9 Unimaginable Lizard Tattoos for Women and Men

Lizards, this is the weirdest creature of the planet that we can see everywhere. Most of the people are just scared of these reptiles, but the ones who are fascinated by them have gone to another level. They have started getting lizard tattoo designs imprinted on their skins. This lizard tattoo is now gaining impetus all over the world as it portrays logical thinking and planning because of this cold blooded reptile’s tendency to catch prey.

Best and Stylish Lizard Tattoos With Images:

Let us analyze 9 lizard tattoo designs that are prevalent.

1. Lizard Tattoo for Hand:

Lizard tattoo for hand

People these days worship lizards and their sharp piercing scales bring forth male instinct. Lizard skin tattoo portray the cold and pale skin of a lizard and to get the exact imprint, you might have to go through a number of tattoo sessions and it may cost a fortune.

2. Unique Pattern Lizard Tattoos:

Unique pattern lizard tattoos

A small and simple lizard tattoo right on top of the ankle looks awesome. You can check this picture out and plan to get it imprinted. Though it may not be a well-admired choice but it will definitely not go unnoticed.

3. Tribal Style Lizard Tattoos:

Tribal style lizard tattoos

Traditional tribal lizard tattoo portrays cultural relevance and identity of your tribe. Most of the aboriginal and indigenous people get inked to display their love for their tribe. Tribal tattoos can be coloured or just plain black.

4. Foot Special Lizard Tattoos:

Foot special Lizard tattoos

Lizard tattoos on foot portray the fun side of a person and their willingness to go extra mile to show their practical nature. There are very cool designs and people who have a love for these reptiles put it off very well.

5. Small Size Lizard Tattoos:

Small size lizard tattoos

Donning a small lizard tattoo looks chic and generally women opt for these. They generally prefer to place these near their stomach, ankles, or back. These can be made in black colour, but you can opt for Polynesian colours as well.

6. 3d Pattern Lizard Tattoos:

3d pattern lizard tattoos

3 dimensional tattoo designs are already in vogue. You would feel it is a genuine one. These 3d lizard tattoo designs make this creepy creature look real and are capable of giving a small heart attack to people who hate or are scared of lizards.

7. Gecko Lizard Tattoos:

Gecko lizard tattoos

Gecko Lizard is the only species which communicate through sound and has vocal cords and also known for their climbing skills. Gecko lizard is taken as a sign of bad omen or bad luck but still people are going crazy to have these Gecko Lizard tattoos imprinted in varied colours and shapes.

8. Pure Black Lizard Tattoos:

Pure Black lizard tattoos

A Black lizard tattoo symbolizes growth from the death. You might have seen a lizard losing its tail and then growing it back. People who don these tattoos simply are putting across the point that like lizards, they too can come out of troubles easily.

9. Full Body Designer Lizard Tattoos:

Full body designer Lizard tattoos

If someone has crossed all the limits to show off his love for these cold blooded reptiles is this Lizard tattoo man. He looks spooky and weird. The scales on the lizard’s body are perfectly made and there is some kind of uncanny resemblance existing between the lizard man and this reptile.

Lizard tattoo designs are very common and popular these days among men and women. They can get their little creature inked in any size and any part of their body. But one thing is for sure that these tattoos make an individual stand out of the crowd. You can find end number of designs online and of course the tattoo artists have a great amount of ideas to put these through.