its best, rabies is a deadly disease caused especially by a number of viruses attacking the central nervous system of the body. This is mainly an inflammation disease that causes encephalitis or swelling up of the brain. Rabies is not produced or received by the immune system on their own but is passed onto a human being by an affected animal. This is basically an animal oriented disease where the virus first affects the dog and then through direct contact attacks the human beings.

Once it has been entered into the human system it breaks down the immune system and attacks the central nervous system to get a fast direct effect. The rabid animal can even pass his infection from one animal to another by bite. Even though this is strictly a contact disease, there have been unusual cases when human got affected by rabies just by inhaling the air in a rabid bat cave. Another serious case pulled in showed rabies being transited from organ donation with as much as six cases reported of the receiver contracting rabies due to infected donor. Thus the rabies virus chooses three pathways- the contact, aerosol and through donation.

This condition is usually very deadly if not taken care right away. This however has a brief incubation period, that is, the time it takes for the virus to show its effect. The virus on entering the body starts working on the nerves slowly and it is only when it has usurped the spinal and brain cells does it show the symptoms. There is usually a ten day gap. But once it lodges itself in the system, the human becomes beyond curable since this is a strong disease fighting a week immune system.

Causes and Symptoms of Rabies

There are usually two forms of rabies effects- the furious form and the dumb form. The furious form has quicker effects that are aggressive and haphazard in kind as the name suggests. This causes different behavioral changes in the animal such as an aggressive animal may become friendly, or a bat might come out during the day. This slowly messes with the animal’s brain tissues making him abnormal. The dumb kind makes a late entry but ends up in paralyzing the animal to the max.

This virus is deadly on the human beings too as it starts with the process of fever and chills which quickly escalade to infection, paralysis and death. The virus responsible for it has been recognized as Neurotrophic Lyssavirus.

Rabies Symptoms And Causes:

This article explain the main causes and symptoms of malaria which are very helpful to diagnose rabies before attacking and take some precautions without getting that.

Causes Of Rabies:

There are several causes for rabies threat. The various causes responsible for contracting rabies can be described below:

1. Infected Pets:

Rabies is usually a dog transmitted disease when it comes to human contact, since the dogs are recognized as one of the most common canine pets to be accepted by humans. The dogs, your own pet needs to have his fair share of shots and vaccinations by a reputed vet as soon as you welcome them to your family. Chances might be that the mother of the puppy you just owned may have had rabies through which your little pup has gotten it. If not that often at times a rabid dog would get into a duel with your house pet and bite him. This way he can contract rabies too. This is why make sure your pets are of proper pedigree with a wholesome of vaccinations.

2. Human Contraction:

It is not always the dogs who pass on rabies to us but as a rabid human you yourself may be a threat too. Living underneath the same roof with a rabid owner might get your dog rabies too. This may be a two way communication too.

3. Bite Prevention:

You can prevent yourself from being bitten and can help yourself by steering clear from rabid animal bites, but do you know if you rabid pet dog licks your face or mouth or touches your food and then you consume it, you will get affected by rabies too.

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4. Open Wound Contact:

Rabid saliva from an infected being if by chance falls upon any open gashing wound not yet healed then contracting rabies is a strong possibility. Therefore it is always advisable to keep the wound covered when you are dealing with unknown animals with strange behaviors. You never know when the virus reaches deep within you. There are then the few symptoms after or during your incubation period which might alert you of the coming condition.

5. Wild Animals:

According to many studies, it has been see that wild animals are one of the main cause behind the transmission of rabies. Wild animals such as beavers, foxes, etc can transmit rabies easily. A close contact with these type of animals can boost the chances of you getting attacked by the rabies virus.

6. Organ Transplant:

There are some cases where the virus may be transmitted due to organ transplant. Suppose a person has an infected group of organs and after his or her expiry he or she donates that organ for a good cause. The virus of rabies cannot be detected at that stage and thus the receiver of that organ is infected with rabies.

7. Weak Central Nervous System:

Do you know the first place the rabies virus attack in the body? It is the central nervous system. One can easily get infected with the rabies virus if he has a weak central nervous system. The virus will then be able to have a profound impact on the organ. This is one of the many causes of rabies virus.

8. Improper Response:

Due to improper measure, the rabies virus may spread widely throughout the body. One will suffer from the symptoms of rabies for a long time if he or she is unable to take proper steps to stop the spread of this virus. In this way the virus can have severe impact on the body and make it weak from the core.

9. Human Bites:

Human bites is one of the prime tools of transmission of this disease. If you’re bitten by another person, then there is a good amount of possibility that you will be suffering from the symptoms of rabies. It is really harmful for you and can damage your immune system as well.

10. Human Scratches:

Human scratches can be really harmful. Not only animal scratches but human scratches may also prove to be harmful for you. One can fall sick with the different symptoms of rabies if they are scratched by another human.

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Symptoms Of Rabies:

There are innumerable symptoms of rabies. Some of the signs and symptoms that can be experienced by all rabies patients before successfully falling victim to the disease have been noted down. For your convenience, the best ones are, however, discussed below. The top 13 signs and symptoms of rabies are as follows.

1. Hydrophobia:

The first and the most famous condition experienced during rabid effects is the irrational fear of water. The water on drinking for a rabid patient triggers cells in the throat which then constricts and starts spasming at an alarming rate. This might be the reason why this condition worsens over time making water an enemy to the patient.

2. Overproduction Of Saliva:

Another condition of rabies includes the salivary glands which are at this time producing an excess of saliva which is thick and heavy in consistency. This point gets so bad that the person might start drooling by losing control over the salivary glands. This also accompanies an over production of tears from the tear gland.

3. Photophobia:

This term defines an abnormal unusual sensitivity to light which is not even bright or reflecting. This is a common condition for rabid patients the reason why they segregate themselves from the lot and succumbs to a corner of the room.

4. Swallowing Problems:

One will face problems swallowing stuffs. This includes swallowing solid foods and liquid materials as well. There is a feeling of inflammation in the throat as well and this is one of the prime symptoms of rabies.

5. Agitation:

This is basically a state of nervous excitement which makes the a person emotionally unstable. This means that one will easily get excited and will take random decisions about things.

6. Muscle Weakness:

Weak muscles is one of the most sighted symptoms of rabies. Among all the rabies symptoms this one happens in most persons. The muscles and the inner tissues grow weak when the body is infected with the particular virus.

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7. Hallucinations:

Hallucinations are not mere delusions. They have profound impact on the brain in a bad way and can damage the thinking ability of an individual. One will find it difficult to determine what is real and what is not as that person is often seeing things that do not exist in reality.

8. Delusion:

Being affected mentally and physically and by segregating yourself from social life, a person often develops a strong case of hallucinations. She is not her usual self then. She is delusional and thereby stays to her own devices trying to make sense to her hallucinations. The cause of proper insomnia does not help either making the delusions all the more realistic.

9. Insomnia:

There are more than one type of rabies and there are many symptoms of these rabies as well. Among the numerous rabies symptoms, the most disturbing one is the insomnia which means loosing sleep. One will loose sleep and this will even continue for quite sometime if he or she is infected with rabies.

10. Anxiety:

If you want to know about the rabies symptoms, then you definitely cannot miss out on this particular one. This particular rabies symptom makes one anxious at times and is really sickening. One will get easily irritated when this symptom starts to appear. Unconditional anxiety can be claimed as one of the most happening symptoms of rabies.