9 Easy Fun Crafts To Do At Home For Your Kids

Fun crafts are done with material that is easily available and can be fun to make. Mostly everything is depends on creativity, using hands and our skills peoples can make things. Few fun crafts are really attracting, have a look few of them. These activities make your kids laugh and they will have fun while making them.

Best Fun Crafts For Kids To Do At Home:

Choose from these listed below and make the most of the holiday season,

1. Mobile Stand Fun Craft:

Mobile Stand Fun Craft

Here is a great fun craft to do that is also useful. This mobile stand is made with toilet paper roll that is decorated with tape. The roll is slit in the center to let the mobile stand in it. You need to then attach four pins to the bottom of the roll so that it stands on a table.

2. Mitten Soft Toys Fun Craft:

Mitten Soft Toys Fun Craft

Make these cute and cuddly mitten soft toys as fun crafts for kids. All you need are mittens and stuffing. Stuff the mitten well and then sew the opening up. You can decorate the front of the mitten to look like monsters with eyes and a mouth.

3. Craft Stick Stand Fun Craft:

Craft Stick Stand Fun Craft

Make this lovely earring holder with simple craft sticks. These fun crafts to do at home is very simple. You need to paint the craft sticks and then glue them to look like an easel. You can then hang earrings from each of the sticks.

4. Hot Air Balloon Fun Craft:

Hot Air Balloon Fun Craft

Make this fun paper craft hot air balloon with your kids and they will have a ball. These are the fun and easy crafts and they need to cut strips of paper. Each of the strips is then woven to get the shape needed to make the balloon. A little paper bucket at the bottom completes the look.

5. Mason Jar Aquarium Fun Craft:

Mason Jar Aquarium Fun Craft

Make this cute and simple Mason jar aquarium with your kids. You will need a mason jar and some colored paper for the insides. The fun easy crafts are always great with kids. They can cut out some fish shapes or use fish toys to put in the jar. Green algae can be cut from green paper too.

6. Sponge Boats Fun Craft:

Sponge Boats Fun Craft

This incredibly fun arts and craft project is the perfect thing to do on a hot summer’s day. The sponge is cut into shapes and then a paper sail is added to it. The sponge will float on the water and this looks very cute.

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7. Crayon Fun Craft:

Crayon Fun Craft

These fun easy crafts for kids are great with some help from elders. The kids need to arrange their old crayons in a shape they like. The elders will then use a hair dryer and blow hot air around the outside of the shape. This will melt the crayons and the colors will spread in an artistic way.

8. Pompom Bookmark Fun Craft:

Pompom Bookmark Fun Craft

Ask your kids to make these cute pompom bookmarks as fun crafts to do. The bookmarks are made by rolling yarn around the finger or fork many times. You need to then cut the yarn to get the round shape.

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9. Paper Rainbow Fun Craft:

Paper Rainbow Fun Craft

These fun craft ideas are perfect for kids to learn the colors of the rainbow. Cut the colored paper and stick them on a white cloud shape. You can hang this from the wall too. This one will be good choice for school functions when your kid will create such thing for his school auditorium.

These fun arts and crafts for kids are the perfect way for them to learn new things and explore.Fun crafts are the best way to keep little hands busy. Make the holiday season a time to spend with your kids. Fun crafts are the best way to make your kids laugh and play at the same time. It makes memorable days and nights.

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