60 Second Beauty Tips

60 Second Beauty Tips

Looking our best is often quite challenging due to the limited time we tend to have to perk up on various occasions. While it might be tempting to start skipping some stages when it comes to our daily beauty routine this is often not the right answer because at often times we tend to pay the prince and not look as well as we would like. Instead a much better option would be to optimize the time you spend in an efficient manner that allows you to get out of the house faster and more polished then ever before.

Whether we are taking about skin care, makeup or hair styling there is always room for improvements in any of these area. Becoming accustomed with speed beauty tips is always beneficial because in this way you also become better skilled at handling the various disasters that might happen during the day. A good first step is to try to determine which beauty routines take longer and to try a few tweaks in those areas at first. Here are a few tricks that you might find useful: 60 Second Beauty Tips

If you generally need to reapply makeup through the day it’s best to go with for a loose powder foundation instead of cream and liquid formulas. While various formulas might be recommended for various skin types, when it comes to speed most women tend to agree that loose powder foundation is much easier to apply and carry around for later touch ups. Also, avoid using a sponge to apply it. Choose instead a foundation brush that tends to deliver better natural results for a natural look.

If you usually apply concealer first and then you go and apply foundation you should try to reverse this order when you are in a hurry. Applying foundation over concealer can cause the concealer to rub off, making you waste unnecessary time with reapplication. Also for a complete look make sure that you apply bronzer in all the important places even the ones that you generally tend to neglect.

Take time to apply a little bit of bronzer on the earlobes as well if you plan on pulling your hair up, because the makeup will tend to look more natural this way. Don’t bother applying blush on the apples of the cheek to enhance your features. Instead apply neural shimmer on the brow line in an ark motion and your cheekbones will be instantly lifted. For the eye makeup try investing in a smudge free eyeliner. If you want to have perfect kissable lips an eyeliner that has an almost identical hue with your lipstick can be the quick fix you’ve been looking for.

Want to have healthier looking skin in a few minutes and to make zits more noticeable? Lemon juice can help you achieve both of this things in no time. You will have a glowing skin and you will also manage to also speed up healing by making pimples dry faster. The only downside for this trick for your face is that it might irritate you if you sensitive skin. In this case you can try holding an ice cube on the affected area to shrink it and making it easier to cover up.

If you dyed your hair brown or black and your natural hair color is starting to show due to regrown roots you can easily camouflage this problem with the help of black and brown mascara. While you might be accustomed by now to use hair powder to make sure that your greasy hair is less noticeable you can also take it a step further and optimize your hair color. And the time it takes to do all these? You guessed it: less than 60 seconds.

Doing our hair tends to be one of our most time consuming tasks. Opting for time saving hairstyles such as braids, low buns half up down hairstyles or front loose curls can help. Even a ponytail can work and you don’t even have to settle for an ordinary looking one. With the right styling tools, by teasing the hair you can instantly glam up your look in a matter of seconds. Investing in high quality products is a must for speeding up the styling routine effectively.

60 Second Beauty Tips