The Wonderful Benefits Of Lemon Diet For Quick Weight Loss

‘Drop pounds in ten days’- yes, it’s possible. You may find it fake and baseless but you can achieve it by following lemon diet. It is creating a lot of buzz in the market because of the fast results and obviously when famous stars and celebrities including Beyonce follow it, it ought to get famous.

Lemon Diet For Weight Loss

Lemon diet is basically a master body cleansing diet. It is a ‘liquid only’ diet that detoxifies the digestive system by draining out all the toxins and impurities out of the system.  It boosts glow on face and increases body vitality. Lemon is said to have significant and staggering effect on weight loss. Lemon has various essential nutrients and properties associated with it.

Does the Lemon Diet Work?

  • Lemon diet has become quite popular recently, because of the quick results it shows. Those who followed the diet claim to have lost almost 2.6 pounds lesser than their gym partners
  • Lemon diet can make you feel full and result in cutting down the solid food
  • The citrus acid in lemon can cut down calories and help you lose weight

Lemonade Diet:

Preparation Beforehand:

Before starting this diet one should eat various nutrients in huge amounts. Like there should be a good intake of vitamins, protein, fibre and carbohydrate in your diet. Fresh vegetable, salad should be eaten.

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You will need:

  • Warm Water
  • Lemonade
  • Herbal laxative tea

How to Do:

  • Start our day with Warm water with a few drops of lime
  • Drink about 6 glasses of Lemonade per day
  • You can drink water in sufficient quantities between the lemonades
  • Adding honey and mint can enhance the taste of lemonade

This routine can be followed for 3 days.

After The Diet is Complete:

This is an important phase. Getting back on solid food makes you feel like having everything you craved for so long. Go slowly in this phase. Start with juice and vegetable soup, lots of raw fruits and veggies. Very little amount of meat should be consumed. For 2-3 days no dairy products should be consumed.

Lemon Juice Diet Recipe For Weight Loss:

You will need:

  • Lemon – 2
  • Water – ½ litre
  • Honey – 1 tbsp
  • Jeera Powder – Optional


  • Start by squeezing the juice of lemons and mix it with water
  • Add Honey and cumin powder for taste

Lemon Water Diet For Cleansing and Weight Loss:

Lemon water is a great cleanser and can aid in quick weight loss.

  • It is a detox water that can flush the toxins out of the body
  • Lemon water boosts metabolism and aid in better digestion
  • The Vit C in lemon lowers heart diseases and promotes healthy skin
  • Lemon Water diet can cleanse your liver and stimulates its functions

How to Prepare:

  • Simply add a few drops of lemon juice to warm water
  • An infuser bottle also works great for lemon water diet

Lemon Diet For Colon Cleanse:

Colon absorbs water from the food and flushed out the bowels. With more water getting absorbed, the bowel gets hardened, leading to constipation.

  • Lemon diet can flush the colon and get the waste material out
  • It offers the required water content for smooth bowel movement
  • By cutting on solid food, your digestive system gets a much needed break and help the colon get back on track

Challenges Associated With The Diet:

1) A person following this diet cannot consume any solid food. So it might prove very difficult for people who cannot give up on solid food.

2) A person cannot consume alcohol during the proceedings of the diet. Alcohol reduces and combats the positive effects of the diet and drinking alcohol may result in side effects.

3) No tea, No coffee or other beverages. Tea and coffee lovers this diet is a strict no for you.

4) Level of effort associated with this diet is very high as the person is cutting down on solid and other nutrients. A person with a weak body or mechanism, less will power cannot succeed in doing this diet.

5) Tiredness, boredom, headaches and craving for food is general.

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Some Do’s And Dont’s:


1) Meditate. As a person is accompanied by headaches and irritability practising meditation everyday may able to calm the body and mind.

2) Prepare yourself mentally before starting the diet. Leaving the diet in between may result in bad effects.


1) It should not be done by diabetic patients.
2) Exercise is not required.
3) Cardio vascular effects are associated with the diet like stressing the heart.


As it is a liquid diet the result in spontaneous and quick but not lasting. One is expected to reduce the water fat of the body and not the actual fat. Losing actual fat requires regular gyming. This diet stalls your metabolism, making you gain more once you are out of the diet on normal food.

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Health Risks Associated:

Though lemon diet doesn’t have any health risks associated but following a liquid diet for a week or 10 days may impose some weakness and dullness on you. For a healthy person following this diet is no big deal as they are not going to harm their body. But regular going off and on this diet may result in nutrients deficiencies, weak immune system, kidney and heart problems. Side effects include pain, irritability, nausea, vomiting, fatigue etc. if you suffer from some medical conditions please consult and visit a medical practitioner before following this diet.

Lemon diet is to be followed only for the recommended number of days. Do remember that lemon diet alone cannot promote quick weight loss. Self-discipline, physical activity and above all, confidence that you can achieve your goals are the main factors to drive your program successfully.

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