8th Month Baby Food Recipes – Our Top 9

When your baby completes 8 month then you will familiar with her likes and dislikes. But for your growing baby nutrition is very important therefore, in this article I have cover up top 9 baby food that are appropriate for 8 month old baby.

8 months baby food

So, enjoy this wonderful as well as healthy food for your 8 month old baby can enjoy.

Top 9 Foods For 8 Month Baby:-

1. Cereals:

Begin mixing grains by purees which you know your baby has had devoid of any reactions. Like Pastas create great finger foods.

2. Stewed Apple:

For this you need 1 Apple, 1 cup water and 1 Pear. Ditch and peel equally apple plus pear. Slice both fruits into little pieces. Place in a pan otherwise pressure cooker and add water. Allow the fruits fry for 15-20 minutes turn over soft or till 5-6 whistles in pressure cooker. Crush or intermingle the fruit well along with dish up once chilled.

3. Khichdi:

This is a totally adaptable way to feed veggies plus dal to your baby. It is a complete meal in itself. Soak dal and rice in water for ½ an hour.  Put this in pressure cooker along with vegetables like potato, carrot, raw papaya, pumpkin, bottle gourd tomato etc. Add little turmeric and salt plus water and cook for 20 minutes. Mash and dish up for your baby.

4. Sweet Potato Kheer:

This is extremely nutritious plus appreciated by babies. This is very simple recipe and you require only sweet potato and milk. First of all boil the sweet potato in addition to boil and peel it after cooling down. Then mash well and mix this into the milk along with sugar.

5. Beetroot And Carrot Puree/Mash:

It is fairly common to offer boiled plus mashed carrots throughout those premature months of solid feeding. A small variation can be a minute addition of beetroot that not only give it a lovely sweetness other than also elegant bright color. To make this you need chopped carrots, slice beetroot and freshly ground cardamom excess. Steam the carrots plus beetroot by means of a steamer for concerning 15-20 minutes. You can also pressure cook them mutually with extremely little water intended for 2-3 whistles. Merge together cooked vegetables by a taste of cardamom till smooth. Pass from side to side a sieve if desirable.

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6. Legumes:

The legumes are multipurpose and complete of protein. The foods for example beans, lentils along with peas are high in vitamins, protein, and minerals plus a great adding to baby’s diet. But be careful! We are all recognizable with the uneasiness from wind, a widespread effect cause by foods. Pay attention not to overfeed your baby as of this food collection!

7. Yogurt:

All of you know that yogurt is very secure from 6 months and therefore attempt to stick to natural, unsweetened yogurt as well as put in some fruit to convince your baby. Avoid sweeten yogurt by honey because it is very unsafe to offer honey to babies below one year of age.

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8. Tofu:

Tofu is not only nutritious but also versatile; therefore tofu is a perfect addition to your home-based baby food plus can be introduce at concerning 8 months of age.

9. Meats:

This is a first-rate source of protein, other than at this stage nearly all babies dig up protein as of their milk. The main advantage of introduce meat is for the additional iron which it offer. This is for the reason that babies’ stores of iron possibly will initiate to reduce among 6-9 months of age. The Iron is a necessary part of the blood stream, transport oxygen to tissues to offer the energy desired for growth.

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