Uttarabodhi Mudra – How To Do Steps And Benefits

Uttarabodhi Mudra Importance :

Uttarabodhi mudra also called as mudra of enlightenment. There are a number of relevant and life changing yoga or mudra poses. We need to thank our ancestors as they have helped us greatly in doing all this. This mudra poses have numerous health and mental benefits. So, today we will be discussing detail explanation about the Uttarabodhi mudra.

Uttarabodhi mudra

Uttarabodhi mudra is mostly known as the mudra for enlightenment. Another word of Uttarabodhi mudra is happiness and energy. So, this mudra targets on the same. This mudra is very much similar with the abhay gyan mudra. You might be wondering what abhay gyan mudra does? Well, abhay gyan mudra creates a sense of superiority in yourself. It brings out a sense of positive energy and thus enlightens your soul.

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Uttarabodhi Mudra Meaning, Steps And Benefits :

In this article you can find detailed explanation of about famous uttarabodhi hand mudra yoga meaning, instructions steps and health benefits.

Let’s Find Out How To Do Uttarabodhi Mudra Steps :

Let’s begin with how to do this uttarabodhi mudra:

1. The first and foremost step of doing this or any mudra is to be in a comfortable position. So, begin this mudra exercise by sitting in a fully relaxed position. Try with half lotus or padmasana pose. You can keep your eyes closed or open as per your choice but closed eyes involves more concentration and attention. Also, try to sit on a light carpet or mat before beginning to do this exercise.
2. Hold your hands in front of the solar plexus level.
3. Interlock your fingers to ensure that the hands are tightly clasped together.
4. You must join the index fingers and thumbs of both the hands.
5. You must note that the index fingers should be pointing towards the ceiling and the thumbs must point towards the bottom.

Speciality Of Uttarabodhi Mudra :

Uttarabodhi mudra is like boosting your inner confidence. This mudra when practiced for a longer time brings a sense of positivity in you. It makes you feel that there is no negative energy in life. You don’t need to worry or stress yourself after anything. Everything will be good in the long run. It makes you believe that there is one supreme god who will take care of everything. so, this mudra is like enriching yourself and your inner positivity.

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Why To Practice This Uttarabodhi Mudra :

One of the major questions which arise is why you should practise this uttarabodhi mudra. What is there in this mudra that you should feel all energized and motivated to do? There are times in life when you feel you are depressed or de-motivated. So, in those cases you should perform this mudra. This will bring out the positivity and motivated feeling within yourself. It is like a spiritual awakening session.

Uttarabodhi Mudra Benefits :

Let me enlist you some of the listed benefits of uttarabodhi mudra.

1. It strengthens and relaxes the mid for a long term.
2. It is known to strengthen and improve your lings and intestines.
3. It also strengthens your inner inhalation process.
4. It brings an entire refreshing effect on the body by strengthening your inner heart and lungs.
5. It is known to dispel or reduce your fear to a very large extent.
6. It soothes or relaxes the nerves which cause fear.

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When And Where You Should Practice Uttarabodhi Mudra :

Uttarabodhi mudra can be practised anywhere and at anytime. There is no such specific restriction of how to do this mudra. So, at any time wherever you are comfortable you can do this mudra. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to awaken your inner positive side and practise this mudra. Start doing this mudra and you will be able to sense a positivity in your life.