120+ Latest Indian Hindu Baby Boy Names

Hindu baby boy names are a lot! Some of them are really classy and cool, while others are mostly associated with mythology and nature. In fact, it is not uncommon to find names like these at all. If you are too looking for a baby boy name for your little one, here are some of our best suggestions. All you have to do is to know the theme of the name you would like him to have and based on that, make a choice.

hindu baby boy names

Best Hindu Baby Boy Names:

1. Aadavan:

Aadavan is a well-known name in Hinduism. Would it be an excellent choice to spread brightness in your son’s life by naming him Aadavan? The name means ‘sun’.

2. Aahan:

Aahan is a trendy Hindu baby boy name. It means ‘dawn or morning glory’.

3. Aakav:

Ever heard of this name before? This is a unique Hindu baby boy name that means ‘form or shape.’

4. Aakesh:

Aakesh can be considered as a modern and stylish alternative to the classic name Aakash. It means ‘lord of the sky’.

5. Aakil:

Aakil, means ‘intelligent or smart’. One thoughtful name for the future genius your son will turn out to be!

6. Aanan:

Yet another modern Hindu baby boy name, Aananmeans ‘appearance’.

7. Aanav:

This name is the opposite of the name Daanav. Aanav means ‘humane’.

8. Aarush:

Here is the latest Hindu boy name, that means ‘bright, shining, or sun’.

9. Aayu:

Aayu, means ‘life span’.This will make up for a unique Hindu baby boy name if you are looking for one.

10. Abhik:

Abhik means ‘beloved’ and ‘fearless’.

11. Achintya:

Acintya, means ‘unthinkable’, is another unique Hindu baby boy name.

12. Adbhuta:

The name has a Sanskrit origin and only points at some of the most positive meanings of the name. It means ‘extraordinary, remarkable, fabulous, and miraculous’.

13. Adhija:

Adhija, The name is now becoming hugely popular among the Hindus, and it means ‘superior by birth’.

14. Advit:

Looking for a unique name? This name will do all justice because the name itself means ‘unique’.

15. Bhadrak:

According to mythology, Bhadrak is the name of the King of Anga. The name means ‘handsome’, ‘brave’ and ‘good’.

16. Bodhi:

Bodhi is a Sanskrit name that is now becoming increasingly popular. The name means ‘awakening’ or ‘enlightenment’.

17. Chaitanya:

This name, meaning ‘energy or vitality’, was borne by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a great Vaishnavite saint.

18. Chaitya:

Chaitya, as a name means ‘perceivable’.

19. Chakshan:

A nice name to think of! Chakshan means ‘good looking’.

20. Charun:

Heard of this name before? Charun means ‘one with beautiful eyes’.

21. Chinmay:

Chinmay refers to Lord Ganesha. It means ‘consisting of pure thought’.

22. Chitayu:

For the intelligent being your son might turn out to be, Chitayu means ‘born of the intellect’.

23. Chitin:

Chitin means ‘intelligent’. This is the latest Hindu baby boy name for your son.

24. Daiwik:

Looking for a name that has a religious connection? Look no further. It means ‘God’s grace’.

25. Deekshant:

Deekshant means ‘gift of God’. This is a simple and straightforward name.

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26. Deepit:

Deepit means ‘passionate, illuminated, inflamed, or excited’. To impart some positive vibes in your son, this can be the right name.

27. Devaj:

It means ‘born of the Gods’. Sounds like a name for your son?

28. Devak:

This is a beautiful name that means ‘divine, glorious, pious’ and will be a good choice of name for your son.

29. Devin:

Devin name has a divine connection. The name means ‘resembling a God or poet’.

30. Devyan:

What about this cute Hindu baby boy name? Devyan means ‘serving the Gods.

31. Dhanvin:

Dhanvinrefers to Lord Shiva. The name has been regarded as a very pious name.

32. Dhavak:

The name means ‘forerunner’.

33. Dhavit:

Tell your child how important it is to be a pure and clean person; this name is undoubtedly an apt one. It means ‘purified’.

34. Dhir:

One of the essential traits to develop, Dhir means ‘patience.’

35. Dhira:

Dhira is another popular name in Hinduism, Dhira means ‘brave’.

36. Dhrishnu:

Looking for a traditional name? Then, you sure should pick upDhrishnu, which means ‘son of Manu’.

37. Dhrsita:

Dhrsita is a latest Hindu boy name from the Sanskrit word ‘dhRSita’, which means ‘brave or bold’.

