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How to Tell If He’s a Good Lover

How to Tell If He’s a Good Lover

OK, there’s more to a relationship than sex, but intimacy does matter. So, this guy caught your eye and you’re wondering if he’ll be up to task in the sack? Here are 10 surefire signs he’ll be a good lover.

10 Signs He’s a Good Lover

1. He does not brag.

Looking for clues he’ll be good in the sack? Self-confident men, who know what they’re doing, do not feel the need to brag about past conquests.

2. He has a hearty appetite.

A hearty appetite is a surefire sign that he’s passionate in bed. Great lovers enjoy all the sensual pleasures in life. However, beware, you want a man who savors every mouthful, not someone who’s in a rush to satisfy his needs.

How to Tell If He’s a Good Lover

3. Eye contact.

Looking for signs he’ll be a good lover? Body language does not lie. All it takes is one look from a guy who’s hot in bed and you’ll feel yourself melting.

4. He’s a great dancer

His moves on the dance floor can tell you a lot about his skills in the sack. You should be keeping your eyes peeled for a guy who’s got variety, rhythm and the ability to lose himself in music.

5. He talks with his hands.

Wondering what are the most tell-tale signs he’ll be a good lover? According to experts, a man who is good in the bedroom will have the tendency to talk with his hands. If he can’t help expressing himself with his hands while talking, just imagine how expressive he could get in bed.

6. He’s a great kisser.

Another good sign he’s got skills in the bedroom? The way he kisses will speak volumes – and not just about technique. According to experts, the most promising lovers will use a variety of techniques while kissing, giving you a sense of what to expect in the sack.

7. He likes trying out new things.

If your date is keen to sample new things, this bodes very well for sex. However, the real test will be his eagerness to share food. A guy who offers you a mouthful of his dessert will be just as generous in other departments.

How to Tell If He’s a Good Lover

8. He holds the door for you.

How about more subtle signs he’s a passionate guy in the bedroom? Guys who are great in bed will hold the door for you and pull the chair out for you. Basically, men who are good in the sack remember that ladies come first.

9. He pays attention to what you’re saying.

If a man hangs on your every word and shows concern for whatever you’re sharing, he’ll probably be just as caring and generous in bed.

10. He’s got the Voice.

One of the most tell-tale signs he’s a good lover is a sexy voice. Do you get an instant ‘eargasm’ when you hear him? Then, he’s definitely a keeper!

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