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Prostate Cancer Symptoms And Causes

Prostate cancer is a cancer that attacks and affects men. The prostate is a small walnut sized organ that is located in the man’s reproductive system, exclusively in the urethra and deals with the exclusion of urine from the body. The prostate plays a key role in the functioning of both a man’s reproductive system and his waste system. Though it is common knowledge that prostate cancer normally affects people who are above 60 years of age it is not rare that a young spritely man in his twenties does not get this cancer. There are several causes of alcohol which all lead o the death of the man suffering with prostate cancer. It is a slow build up over the years. Studies have shown that even though it has been found in younger men it is quite rare in men below the age of 40.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is almost certain death because at this point the body is being affected by age. Above the age of 60 a man starts to reduce fighting off bacteria as white blood cells reduce. Old age is wrought with many diseases with prostate cancer being one of the more serious ones.

Prostate Cancer Symptoms And Causes:

This article tells you about what are the main causes and symptoms of prostate cancer which will help you to know what is your state when you are attacked by this cancer.

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Causes Of Prostate Cancer:

Given below are a few causes of prostate cancer which help further elucidate the effects of this disease:-

1. Old Age:

Old age has many effects o our body. Our bones grow weak, our strength starts to wane, we no longer feel like we could run that extra mile. Along with physical restrictions old age also brings with it problems like heart problems and breathing problems. Old age also brings the problem of prostate, prostate normally occurs in people of the older age because it deals in the malfunctioning of the urinary gland. If you are having trouble urinating get yourself checked for two things, one is a kidney stone and one is prostate cancer.

2. Alcohol:

Recreational alcohol does not cause this problem. Excessive alcohol consumption over the years has a strong hand to play in prostate cancer. This is because alcohol is exiting your body via your urinary tract therefore in your old age if you consume too much alcohol you run the risk of upsetting your prostate which may cause gas in the area followed by sores which is then followed by prostate cancer.

3. Obese Men:

Obese men also run the risk of having prostate cancer as excess fat in the body is already affecting and causing a strain on the body’s organs. And in your old age when your body is not able to function like it used to obesity can cause something as fatal as prostate cancer so stay healthy at all times to stay safe.

4. Prostate Gland Issues:

If a man is suffering from prostate gland issues already, then it is pretty obvious that he may develop the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer as well. This is one of the most natural causes which can be easily guessed. Generally during prostate cancer, a tumor starts to develop i the prostate gland and this is one of the reasons behind the spread of severe prostate cancer. One should detect and get rid of it in the fist place only as if it spreads then it can make a man really sick.

5. Race:

Race is another one of the main and most possible causes of prostate cancer. If you come from an African-American background then you have a high chance of developing the problems of prostate cancer better than anyone. This is one of the most sighted issues in men and generally in men belonging from such clans. Out of 10, almost 8 men are diagnosed with prostate gland issues. Generally these people have a bad physical upbringing and get addicted to foul medications pretty easily (exceptions are possible), which is why they get addicted to alcohol and develop the different signs of prostate cancer. Among all men, the lowest number men with prostate gland issues belong from Asian and Latin American background.

6. Diet:

One should eat keeping his age in mind. There are a few things which you will have to avoid when you grow up. This is one of the prime risk factors of prostate cancer. A lot of men don’t follow a healthy diet. This is one of the reasons of prostate cancer. A person suffering from prostate cancer will be facing some severe issues such as a person is not supposed to eat a super heavy diet as he grows up If he maintains a rich diet, then he might be facing some sever gastric issues as well. This symptom is especially for men who eat a lot of animal fat and other rich meat items.

7. Location:

A lot of people are not aware of this, but this is actually one of the main causes behind the prostate cancer. A person suffering from prostate cancer should blame this reason at the first place, since residing in an unhygienic environment can make him sick easily and can also lead to urine infection which can further trigger prostate cancer. There are more than one type of prostate cancer but somehow all of them are related to this symptom. People residing Asian are the living example of this cause of prostate cancer. Asian people suffer from the symptoms of prostate cancer the most due to this particular reason.

8. Bad Lifestyle:

Lifestyle or the way you spend your each and every day of your life can be a reasons which might trigger the prostate cancer. Among all the prostate cancer causes, this is the most possible ones. A person living a bad lifestyle will be suffering from some serious health issues which may also include prostate gland problems and other issues such as urine infection, and even stomach discomforts.
During prostate cancer, doctors recommend that person to take some good amount of rest to give the lower abdominal portion and the gland involved in urination to be in a rest phase as well. This will assist in curing the person much easily and effectively.

