Asian Make-Up

Asian Make-Up

As many of you have noted, the western way of eye-make up application simply does not work as well for Asian eyes due to different structures. So, in order to ensure a flawless makeup look be sure to take these makeup tips for Asian women into account for your next beauty session.

Face Makeup Tips for Asian Women:Asian skin basically has yellow undertones. That means, to get that perfectly flawless, natural skin look, you must wear a foundation with a yellow base. When Asian women wear foundations that are too pink or orange they often end up looking ashy and two-toned.

For day time choose colours that are neutral like champagnes, taupes, and chocolate browns.

– If you have a pinker undertone stay away from anything with a pink or reddish base. Opt for more yellow based browns and beige tones.

– If your skin tone is more golden or yellow, stay away from colours that are too yellow based.

Asian Make-UpAsian Make-Up

Eye Makeup for Asian Women:Asian eyes are a beautiful shape and with the right techniques you can enhance your eyes any way you want to.If you can’t part with your green eye shadow this summer (green is a hot colour for this season!), try a khaki-green shade that has a sheer satin or matte finish, nothing too metallic or shimmery.

Asian Make-Up

Tip! instead of applying it all over the eye, apply it as a liner instead by dampening your angled brush with a bit of water and mixing with the powder!If you’re one of those girls that loves smokey eyes 24/7, opt for a charcoal or slate grey rather than black as it can be too overdone for the office or daytime.

Don’t be afraid to bump it up for night time. Have fun mixing different textures together like matte colours with glittery eyeliner or metallic shadows with a liquid liner.

Lovely bright emerald greens, royal purples, turquoise, sea foam, and copper on Asian skin tones.

If you’re daring, candy hot pinks and tangerine oranges are also beautiful when applied properly. For something edgier, here they used the usual mascara, eye liner and bronze-ish eye shadow, but added a black line underneath the eye to give it a more edgier effect emphasizing the slant of the eyes.