How to do a Rope Braid?

Braids are probably the most fashionable tied hairstyles available in the world today not because of their popularity but because of their variety of styles which you can choose effectively from. The rope braid is also part of these great hairstyles because of the variety of events and places which you can use the hairstyle for.

rope braid

The best part is that the rope braid can be used for a multitude of events, from weddings to prom to simple social gatherings, at all times it will give you that separate sense of elegance that every women dies to have.

rope braid

Step by Step Process of Rope Braid:

The rope braid is unique because of its availability of volume and thickness which can be very easily made and handled because of its minimal maintenance policy. The rope braid goes well with long hair because the denser your locks the better the rope braid will look. Given below are very easy steps to help you make the rope braid effectively-


Shampooing Head

The first step to making a rope braid requires you to wash your hair. A hair smoothener is recommended which is available in the market in both shampoo and conditioner. This hair smoothener will make it easier to braid your hair. Once washing your hair is complete dry it effectively with a towel and blow dryer but make sure to use a heat blocking serum that will help to keep your hair soft. Dry hair will hurt your scalp when you try to braid it thus a heat blocking serum is the best.

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Separate Set of Hands:

Washing hair mask

The best way to achieve a flawless rope braid is to have a separate set of hands to help you. If you are helping someone with their rope braid then the best process to follow is separate the hair into two thick strands one in your left and one in your right hand. Then start to knot the hair effectively into a rope braid. The best part is there are several types of rope braids you can choose from so first school yourself on the one of your choice before carrying out the process. Having another person to help you will surely reduce the time taken to make the rope braid allowing you to concentrate on other matters.

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Tie The End:

Once the rope braid has been tied effectively use a thick band or clip to tie the end so that it is held in place effectively. This will prevent your rope braid from opening out. Once this is done there is nothing else you need to worry about.

A rope braid can be accompanied by front messy curls which will add very effectively to the decor. You can always accessorize your hair with a number of clips or other accessories which will help add to the image that the hair helps you to pull off. The longer your hair the better but the best part is the rope braid is ideal for short hair as well though too short will destroy the feel of the hairstyle.

Carrying it off:

A rope braid is a perfect hairstyle for any wedding. It is also great if you are getting married because it compliments your traditional as well as western wedding look. The rope braid is easy to make compared to all other wedding hairstyles therefore it has gained in popularity. Other than that the rope braid can be used effectively for any social or corporate event. It will truly make you the centre of attention because o its bold voluptuous look which is the main feature of this great and versatile hairstyle.

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