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Tips To Help You Lose Upper Belly Fat Quickly

Upper Stomach fat is the most prominent area that can bulk to the body. It looks unsightly and causes health problems that can range from heart disease and breast cancer to even dementia. This article lists the ways you can get rid of this upper stomach fat.

how to reduce upper stomach fat

What Causes Upper Belly Fat?

While there are many reasons for the formation of upper belly fat, these simple mistakes we make should be avoided to prevent the bulk:

  • Eating Unhealthy, oily food results in extra fat getting stored in the Upper belly.
  • Lack of exercise and activity can lead to uneven storage of fat
  • Stress is another major factor for the storage of fat
  • Additional health problems like heart diseases, Thyroid and hormonal imbalance can lead to upper belly fat
  • Excessive medication without proper lifestyle

Healthy Eating Habits and Diet Tips to Reduce Upper Stomach Fat:

These steps clearly explain how to get rid of upper belly fat, by making very simple changes in our everyday lifestyle:

Step 1:

You must include a diet that is rich in calcium or rich in non-fat dairy products. This will help to reduce the weight gain in the upper stomach place. You should slice off your meat into smaller strips and cut the bread into smaller halves. Along with this, eating multiple or 3 to 4 meals a day that are light is better than eating 2 heavy meals in a day. This keeps your metabolism fully charged and will moderate the blood sugar level to normal.

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Step 2:

You should try to reduce the amount of calories by 250 to lose ½ pound every week. For every one pound of fat in your stomach, you must burn 500 calories every day for a month. You can do this by staying away from junk foods and from foods that are high in trans fat. Opt for whole grains and high fibre foods which take the body longer to digest. These foods will keep you full for a longer time and fix your metabolism in no time.

Step 3:

You should reduce the sugar in your diet as that accumulates in the belly region. Opt for water or herbal tea, and low-fat diets. A low-fat one is best that has fruits and vegetables and high fibre cereals that will burn the fat fast. Fibre-rich foods are known to be rich in vitamins and minerals and they keep you full for longer. Junk and fried foods, processed foods and nuts add to fat storage in the tummy so stay away from them.

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Step 4:

Try to fill up your stomach before a meal with soup or water. This water will fill you up and make you feel less hungry. This way, you will not overeat. Also, you can take in some water during meals or in between them.

Exercises to Reduce Upper Stomach Fat:

Step 1:

It would help if you tried to do 200 to 300 mins of aerobic exercise every week. This will help to lose stomach fat in the upper region. This can be done by riding a bike, going for a swim or jogging for an hour for about 5 times a week in order to burn 25000 calories. This is 2/3 of a normal pound of fat.

Step 2:

You should try to work more in your daily life to burn more calories. This will lose the fat from the stomach, especially the upper area. You should take the stairs and not the elevator and park your car farther away from the gate so you have to walk a stretch.

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Step 3:

It would be best if you toned your stomach muscles and your core area to have a flatter stomach. You can do this by doing sit-ups 2 to 3 times a week with bent knees and with your hands at the back of your head. Your body should lift off the floor till it comes to a 45 deg angle and the lower the body back onto the ground. You should repeat this from 15 to 20 sets.

You should supplement this lifestyle with proper sleep that must not be less than 8 hours a day. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.

Top Exercises To Burn Upper Belly Fat For Men and Women:

Exercise is a crucial part of Fat reduction in the Upper Belly. The right exercise regime can help to burn excess fat and give you a flat abdomen you always dreamt of:

  • Reverse Crunches
  • Double Crunches
  • Standing Side Bend
  • Twist Crunches
  • Lunge Twist
  • Rolling Plank
  • Bicycle Exercise
  • Vertical Leg Crunch
  • Stomach Vacuum
  • Captain’s Chair.

These exercises to lose upper-fat belly can be performed by both men and women at home.

Effective Tips To Reduce Upper Fat Belly:

To know how to lose upper stomach fat, follow these simple, yet effective tips:

  • Cut down on calories. Say NO to Junk food, Oily snacks and Desserts.
  • Ensure you follow a regular exercise routine to keep your fat at bay
  • Quitting smoking and alcohol can speed up the fat reduction process
  • Meditation can help you manage stress and make you shed those extra inches
  • Sleeping well for a minimum of 6-8 hours a day can boost your metabolism and help you lose fat
  • Include plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts in your diet
  • Stick to lean meat and drink plenty of water throughout the day

Upper Belly Fat can be really frustrating. But, worrying about it, without taking any action only aggravates the situation. Its time to focus on your health and get back to a healthy routine. You will recognize the worth of all the time and effort when you get easily fit into your favourite pair of denim again!

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