Top 9 Protein Shakes For Weight Gain

To gain weight, you need to gain muscle mass in a much healthier way as compared to consumption of calories in form of saturated fats and carbohydrates. Depending on proteins to gain weight is much better as there are lesser chances of associated disorders like Diabetes and heart ailments. For instance, if two individuals are taking 1000 Calories each per day but one is consuming more proteins, as compared to the other. The person having more of proteins and lesser carbs and fats would show a healthier pattern of weight gain with increase in muscle mass and lesser proportion of fat storage in body. So, when you are on a weight gain diet, you need to make sure that at-least 15 To 25 % of your diet comprises of proteins.

If you want to increase your intake of proteins in a fun and tasty way, you should try adding protein shakes to your diet. Remember, you need to use these protein shakes as dietary supplements and not replacements as these are filling and you might not feel like eating anything after taking these, So, do not compromise on your diet, per se and instead take these as a mid morning snack or instead of evening tea.

Best Protein Shakes For Weight Gain:

Here are a few types of easy to prepare protein shakes that you can make on your own as compared to the purely-commercially available ones that are notorious for having a lot of side effects.

1. Coffee- Vanilla Shake:

protein shakes for weight gain

You can prepare this by adding two scoops of vanilla flavoured protein powder to nearly one and a half cups of milk and then add coffee flavoured ice-cream or coffee powder for flavour.

2. Orange And Protein Combo Shake:

Protein shakes for weight gain2

Squeeze out the juice from 3 to 4 fresh oranges and add one scoop of unflavoured protein to the juice. You may or may not want to add sugar as per your taste.You also get an additional boost of vitamin C with this recipe.

3. Oatmeal Shake:

Protein shakes for weight gain3

Add 1 cup of dry oatmeal powder to some finely chopped almonds. Add low fat milk, two scoops of protein powder and half a table spoon of cinnamon powder for rich flavour.

4. Banana Protein Shake:

Protein shakes for weight gain4

Take one glass of low fat, skimmed milk. Add one scoop of whey protein powder to it. Also take a Banana and blend everything well in a mixer. You Banana- protein smoothie is ready.

5. Strawberry Protein Smoothie:

Protein shakes for weight gain5

Add 4 to 5 freshly chopped Strawberries to one glass of low fat milk. Then add two scoops of Whey protein powder. Blend well and that’s it.

6. Egg And Choco Protein Fiesta:

Protein shakes for weight gain6

To one cup of skimmed milk, add egg white from one egg. Then, add one tablespoon of peanut butter along with two scoops of chocolate protein.

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7. Egg Delight Shake:

Protein shakes for weight gain7

Crack pen 3 eggs. To this add, 2 to 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream along with a cup of milk. Lastly add 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder. Blend well in a mixer and your healthy protein egg delight is ready.

8. Mango Smoothie:

Protein shakes for weight gain8

Add chunks of ripe mango in low fat Yogurt. Add a table spoon maple syrup/ honey  and a dash of vanilla essence. You can also add half a tea spoon of lemon juice as a freshener. Blend everything together for a fresh & tasty smoothie.

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9. Papaya Protein Smoothie:

Protein shakes for weight gain9

1 ½ cups papaya to ½ cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt. Add some ginger paste and a scoop of protein powder. Blend well. Add some honey for sweetness

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