9. High Levels Of Calcium:

If a person is consuming good amounts of calcium, then he might be going through the phase of prostate cancer. People don’t really know about this but it is one of the most potential prostate cancer causes. Calcium can easily trigger the occurrence of prostate cancer and this is one of those basic reasons why a person will face some serious prostate gland issues and later on have to be hospitalized for his prostate gland condition. Among all the emerging issues, prostate gland problems are the most sighted ones.

10. Consuming Low Amounts Of Water:

If a person consumes low amount of water, then he will be suffering from prostate gland problems. Consuming low amounts of water can be one of the prime issues of dealing with prostate gland issues. These discomforts don’t go away generally and it can take a bad turn for which the individual might have to be admitted in an hospital.

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Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer:

Before prostate cancer takes full control of your prostate there are a few symptoms that may give you the support and information necessary to give yourself more time than what is predicted and in some cases heal yourself completely, some of these symptoms are:-

1. Delayed Urinary Stream:

Suppose you need to urinate but when your in the toilet it takes time for the urine to start, this is the first sign of prostate cancer. At this point the cancer forming on the prostate is reducing function thus causing a delay in urination. This is the early stage so it is treatable though not completely this will give you a fair fighting chance before the disease takes over your body completely.

2. Dribbling Or Leakage Of Urine:

This occurs mostly after urination is complete. As light amount of urine keeps coming out for a while after urination is complete. This shows there is an irregularity in the flow of urine through your prostate indicating a possible cancer. Treatment is necessary at this point or you might lose the ability to urinate altogether.

3. Burning Sensation:

There may be three explanations as to why your urinary tract burns when you urinate, firstly it is possible you are suffering with an infection, secondly you may have a kidney stone and thirdly you may be suffering with prostate cancer. The burning may be due to the build up of urine in the prostate because of the irregular flow. Irregular flow causes infection which may evolve into cancer.

4. Lower Back Stiffness:

Stiffness in the lower back is also another symptoms of prostate cancer. There are a number of cases, when a person suffering from prostate cancer can get an early checkup and also put an end to such pain and aches as well. This is one of the prime reasons behind the occurrence of prostate cancer as well.

5. Semen In The Urine:

Semen in the urine shows that there is a sever irregularity in the functioning of your reproductive system, which is your prostate in particular. Though the prostate is small it has a very important role to play in your reproductive system and when this is tampered with then it is a possibility that the system shall be corrupted. Semen in small amounts in your urine will show you that you might be suffering with prostate and need doctors help immediately.

6. Slow Urinary Stream:

Slow urinary stream shows that there is a strain on your urinary tract. There is blockage that is stopping the urine from flowing properly. This blockage could be a cancer on your prostate. Cancer on your prostate slows down the functioning of you kidneys and reproductive system therefore it is extremely likely that at some point you will find it difficult to urinate freely.

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7. Pain In The Upper Thighs:

Sever upper thigh pain is also another prostate cancer issue. A person will face some serious difficult in the upper thighs during prostate cancer. This is pretty natural and sometimes this is associated with fatigue.

8. Urge To Urinate At Night Time:

A person will be facing an urge to urinate during night time if they are suffering from urine prostate cancer. A lot of men experience this and this can be said to be one of the most potential prostate cancer symptoms.

9. Blood In The Urine:

Sometimes prostate cancer can cause sores on the urinary tract these sores can bleed at times therefore it is quite normal for a prostate cancer patient to be wary of the fact at some point blood will be coming out with his urine. If this occurs a doctor is required immediately before there is further harm to your prostate. Blood in your urine is a serious ordeal but yet again there are two explanations. It could be a kidney stone which also makes you urinate blood. But at an old age prostate is more likely therefore it is always good to be wary.

10. Difficulty In Erection:

If you’re suffering from prostate cancer, then one might be facing some serious difficulty in erection as well. A burning or painful sensation during urination is one of the prime symptoms of urination. Painful ejaculation is one of the most seen prostate cancer symptoms. This is one of those signs and symptoms through which one can detect if they are suffering from prostate cancer or not.

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