10 Beauty Myths Debunked

10 Beauty Myths Debunked

Some beauty tips are actually based on scientific evidence while other continue to gain followers despite a lack of empirical evidence. Learn more about the beauty myths that have been busted, but still hang around and clutter your skin care regimen with useless advice.

Discover a few beauty myths debunked by specialists and adjust your beauty routine based on new information which may contradict popular wisdom but is based on actual facts.

1. Drinking Lots of Water Helps with Dry Skin

Unfortunately, drinking water isn’t the key to dealing with dry skin, even though it’s still very beneficial for most of your body. 

Dealing with dry skin the right way is just about two simple steps: avoiding anything that can dry you skin even more, from long baths to sun damage and irritants like household detergents, alcohol and smoking.

2. Anti-Wrinkle Products Need to Contain Collagen and Elastin

One of the modern beauty myths debunked is that collagen and elastin can be absorbed into the skin. While products that include them on the list of ingredients usually have good moisturizing effects, you can’t simply shove collagen into your skin. Instead, look for antioxidants in your beauty products, which help your skin produce its own collagen and elastin.

10 Beauty Myths Debunked

3. You Can Break Your Eyelashes by Curling Them with Mascara On

Some of the most common beauty myths are debunked simply by moving on to a new generation of products. While old mascara formulas did lead to brittle lashes, modern mascara actually protects the fine hairs when you’re using a simple curler.

4. Plucking Gray Hairs Speeds Up the Graying Process

One the oldest beauty myths have been busted claims that plucking a gray hair means more gray hears will grow. The number of hair follicles doesn’t increase like that, but the simple explanation for this old wives tale is that graying hair is a long term process and the hairs around the gray one you’re tweezing or plucking have already begun the process as well.

5. Steam Can Open Pores Quickly

When it comes to beauty myths, this is one of the ones that’s kind of true, but not really. You can’t force pores to open or close with cold or hot temperatures. Steam does work in helping clear out the dirt inside the pores, but they don’t open or close that easily. Special products can control your pores from getting bigger, but they won’t “close” them either.

6. Shampoo Stops Working Well with Extended Use

There is no research to support this claim, as using the same shampoo will have the same effects. The only variable is your own hair. Most women ignore the use of purifying shampoo and then end up being dissatisfied with their regular one. A shampoo designed for frequent use can’t always clear out the buildup of product in your hair, so using a purifying shampoo occasionally helps your regular one work better by cleaning your hair thoroughly.

10 Beauty Myths Debunked

7. Expensive Cosmetics Are Better

Avoiding ingredients that tend to irritate your skin is the main tool you should use when looking for cosmetics. Price matters a lot less and formulation is key. There are plenty of great beauty products in every price range and many expensive clunkers that rely simply on buzzword marketing.

8. Shaving Thickens Hair

One of the oldest beauty myths debunked claims that hair grows back thicker after you remove it with a razor. The reality is that genes have a lot more to do with hair growth than any mechanical means of removal. Cutting hair with a razor does remove the thinner tip of each hair, making it grow back at full thickness, creating the impression that it’s somehow thicker.

9. Use Only Hypoallergenic Products for Sensitive Skin

Buying only products labeled “hypoallergenic” because you have sensitive skin might be a mistake. If you’re aware of a specific allergy, then simply use products without it, whether they’re labeled “hypoallergenic” or not. Sensitive skin may get irritated even by the most expensive hypoallergenic products.

10 Beauty Myths Debunked

10. Eating Chocolate Causes Acne

Some beauty myths are debunked only to come back with a different explanation. That seems to be the case with chocolate. While there’s no relationship between this delicious treat and acne, skin is sensitive when it comes to spikes in blood sugar. So whether it’s chocolate, ice cream or pie, take it easy on sweets with a high content of refined sugars.