38. Ehan:

Ehan means ‘expected.’

39. Ehit:

Heard of this one before? The name means ‘ever-smiling’ and is now a modern Hindu baby boy name.

40. Elil:

Another beautiful name, Elil, means ‘handsome’.

41. Erish:

Erish means ‘to cherish’.

42. Ganak:

Ganak means ‘one who calculates’.

43. Gana:

Gana refers to the name of Lord Shiva. Naming your son Gana could be one best way to show your respect and respect to Lord Shiva.

44. Gaoushik:

This name refers to Lord Buddha and is not a well-known one.

45. Hariaksh:

This is yet another name that refers to Lord Shiva.

46. Harin:

Harin means ‘pure’. The name is now becoming the most popular choice of a lot of parents for their son.

47. Harman:

Harman means ‘Lord’s heart’.

48. Harshill:

Harshill is a name that is considered to be a good Hindu boy name. It means ‘joyful’.

49. Harshith:

The name means ‘joy’ or ‘happiness’.

50. Hemil:

A unique Hindu male name that means ‘gold’ will be a good choice for your son if you are looking indeed for something unique.

51. Hrutesh:

Hrutesh means ‘Lord of Springs’.

52. Ibhan:

Here is a modern Hindu baby boy name. Ibhan refers to Lord Ganesha.

53. Ijay:

Ijay is a not-so-heard a name that refers to Lord Vishnu.

54. Iravaj:

Another rare Hindu male name, it means ‘born of water.

55. Ishir:

A cool and trendy name isn’t it? Ishir is another name for ‘fire’.

56. Jogesha:

Jogesh refers to the ‘Lord of Yoga’.

57. Joshit:

Here is one cool name for your son. Joshit means ‘pleased’ or ‘delighted’.

58. Kahan:

Kahan is a name that refers to Lord Krishna.

59. Kalin:

Kalin is a beautiful name that means ‘flourishing or rapidly developing’. A positive way to encourage your son to the path of success.

60. Kanan:

Kanan means ‘forest’ and became famous after the Indian YouTube sensation.

61. Kanha:

Kanha refers to Lord Krishna. The name means ‘dark or black’.

62. Kiaan:

Looking for a trendy name for your son? Here is our pick. Kiaan means ‘king’.

63. Kunal:

An often heard cute Hindu baby boy name, Kunal means ‘one with beautiful eyes’.

64. Madhuraj:

Madhuraj means ‘wax’.

65. Mahin:

Mahin is a name that has an association with nature. It means ‘Earth’.

66. Mahir:

Mahir means ‘expert’. A good name to name your child so that he becomes an expert at what he does.

67. Mayank:

Mayank means ‘moon’. A name of a celestial connection.

68. Mayur:

Mayur means ‘peacock’.

69. Milan:

the name means the ‘unique’ trendy name of all time

70. Naman:

Naman is a very modern Hindu baby boy name. It means an excellent fundamental nature.

71. Neer:

How about this beautiful name for your son? Neer means ‘water’, and it symbolises how important your son is to you.

72. Neeraj:

Another variation of neer, this name means ‘ born in the water’. It also means ‘illuminate’.

73. Nrpati:

Sounds new? Well, this is our favourite. It means ‘ Lord of men’ or ‘king’.

74. Omkar:

The name is derived from the Sanskrit ‘ Om’. It is a popular name for a Hindu boy.

75. Parthiv:

The classic name for your son, this latest Hindu baby boy name means ‘ Royal’.

76. Pranay:

Pranay is a cute name son that means ‘affection’ or ‘ love’.

77. Pravir:

The name means ‘ Brave’.

78. Purnit:

Purnit means ‘ complete’. Doesn’t your son complete you? Well, if he does, this name is for him.

79. Rakshan:

The name has a religious association that means ‘ protector’. It also refers to Lord Krishna.

80. Rasajja:

Here is another unique Hindu baby boy name. It means ‘one understands the rasaas’.

81. Ravishnu:

It means ‘ God of love’. It is also a rare name to come across.

82. Rijul:

Rijul means ‘ honest and innocent’.

83. Ronit:

Ronit means ‘ a song prosperity’.

84. Saket:

Saket says ‘ a place close to heaven’. It refers to the ancient name of Ayodhya.

85. Sankalp:

Sankalp means ‘ determination’. This will be one good way to encourage your son never give up.

