Top 20 Health Benefits Of Yogurt

Yogurt is a super food due to its content of power boosting elements and various natural elements. It is used in a number of natural remedies and is also useful in removing cold. The fat content is yogurt is very low and does not have any harmful effect on the body. The benefits of yogurt cannot be neglected when it comes to health.

benefits of yogurt

Yogurt Benefits And Uses:

Rich in calcium yogurt is great tasting and good for the bones and teeth. The probiotic variety has good bacteria which will fight stomach infections. The following are so far the best health benefits of yogurt:

1. Yogurt Is Good For Getting Flat Abdominal Muscles:

Want flat abs? Increase your intake of yogurt. It has been proved that yogurt is beneficial for losing weight and making you healthy from the core. So this time if you’re on a diet, don’t forget to have yogurt. It can reduce maintain the balance of calories in the body and effectively promotes lean muscle mass. The calcium content I yogurt can help you reduce your waist size so that you can wear those pairs skinny jeans, which you used to neglect due to a fat waist. The cultured milk yogurt is made from stops the stomach from bloating and increases metabolism. The probiotic also helps with digestion and keeps the abs flat.

2. Good For You Bacteria:

The yogurt available in the retail stores are often packed with a good proportion of bacteria which is beneficial for your body. This food has certain bugs and microorganisms which can boost your immunity levels and make you fit and functional from inside. The goodness of yogurt cannot be neglected. This food is also used in the natural process for fighting bacteria and other harmful diseases. This is known as probiotics and is great for fighting the bad bacteria which cause stomach infection.

3. Vitamin Content:

The vitamin content in yogurt promotes better health and digestive system. The rich natural valuable elements such as potassium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc and other vitamins such as Vitamin B 5 which is also known as pantothenic acid are good for proper growth and immunity system. Yogurt maintains red blood cells as it contains elements which are basically found in a number of animal fleshes. It is full of calcium for bones, proteins and B vitamins which are essential for overall health, metabolism and depression.

4. Proper Recovery:

Had a hectic workout? Have some yogurt and let your body recover faster and efficiently. Yes, it has been proved that consumption of yogurt can help you recover from long and exhausting workouts. Yogurt contains carbohydrates which helps your muscles to recover from the stress they have experienced. Drinking a glass of water with yogurt is even better for a proper recovery. The proteins and carbs in Greek yogurt is twice as much as that in normal yogurt and is more effective in muscle growth and recovery after exercise.

5. Prevents High Blood Pressure:

People with high blood pressure can effectively reduce their blood-sugar levels by consuming yogurt on a daily basis. Proper intake of yogurt can also reduce hypertension and even fight kidney diseases. If you eat yogurt daily, you can also prevent yourself from a number of heart diseases. Recent studies suggest that yogurt contains fatty acids and good bacteria which may actually help to lower blood pressure. The lower fat variety also prevents it from sticking to blood vessels.

6. Say Goodbye To Cold:

Have you caught a cold? Try having some yogurt. Proper intake of yogurt can relieve you from serious cold. You won’t have to suffer from the sniffle irritations anymore. Yogurt also reduces allergies and boosts the cell power effectively. People consuming seven ounces of yogurt per day will be granted with better disease-fighting elements. Again the probiotic in yogurt boosts the immune system, and has anti-inflammatory properties so fights colds.

7. Rich In Protein:

Physique-lovers often have a lot of yogurt throughout the day for providing their body with good amounts of protein. A green yogurt is a good form of yogurt which comes with very low amounts of fat along with good proportions of muscle-building protein. If you want to consume yogurt based on protein consumption, you should purchase those packs which have more than 10grams of protein per serving. Important for muscle growth and recovery, greek yogurt has twice the amount of protein than normal yogurt.

8. Good For Stomach:

Yogurt is very good for the stomach and is also effective for treating stomach upsets. Yogurt has a number of vital nutrients which can solve almost all kinds of stomach aches and digestion problems. The probiotic in yogurt is essential to fight stomach bugs and the bad bacteria which cause them. Also aids in digestion, fights bloating and helps increase metabolism

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9. Prevent Osteoporosis:

Yogurt is often considered as the prime element of the procedure for treating osteoporosis. The food is rich in calcium and other vitamins which enhance the bone density. The calcium content enhance the bone mass for people of all ages. The vitamin D along with the calcium are the most vital micronutrients in this case.

