Eyebrows for Hooded Eyes

Eyebrows for Hooded Eyes

When you’re dealing with hooded eyes, you might be willing to try anything to lift your eyelids, from makeup tricks to botox. Getting the right shape for your eyebrows for hooded eyes can help much more than your think. Find out more about brow shaping and other tips to deal with hooded eyes.

A lot of celebrities have hooded eyes, but with the help of makeup (and sometimes cosmetic surgery), they can hide that fact quite well. From Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift to Blake Lively and Catherine Zeta-Jones, actresses and singers can still look amazing despite their hooded eyes.

The Ideal Eyebrow Shape for Hooded Eyes

Waxing and plucking aren’t enough when you have hooded eyes. Having your eyebrows shaped by a professional may be the best investment you make in your look.

Eyebrows for Hooded Eyes

For hooded eyes, the brow shape plays a very important role and can even hide the problem completely when done right. Arched eyebrows are the best way to balance hooded eyes, but you should decide on your desired shape before the plucking begins.

Eyebrows for hooded eyes should have an accented arch in the right area. For most women with hooded eyes, the best place for the arch is right above the outer corners of your eyes. Just because you want the best results when it comes to eyebrows for hooded eyes, it doesn’t mean you should go for the most dramatic look.

Eyebrows for Hooded Eyes

Eyebrows for hooded eyes should still be shaped taking into consideration your other features and a dramatically high arch doesn’t always give the best results.

Makeup for Hooded Eyes

After you get the best eyebrow shape for hooded eyes, you can still enhance it with a bit of makeup. Help define your arch with an old makeup trick. Use white eyeliner right below your eyebrow and blend it well to accentuate your new eyebrows for hooded eyes.

Use a highlight on your browbone, but for the best results you should also use the same shade on your upper lashline, to get  the right look.

Eyebrows for Hooded Eyes

Cosmetic Surgery for Hooded Eyes

When even your desired eyebrow shape for hooded eyes doesn’t help much, a more drastic approach to the problem involves lifting your eyebrows. This is a procedure a lot of women with hooded eyes get, since the brows tend to go down even further as your age.

Eyebrows for Hooded Eyes

If you want the least invasive option, you can get botox in the area just above your eyebrows. This cosmetic treatment affects the muscles that pull down on the brows, but it’s only temporary.

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