15 Best Blouse Designs with Border

Needless to say, sarees are the most popular in India. With rich border and zari work, they hold the capability to make you look like a million dollars. From marriages to everyday wear and even traditional occasions, there is nothing that will stop the gorgeousness of Indian sarees. While you are at it, you ought to acknowledge the importance of blouse equally as much, because a beautiful matching blouse will make you stand out even better. So, now that we are talking about it, here are some of the best saree blouses with borders that you can wear to keep up with the fashion incentives these days.

1. Floral Violet Floral Beads Blouse:

Blouse Designs with Border

With a bright golden border, this blouse in violet will take your attention to itself from the very start. Ideal for women with a fair skin tone, this blouse will suit them along with bright coloured sarees

2. Lace Border Design:

Blouse Designs with Border2

For blouse back neck design with borders, this one is a smart move if you choose it that is. However, note how that one single lace adds up to the charm and makes the blouse look even more beautiful.

3. Zari Blouse with Silver Border:

Blouse Designs with Border3

The blouse here has essentially preserved a very striking look with the stonework and embroidery. It seems more like a crowded motif, however, it has all come together in the end because of the whole silver border. Red and silver here are bonding really well and making the blouse look even more stylish.

4. Simple Red and Golden Blouse:

Blouse Designs with Border4

A classic blouse from the lookbook of Indian blouse designs, this blouse right here features a framework of small golden flowers all over, while the blouse neck has a plain golden lace attached to itself.

5. Sheer Back Blouse With Border:

Blouse Designs with Border5

Who said sheer blouses cant rock the whole blouse back neck designs with borders? Take a look at this one. Yellow and basic, the only thing that keeps you from scrolling to the next design is the beautiful stone golden border. The blouse comes together with the string in the end and completes the look.

6. Violet Boat Neck Blouse with Stonework Lace:

Blouse Designs with Border6

The blouse you see here features a boat neck shaped design with beautiful intricate stonework. A backless blouse at best, it is a wonderful choice for the modern-day bride for her reception. The blouse back is entirely sequined and stoned, while the front has tiny stonework all around to brag of.

7. Black and White Blouse:

Blouse Designs with Border7

This blouse here makes a lot of sense being featured on this latest blouse neck designs with borders. With beadwork all around and two strings to keep the blouse in place, this design is high on sale in the fashion market and a must-have on your list.

8. Pink Bordered Golden Blouse:

Pink Bordered Golden Blouse

The next blouse on the list is this pink laced one with golden stones sewn in. Notice here that the string above is complete with a set of latkans, making sure the blouse gets all the attention. Make sure to sport a blouse like this to occasions like marriage or sangeet invitations.

9. Silver Bordered Blouse:

Blouse Designs with Border9

The blouses that you see here are two, both bordered with a glossy silver thin lace. The two designs are different, one deep neck and the other basic, but it is the silver border that ensures the complete look of the blouse.

10. Golden Border Blouse with Hand Latkans:

Blouse Designs with Border10

The border blouse back design is golden for this one, the same colour as the blouse that is. This not only gives a blouse a very simple look but also makes sure that the saree is the centre of interest. Besides, the hand latkans around is something that keeps the blouse reserved for simple family get together events.

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11. Golden Laced Wedding Blouse:

Blouse Designs with Border11

This blouse can be worn for wedding invitations best along with either a blouse with a golden border or a violet blouse of the same colour. You can very well wear notice how the colours complement each other.

12. Red Blouse with Red and Black Border:

Blouse Designs with Border12

On one hand, it is an ideal blouse for silk or cotton sarees, but you can also wear it for regular wear given the saree you choose isn’t too heavy on embroidery.

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13. Red Blouse With Golden Border:

Blouse Designs with Border13

With a glossy silk material, the blouse itself is elegant and ready to worn for simple occasions. The golden lace as you see is a decisive factor and adds beauty to the stone pattern embroidery here even more.

14. Green Blouse With Yellow Ochre Border:

Blouse Designs with Border14

This blouse back neck with the border is common in Southern India, but now it has been taking over the wardrobe of almost all ladies who prefer to keep it simple.

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15. Golden and Violet Alternating Blouse Border:

Blouse Designs with Border15

Look at the lace that looks like a border with the alternating sequence of golden and violet. Talking of which, bordered blouses are in the trend and continue to grow in the Indian market with every new designer ready to experiment with it. This one here is a good example and concludes the list.

It is more than often seen that women ignore the quality of the blouse and choose to wear expensive sarees only instead. It is to be noted that by doing so, they not only decrease the whole beauty of the saree in itself but also end up spoiling the whole look. Choose a good blouse, ladies, to uphold the good work in fashion you have carried on so far. While these bordered blouses might be expensive, you will soon see that they are totally worth the price you pay.