Health Benefits of Yogurt

10. Free From Lactose:

It has been proved that yogurt contains very low amounts of lactose. Lactose if basically found in milk from which yogurt is made. While making yogurt, a number of lactic acid bacteria are added to it which makes it considerably lactose-free. One serving of this food contains far less lactose compared to other dairy products.

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11. Probiotics:

Yogurt contains some live bacteria or probiotics which are actually good for our health. These bacterias improve the resistance power of the body and that is the main reason why yogurt helps us to fight a number of diseases. The probiotics have a positive effect on our health and improve our immunity system as well. Not all but most yogurts will contain probiotics. It’s important to ensure the label says “live and active cultures” so you know that probiotics have been added to the yogurt.

12. Diarrhea:

These diseases happen due to the imbalance in the gut because of any kind of infection and pathogenic strains of bacteria. Yogurt has been treating diarrhea for many years now and has effectively reduced the chances of occurrence of this diseases in the future. The best yogurt to have to treat diarrhea is greek yogurt as it contains natural probiotics and has anti-inflammatory properties thus cooling the stomach and aiding proper digestion and flushing out the toxins

13. Bowel Syndrome:

IBS is a bad condition for the bowel which comes with abdominal pain, constipation, excessive gas formation, etc. Yogurt can effectively treat this disease and can stop the formation of gas and reduce constipation as well. Yogurt has a massive role in treating intestinal diseases as well. Lactobacillus and bifidobacteria are two strains of probiotics which helped with the inflammation and digestion problems caused by IBS

14. Better Immune System:

Yogurt will grant you with a better immunity and can make the body healthy fro the inside. It grants you with a better bowel movement and reduces the chances of constipation. Yogurt can effectively solve almost all kinds of stomach upsets and reduce all kinds of digestion problems. The probiotics and Vitamin D in yogurt play an important role in boosting the body’s immune system.

15. Fights Vaginal Infection:

Candida Vaginal Infection is a common issue for women suffering from diabetes. Sweetened yogurt can effectively this yeast or infection. Women with diabetes also have a problem with their blood sugar levels. Yogurt can control the blood sugar level and keep it stable. Proper intake of yogurt can solve a number of serious problems. The Lactobacillus acidophilus is a good bacteria found in yogurt which is similar to that in healthy vaginas, this produces hydrogen peroxide which attacks the yeast. Ph levels are also restored and irritation is relieved.

16. Face Mask:

Lactic acid is present in yogurt and many beauty treatment use this ingredient in their expensive chemical peels. The lactic acid in yogurt helps with blemishes as it exfoliates the top layer of skin and cleans it. It also has anti-wrinkle properties. Yogurt is popular in DIY homemade face masks.

17. Good For Pearly Whites:

The lactic acid in yogurt actually prevents tooth decay and helps protect the gum from disease. Although yogurt tend to have a lot of sugar, it doesn’t affect the tooth enamel or cause cavities.

18. Reduces The Risk Of Colorectal Cancer:

The probiotics in yogurt helps the digestive system and the good bacteria destroys the bad bacteria. S a result of this, some studies suggest that yogurt protects against colorectal cancer.

19. Hair:

Yogurt has antifungal properties which is used for flakey scalp and dandruff, it is also an amazing conditioner and can enhance shine to dull hair. Yogurt also prevents hair fall.

20. Mood Regulator:

It appears there is a link between the health of our stomach and our emotional ups and downs. In tests conducted, it showed that people who ate yogurt regularly had less anxiety and had more control over their emotions when exposed to emotional situations. It is believed this is again due to the effects of the probiotics in yogurt.

Yogurt not just a tasty snack, is packed full of the vitamins and minerals essential for the body to function well and most importantly the probiotic and good bacteria. Do remember to look for the yogurts with the probiotic added to reap the full benefits.