86. Sarva:

Sarva means ‘ everything’. This newborn baby name for boy Hindu is a prevalent one.

87. Sharad:

A unique baby name that means ‘ white Lotus’.

88. Shresht:

Shresht classic Indian Hindu baby boy name that means ‘ best’, ‘ superior’ and ‘ king’. Quite a name!

89. Skanda:

Skanda means a name that refers to Lord Vishnu. It is listed in the Vishnu Sahasranama, a religious book of the Hindus.

90. Sujal:

Sujal means ‘affectionate’.

91. Suresh:

Suresh says ruler of gods’.

92. Taral:

Taral means ‘ liquid’.

93. Tavish:

The name means ‘one who is courageous and strong’. It also means ‘ gold’.

94. Urjit:

Yet another popular name among the Hindus, Urjit means ‘ energized and powerful’. Does this sound like your son? Then you should probably name him that.

95. Ved:

A very modern Hindu name that refers to the holy book of the Hindus, Veda.

96. Viaan:

Viaan means ‘ full of life and energy’. It is also the name of Lord Krishna.

97. Viksya:

This is a very rare Hindu name, which means, ‘ actor’. It also means ‘ astonishing’.

98. Vyan:

Vyan means ‘breath of life-giving’. The name is derived friend Sanskrit word VyAna.

99. Yuvan:

Yuvan means ‘ healthy and strong.’

100. Yuvraj:

this name means ‘ Prince’. The name is popularly used as the name for the eldest son Rajput family.

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Unique Hindu God Baby Boy Names:

Looking to name your son after a Hindu God? Here are our suggestions.

101. Aadidev:

This is the name of a Hindu god, who is ancient.

102. Aditya:

The name is of the popular Hindu God, sun.

103. Adinath:

Adinath is the name of Lord Vishnu.

104. Arjun:

The name Arjun, son of ‘ Lord Indra’. He is one of the brothers of the Pandavas.

105. Bal Gopal:

The name is popularly named young boys. It refers to young Krishna.

106. Brahma:

Brahma is recognised as the supreme creator. He is thus the Lord of the universe.

107. Chandramouli:

The name refers to Lord Shiva and is a trendy name in the south of India.

108. Chiranjeev:

Chiranjeev means ‘ immortal’. It also refers to Lord Vishnu.

109. Deependra:

Deependra is the Lord of lights.

110. Devesh:

Devesh refers to Lord Shiva.

111. Ekaling:

Name of Lord Shiva.

112. Ganesh:

Ganesh prevalent Hindu name which refers to Lord Ganesha.

113. Gautam:

Gautam is the name of Lord Buddha.

114. Girish:

Girish is the name of Lord Shiva. It also means Lord of the mountains.

115. Hari:

Hari is Lord Vishnu and God Narayan.

116. Indra:

Indra is the popular God of weather and war. He is also known as the lord of Devas.

117. Kamlesh:

Kamlesh is the name of Lord Vishnu and is also known as ‘the preserver’.

118. Mahendra:

Mahendra is the lord of skies.

119. Narayan:

Narayan is Lord Vishnu himself.

120. Niranjan:

Niranjan is the name of Lord Shiva.

121. Shiv:

The name of Lord Shiva.


The name of Lord Vishnu.

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Modern Hindu Twin Names: Male

If you have a twin looking to name them, here are some of our suggestions.

01. Anuj and Tanuj:

Anuj means ‘ younger brother’ and Tanuj means ‘ the rising Sun’.

02. Mukul and Mrudul:

Mukul means ‘blossom’ mrudul means ‘soft’.

03. Lalit and Lohit:

Lalit means ‘elegant’ and Lohit means ‘red’.

04. Sanket and Sankalp:

Sanket means ‘signal’ and Sankalp means’ determination’.

05. Tapan and Tapas:

Tapan means ‘ sun’ and Tapas means ‘heat’.

06. Hitesh and Ritesh:

Hritesh means ‘ Lord of goodness’ Ritesh means ‘ Lord Of Truth’.

07. Madhur and Milan:

Madhur means ‘ sweet’ and Milan means ‘ Union’.

08. Girish and Harish:

Girish means God of mountain and Harish means Lord Shiva

09. Ketan and Chetan:

Ketan means ‘home’ and Chetan means ‘ life’.

Some of the best Hindu baby boy names have been listed for you, and most of them are names of Gods. In case you are looking for twin names, our list will be the right choice for you. If you know what kind of name you are looking for to name, you could easily find one for your son.