Bump Hair Styles

Bump Hair Styles

If ever there was a hairstyle to bring out your wilder side, it’s the bump hair style. The key of bump hairstyles is to get the sides tight to contrast with the height created on the top. The sleek sides resemble the undercut which has a cool punky edge to it.

Shoulder length hairstyles are ideal to create bump hair styles. If your hairstyle is broken up with layers that hit chin-level, it’s even better as you will be able to manage the bump section more easily. Also, the bump hair style will work best on day-old hair. The natural oils in your hair will give it a good grip, as freshly washed hair is too slippery.

Celebrities also love the bump hair trend: Rihanna pairs the bump with her buzzed sides, Snooki bumps it like a Guidette, while Kim Kardashian, Shakira and Nicole Scherzinger are wearing the bump hair with a cool rockstar vibe.

Bump Hair Styles

Start styling the bump by sectioning the front part of the hair from ear to ear and clip out of the way. To get the right texture in the rest of the hair saturate damp hair with texturizing product from roots to tips and blast with the blow-drier to dry in. Use a rat tail comb or teasing brush to tease hair back on itself to create volume.

Give it a good mist of strong hold hairspray, then smooth the front layers over the teased hair, gather in the back forming the bump and pin into place. Mist again with hairspray to fix your bump into place.

Bump Hair Styles Bump Hair Styles

You can easily style bump hairstyles on short haircuts: apply a small blob of hair styling mousse to the roots and blow-dry. Tease the top layers section-by-section using short strokes to create height and make hair stand up. Once your hair is bulky an fluffy, smooth over the top over and over directing hair back. Blast with strong hold hairspray to fix hair into place.

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