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Giorgio Armani ‘Luce’ Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

The new makeup trends have managed to amaze, going from vintage to glam goddess with virtually no difficulty. High quality makeup products and the constant search for new hues and textures that would naturally enhance the beauty of any skin tone have made applying makeup super easy. If you’re looking for the ultimate natural makeup look, turn your attention towards Giorgio Armani’s Luce makeup collection for spring 2020.

Giorgio Armani has managed to maintain his name synonymous to luxury and high quality, so no wonder that the upcoming collection has already attracted a lot of attention. The face for the collection is none other than Hollywood sweetheart, ex-Transformers star, Megan Fox, and the actress’s beauty seems to be even more accentuated by the wonderful products featured in the upcoming spring 2020 makeup collection titled ‘Luce’.

Giorgio Armani ‘Luce’ Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

The name of the collection seems to describe perfectly the collection as it simply illuminates the skin, its beautifying power being difficult to top. Light seems to have inspired Armani’s makeup creative director Linda Cantello, as she says that: “The darkness of winter becomes the glowing light at spring.” The power of shimmer is no match for anyone to resist this spring 2020 season, so make sure you obtain a pure goddess radiance with Giorgio Armani’s ‘Luce’ makeup collection that features the following must have products:

Giorgio Armani Beauty Tourmaline Pink Blush Blush has become an essential beauty product that can define the delicate line of the cheekbones like nothing else. The blush featured in the Luce collection features a soft and subtle texture that is infused with soft shimmer particles meant to deliver a natural, soft glow to every complexion.

Giorgio Armani ‘Luce’ Spring 2020 Makeup Collection Giorgio Armani ‘Luce’ Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

Giorgio Armani Beauty Eye Palette Give your eyes a sultry appearance with the help of these two fab makeup palettes meant to make you look flawless for hours. Two lovely shimmery palettes that are infused with ‘Luce d’oro’, a golden hint of shimmer, will be featured in the collection, so pick your best match. A soft pastel palette and a brown tone palette, each featuring four tones, will be on standby to give your eyes a mesmerizing appearance.

Giorgio Armani ‘Luce’ Spring 2020 Makeup Collection

Giorgio Armani Beauty Gloss d’Armani Give your lips a boost of sensuality with the new formulated lip glosses that deliver perfect coloration and an unmatchable shine. Their long lasting power will ensure you look flawless for up to 8 hours, so choose your best match from the following shades available:

Beige 105

Rouge 405

Brown 201

Pink 508

Giorgio Armani Eye Pencils Give your eyes a total glam effect with the help of the new eye pencils available in two amazing metallic hues that have both long lasting properties and intensity. The waterproof formula can be glided on with maximum precision, so you can achieve a flawless look that will not smudge. The pencils will be available in antique gold and copper.

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